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Germany Training/Internship Visa : Easy Guide

Germany Training/Internship Visa : Easy Guide

Aside of being a country that gives the opportunity to choose among a wide range of prospective universities, Germany can be the first option to many foreign students and newly graduates all over the world for internships or professional training of their field of interest, at totally different institutions and companies.

If you’re planning on doing an internship or training in Germany, then there are some things you have to be asking your self before you journey towards the country, as i.e. in case you are eligible for an internship/training and whether you want a visa or not.

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Who could do an Internship/Training in Germany?

Everybody , no matter their age, gender, religious views and so forth., can do an internship or training in Germany of their field of interest. The necessities for doing the internship, depend on the company or establishment providing it.

A few of them might ask for fluency in German, whereas others could be content material if you are able to manage speaking basic German, and require no more.

Nevertheless, it’s a necessary for you to discover the internship or training before your journey to Germany. Particularly in case you are the passport holder of one of the countries the citizens of that are required to acquire a visa with a purpose to be permitted to enter and stay in Germany.

You may verify on-line for coaching and internship opportunities in Germany. You must know that not all firms and establishments pay interns in Germany, due to this fact verify rigorously whether or not the group the place you’ll get engaged at as a trainee or intern pays you or not.

Life in Germany has its expenses, due to this fact it’s best to keep in mind that even if you happen to were paid, it will be exhausting so that you can cover your expenses with an intern payment.

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Germany Training/Internship Visa Requirements

Once you apply for an internship/coaching visa, you’ll have to submit some required documents on the German embassy or consulate in your home country so as to show your identity, background and the purpose of travelling to Germany, as well as if it is possible for you to to cover your expenses during your keep in Germany.

Commonly Required Documents for a Germany visa

  • Application form – fully accomplished with right information that complies with the knowledge in the other documents that you’re required to submit. Print the application form twice and don’t forget to sign every copy at the end in order for both to be valid for the embassy.
  • Two passport pictures – taken within the last three months and in keeping with the strict requirements, as set by the German immigration authorities.
  • Valid national passport – no older than ten years, with at least one empty page in order to be able to affix the visa sticker. The passport should comply with the other passport necessities.
  • One copy of your passport’s data page (A4 size copy)
  • Old passport (if relevant) – in case you might be in possession of any older passport that has both expired or the pages of which are full with visa stickers and stamps, then it’s best to submit that passport too.
    In case you own more than one old passport, which accommodates visa stamps and stickers, then it’s best to submit all of them. Tie the passports with a rubber band, and don’t staple them by any means.
  • Health Insurance – you have to to submit a confirmation letter by the insurance coverage company where you’ve bought travel health insurance.
    The document should verify that the insurance coverage covers any emergency medical therapies and hospitalization in addition to repatriation in case of death, with a minimal coverage of 30 thousand euros, in the entire Schengen territory.
  • Proof of financial funds – you have to to present documents that show you’re able to cover your stay in Germany.
    This is usually a bank statement that shows you have enough money to financially fund yourself for the entire period you may be remaining in Germany, a contract with the company where you may be interning / training that shows how much, you are going to get paid.
    If you will be receiving any payment. It may also be a letter by a sponsor who confirms they are going to be sending you cash regularly, accompanied by their bank assertion, work contract and payslips, with a purpose to support their letter.
    It can also be a combination of all of them. As a part of the financial funds you will have to submit the next documents according to your working status:

    • If employed: Payslips of the past three months/employment contract
    • If self-employed: Certificates of Proprietorship or different proof of ownership (proof of land title, proof of earnings from agriculture (sales form) and so forth.)
  • Proof of civil status – marriage certificates, birth certificates of children, death certificates of spouse etc.
  • Flight Itinerary – that could be a flight reservation, rail tickets, others. You should use the visa session services or find one on-line.
  • Proof of lodging in your complete keep in Germany – which could possibly be a rental agreement, a hotel reserving, or an invite letter in case you may be staying over at friends or family members.

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Specific Requirements for Internship/Training Visa

  • ZAV consent letter from the Bundesagentur für Arbeit – which is a permission to work in Germany and interns are obliged to have it in order for their engagement at any organization to be authorized. It’s upon the institution/company where you may be engaging as an intern or trainee to acquire it for you. Some internships under EU-funded programmes (Leonardo, Socrates, Erasmus, and so forth.) don’t require this document.
  • Deputation / no-objection letter out of your local employer or university you are studying at which confirms that the applicant is an employee/student at their organization.
  • Approval letter from German company/institution confirming conditions of applicant’s keep in Germany, including payment.
  • Proof of qualification (diploma, academic degree certificates or mark sheets).

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Training/Internship Visa Application Process

The application for a Germany Visa is easy and clear. You’ll simply need to follow the visa application process guideline step-by-step, with out missing a factor. You’ll have to apply on the German Embassy or Consulate in your house nation, whichever is closer to where you live.

We strongly suggest you to use at least three weeks prior to your planned journey to Germany, with a purpose to avoid any delay.

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