Masters in Public Health in Canada

Canada offers the best opportunities with Civilized cities, beauty, and excellent educational system. Masters in Canada is of great value since there are many world-class institutes in the country. Masters in Public Health familiarizes the students with public health, community health, and awareness is in demand.

So, if you are interested in studying in Canada, this blog will guide you on how you can effectively pursue a Masters in Public Health in Canada.


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What is a Masters in Public Health?

Masters in Public Health [MPH] focuses on theoretical and practical knowledge about principles, tools, and public health theories. It is an evidence-based course; the program’s highlights involve understanding the socio-behavioural aspects of health, environmental effects on health, and public health informatics.

This course has great importance in the North-American country. Also, students who pursue full-time Masters in Public Health in Canada can find employment opportunities across Health Ministries, Health Centers, NGOs, Research Institutes, etc.

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Curriculum and Subjects

From Occupational Health and Safety to Community Health, various subjects are taught in a Masters in Public Health program. The course structure varies from one university to another, but the intent of the course remains the same.

Mentioned below are some of the core and electives which you will study while pursuing a Masters in Public Health in Canada:

Core modules Elective modules
Public Health Issues Food safety
Health and Risk Communication Biostatistics and its applications
Epidemiological Methods and Research Public health economics
Health psychology GIS and public health
Public Health Practices Understanding knowledge synthesis
Project management Research methodologies

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Popular courses for Masters in Public Health in Canada

Trying to find the best course in Canada to pursue a Masters in Public Health can be a bit ambiguous and tiresome. To save you some time and effort, we have mentioned below a curated list with some courses.

Master of public health
MSc Global Health
MSc Community Health Sciences
Master of Community Medicine
Master of Public Health(Thesis-based)
MDes Design for Health
MA in Applied Health Sciences

Note: The list is not an exhaustive one.

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Admission requirements for Masters in Public Health in Canada

Admission for international students studying for masters in Public Health in Canada involves two different parts, eligibility criteria and the application process.

The eligibility criteria require specific standards to be met to apply for studying masters in public health in Canada. Some of the mandatory eligibility criteria are:

  • You must have cleared your 10+2+4 from a recognized institute with a minimum percentage of marks asked by the universities.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Science is required to enroll for the course.
  • A score on the GRE test is also an important part and helps the university evaluate the student’s potential.
  • For non-English speakers, undertaking an English language proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL, etc., is mandatory.

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After you meet the eligibility criteria, your application will be evaluated. This involves academic grades, essays, LORs, SOPs, extracurricular activities, and any additional documents required by the university.

Fees and Scholarships

The cost of Masters in Public Health for international students differs from one university to another. Living costs, including accommodation, food, utilities, and other expenses, must be considered before deciding the right institute.

These expenses may vary across the university’s location and whether you live in the city or on the outskirts.

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For international students scholarships are also available, which can be availed by taking care of the requirements directed by the college or university. Various universities offer these scholarships based on the merit of the applying students.


The MPH Practicum, which is a 12-week supervised experience performed in community health agencies within Canada, or around the world. The practicum gives students the opportunity to apply their coursework in the field, and further develop their skills in community health practice.

Students are able to schedule their practicum any term after completing their first-year required courses. This adds considerable program flexibility and allows students to take advantage of practica opportunities throughout their second year.

Past placements have included roles in public health units in Regional Health Authorities in Canada, provincial government branches such as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour, federal agencies such as the Public Health Agency of Canada, the First Nations Health Authority, and public health research settings, such as the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and the Contraception Access Research Team.

The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree integrates learning in epidemiology; biostatistics; the social, biological and environmental determinants of health; population health; global health; disease prevention and health systems management with skill-based learning in a practicum setting.

The MPH is a two-year, non-thesis degree program. Course work is normally completed in three academic terms plus one term devoted to a practicum.

You’ll find that the MPH curriculum paves the way to a diversity of career paths.


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