Classroom Assistant Needed In Canada 2023-2024


  • Location: Fort Resolution (general education experience required) or Hay River (math teaching experience required)
  • Practice time: Start as soon as possible, with a finish date of June 2024 (academic year)
  • Language requirements: English level 5 – fluent

Open to Canadian citizens (including permanent residents and open work permit holders) and UK citizens only

Role of volunteers

As a Classroom Assistant, you will work in the classroom to impart your knowledge as an educator, share your experiences of the world, inspire students to learn learn and keep learning, and encourage students to believe they can become what they want to be!

You will help facilitate an online learning program for students in grades 4-12, where you will connect your classroom to a network of other classrooms in a variety of schools across Northern Canada Also supported by other high-class tutors like you.

You will work directly with assigned teachers (including the host teacher), participate in activities in and out of the classroom, and participate in the community through multicultural events throughout the school year. If you are a motivated individual who enjoys teaching, learning about local culture and being involved in the community, then this internship is for you!

Classroom assistant, also known as educational assistants or teacher assistants, play a crucial role in supporting teachers and students in the classroom. Their responsibilities can vary depending on the grade level, school, and specific needs of the students. Here are some of the common tasks and responsibilities of classroom assistant in Canada:

Classroom Assistants Needed In Canada

  • Supporting Classroom Instruction:
    • Assisting the teacher in delivering lessons and educational activities.
    • Working with small groups of students to provide additional help or instruction.
    • Supervising students during class and activities to ensure a safe and orderly environment.

Student Assistance:

      • Providing individualized support to students with special needs, learning disabilities, or behavioral challenges.
      • Offering help to students who require extra assistance with assignments, projects, or homework.
      • Adapting teaching materials and strategies to meet the diverse needs of students.

Behavioral Support:

      • Assisting in managing and addressing challenging behavior in the classroom.
      • Implementing behavior intervention plans and strategies as needed.

Health and Safety:

        • Ensuring the safety and well-being of students, including assisting with emergency procedures and first aid if necessary.

Professional Development:

      • Participating in training and professional development opportunities to stay current on best practices in education and support.

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As a volunteer, you:

• Work as a school tutor (math and/or science is an advantage)
• Support students during class, under the direct supervision of the director
• Monitor student progress and report to teachers
• Accompany and supervise students in activities in the gym, laboratory, library, resource center and on school field trips
• Support school and community fundraising events
• Help in other areas (including computer instruction, art, music, sports) depending on your skills, education and interests as well as the needs of your student’s school.

What you need:

• Completed a university or college diploma
• Ability to bypass police inspection of vulnerable areas
• Must be currently in Canada

Essential foundation:

• Experience teaching or presenting material to children and adolescents, especially students with special needs.
• Knowledge of Indigenous peoples in Canada (experience working with Indigenous peoples is an advantage)
• Deep understanding of how to work with high school students
• Demonstrate an understanding of different learning styles
• Culturally sensitive and open to learning about different cultures
• Computer skills and knowledge of technology
• Previous work or volunteer experience in Canada or other countries
• Excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills

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