What are the Best Pros and Cons of Studying in Canada?

Yes, it’s completely normal and a dream of many to Study in Canada. But have you actually wondered what are the actual benefits, Pros and Cons of Studying in Canada? You’re in the right post.

Canada, one of the largest multicultural countries with natural beauty, wide-open spaces, mountains and lakes.

Its beauty is not the factor that is responsible for students migrating to it but it is the education system, excellent job opportunities and top-ranked universities that provide world-class education and degree that is admired by the education system all around the world.

When it comes to India, more than 34 per cent of Canada’s international students belong to India! China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Senegal, and Morocco are some other countries from where students flock to Canada in search of better career prospects.

Canada is an advanced country, and students from developing and underdeveloped countries love to study and settle in Canada to improve their lifestyle, get better job opportunities, and settle well later in life.

The Canadian health care system, flexible government laws, and the chance to settle permanently in the country make it one of the most lucrative options among study abroad options.

Though it has all the bells and whistles that an international student looks for in a country, some students find living in Canada not much lucrative due to the poor weather condition, inadequate intercity transport facilities, and other reasons. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of studying in Canada in detail.

Firstly, let’s discuss the pros.

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Pros of Studying in Canada:

Affordable education: 

One of the major concerns of students and parents while selecting the study abroad destination is calculating the expenses. Parents want to spend their hard-earned money on only those prospects that ensure their child’s bright future.

When it comes to studying in Canada, students can make the most out of the money spent by achieving their career goals. Compared to the other English-speaking countries, the best quality education at surprisingly affordable rates makes studying in Canada relatively less expensive and a more promising proposition.

Though the educational costs are based on the course one choose when compared to the general courses, the tuition fees are much less than the other major countries.

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Top-ranked Universities 

Canada has some of the top-ranked universities globally. The education system in Canada is globally recognized for its quality, academic performance, and producing high graduate employability rate. Below is a list of some of the Top Universities and Colleges in Canada that you should know

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Calgary
  • McMaster University
  • Université de Montréal
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Western University (University of Western Ontario)

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Apart from the world-class education, these Canadian universities provide degree certificates that hold equivalent value to the degree from the US, Australia and other European countries.

To make the dream of studying abroad a success for international students, the Government and universities provide scholarships to deserving students. The Courses in Canada for International Students are also diversemaking it the country best for international students.

Employment Opportunities:

One of the main pros of studying in Canada is the number of job opportunities. Getting graduated from a college or university in Canada enhances the chance of getting placed in a reputed organization with a better salary package.

Even though Canada has numerous job opportunities, even if the student wants to come back to his native land and work, there will still be fabulous job opportunities because Employers highly value Canadian degrees worldwide. Talking about the jobs that students can do during their study in Canada is no less in number.

A student can work in any field for up to 20 hours per week. One can also work inside the campus without a work permit.

The Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) also allows international students to stay in Canada and work for three years after completing their studies. These international students can apply for permanent residency in Canada after completing one year of employment.

So we can say that Moving to Canada for Education Can Change your Life.

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Research Opportunities

Canada, as it is renowned for research and development and the Government of Canada, supports and encourage students to research in different fields. These disciplines include agriculture, environmental science, medicine, telecommunication and computer technology.

Researchers and scholars from around the world come to Canada for research purposes and take the exclusive benefits that the Canadian Government, companies and organizations gives by bearing the cost of the research.

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One of the major concerns for students and parents is to arrange the tuition fee. It is where Canada makes the best study abroad destination. The Canadian Government and many institutions offer scholarships to students with excellent academic records.

Deserving students can apply for the scholarship, or they might even get awarded automatically. The scholarship is primarily provided in higher studies and to a limited student. It is always advised that students plan and list colleges/Universities that offer scholarships or awards to international students.

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Standard of living

Canada has a higher standard compared to many other countries. Anyone who comes to study in Canada falls in love with it so much that they decide to settle there permanently.

Canada offers a pure living experience; its scenic beauty, travel destinations and quality of air, water and food are some of the best on earth and also it is a country with some of the lowest crime rates in the world. Falling for such a country is easy, and this is why most of the students going to study in Canada try to settle in Canada permanently.

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CONS of Studying in Canada

Immigrating to a new country is not an easy decision, however beautiful or opportunity filled the country maybe. To better understand, make better decisions and reach a conclusion, it is always best to look at the pros and cons. Now, let’s delve into the cons of studying in Canada:


Canada has a cooler atmosphere, and winters in Canada, especially in the northern territories, lasts for up to 8 months. Though snow during winter contributes to the scenes beauty of Canada but staying indoors for prolonged periods become troublesome for many.

These cold and harsh weather conditions may not be suitable for some. In some areas, the average temperature in winters is minus, making it difficult for a student to carry out daily tasks with ease.

It is always good to pack your suitcase beforehand, carry the essential things that can save you from these harsh winters and know tips for packing when going to study in Canada.

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In some aspects, Canadian Healthcare is appreciated widely, and it also provides essential treatment without the hassle and at no cost. Still, for some procedures, one may experience long waiting periods, especially in larger towns. In some cases, the person has to bear extraordinary expenses to get the treatment.

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Expensive lifestyle:

The cost of education is relatively affordable to the other countries, but the cost of living is somewhat the opposite. Food, clothing and rent are costly, especially in the larger cities. Managing expenses while studying can be a hurdle for some students.

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Immigration Rules: 

Canada has some of the toughest sets of immigration rules. Even if you are willing the move to Canada for study or other purposes, you will be required to fulfil a long list of requirements imposed by the university and the Government of Canada.

But once you have completed this challenging immigration process, the doors will be open for you to visit and stay in this beautiful country known for providing the best education and career excellence.


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