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Work as a Graphic Designer in Canada

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer at Zyris Software

Full Job Description

Anybody can push pixels, however at Zyris, their Graphic Designer’s create art. You bridge the gap between form and performance. It’s not only a model, control, and view, or a visible reference of an engineered drawing. It’s a style, and you nail it each time.

Your knack for turning lipstick on a pig into a showpiece puts you above your peers. Sure, there could also be pigs involved. Nonetheless, you’re more than just an amazing designer. You not only search for new types and new methods of presenting, however you also invent them.

You’re not just ‘Okay’ with the status quo because the status quo is so yesterday, and everyone seems to be already copying you.

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What Is the Duty of a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designers create visual ideas to communicate information. They create every thing from posters and billboards to packaging, logos and advertising materials. Graphic Designers use elements such as shapes, colours, typography, pictures and more to convey concepts to an audience.

Graphic Designers can work in-house, creating designs particularly for one brand, or at an agency or as a freelancer, the place they work with a variety of clients.

The position of Graphic Designers varies relying on where they work. Some duties that designers may work on include choosing images and typefaces, creating layouts, and designing logos. Graphic Designers could concentrate on a selected area, such as print media or motion graphics.

Graphic Designers typically want to communicate with clients and consumers to develop designs that portray an intended message.

In addition they collaborate with different graphic designers, marketers, business analysts, writers, and programmers to create profitable products, campaigns, or web sites.

Work as a Graphic Designer in Canada


  • Observe detailed requirements documents and create usable creative belongings.
  • Collaborate with different group members under senior management to solve technical and software related problems.
  • Self-direct talent improvement tasks.
  • Committed to continued profession in asset improvement.
  • Educated and up to date with newest industry best practices.

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Minimum {Qualifications}

  • Minimal of 1 year of expertise in a related position with at the least one other employer.
  • Experience and powerful understanding of logic and logical processes to resolve complex software associated problems.
  • A good knowledge of Adobe CSuite, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
  • Good written and verbal communication abilities, together with the ability to request clarification on unclear requests, communicate limitations, or request for help when needed.
  • Ability to work self-directed duties with good time management skills.
  • Good analysis abilities together with identifying when research is required, validating credible sources, and self-directing research associated tasks.
  • Minimum of 1 year of experience in software or web development industry.
  • Minimal of 3 employment or academic related references.
  • Portfolio of previous work.

Most well-liked Assets

  • Experience creating graphic assets in a group environment.
  • As much as three years of experience within the software growth or web development business.
  • A Degree, Diploma, or associated expertise within the field of Visual Communication.
  • Experience using project management and supply management tools.
  • A reference letter from a earlier employer.


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