University of British Columbia (International Scholars Program) – Apply Now

University of British Columbia International Scholarship

The University of British Columbia is awarding scholarship to all merit students . Interested persons are to go through this post carefully as it will aid you in your application. The UBC International Scholars Program consists of the following 4 need-and-merit-based awards: Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award … Read more

UK Visa for Care Workers ; Home Careers: Update

United Kingdom

As we tend to according last month, in an endeavor to alleviate current pressure on the health and social care system as a results of Covid-19, the house workplace recently declared that the united kingdom Health and Care employee visa is to be opened to overseas care staff, care assistants and residential careers. See below … Read more

Dishwashers Needed: $15.50/Hour in Edmonton

As the local economy continues to grow, opportunities abound for those looking to enter the workforce. Restaurants across Edmonton are hiring dishwashers to keep up with increased demand, and many are offering competitive wages and benefits. If you’re looking for steady work with on-the-job training, dishwashing could be an ideal role for you. One opportunity … Read more

Concordia University (Concordia Presidential Scholarship) – Apply Now

concordia presidential scholarship program

We are delighted to let members of the public know that the Concordia University is offering a scholarship to deserving students. Presidential Scholarship is the University’s most prestigious undergraduate entrance scholarship that supports international students. About the scholarship This award recognizes international students who demonstrate academic excellence, community leadership and are motivated to make the … Read more

A comprehensive guide to university rankings for international students

A comprehensive guide to university rankings

A comprehensive guide to university rankings for international students With so many different university rankings, it’s hard to know where to start. And even if you just look for the answer to the question, “Which university is the best?”, it is difficult to find a clear answer. University rankings can help you compare universities, but … Read more

Tips to Help You Get a Free Immigration Visa to Italy

Foreigners interested traveling to Italy must follow a couple of steps before actually getting into the country. These steps will depend on their nationality. For instance, EU citizens will only need valid identification papers, such as IDs or passports, however, for non-EU citizens, a visa would be required. Below, we will show you steps on how to obtain a visa when coming to Italy. Be sure to read till the end. Read also: Living in Edinburg : A student’s guide to Studying in UK Getting a visa for living in Italy Among other type of visas that could exist, the residence permit will allow a foreign citizen to reside in Italy for a couple of years or to permanently relocate here. The residence permit lets foreigners move to Italy to live there. Those who wish to work in Italy are permitted to apply for work permits, provided only that they meet certain requirements. The residence permit is available for all international citizens who wish to relocate to Italy, however, they will be needed for different application requirements in accordance with their nationality. Alternatively known as a long-term visa or 'permesso di soggiorno', the residence permit is needed to both EU and non-EU citizens moving to Italy for a long period of time. Read also: Living in Glasgow : A student’s guide to studying in UK The documents listed below are required when you're applying for a residence permit for Italy:           the right passport for non-EU citizens or ID for EU citizens;           information about the place where the applicant will live;           information about the reason for entering the country;           proof of self-sustenance. The residence visa is usually issued for one of the reasons listed below:             for studying reasons;           for reuniting with other family members;           for work purposes. Also check out: A student’s guide to living in Cardiff in Uk Other Tips: 1. Applying for a free immigration visa to Italy The Italian immigration office is reopening their process of application for a free immigration visa to Italy. This visa is designed to permit people to immigrate to Italy if they are not able to do so on their own. To apply for this visa, you first must be able to prove that you have a job or a institution right here in Italy. You must also have a bank account in Italy, proof of your residence in Italy, and an acceptance letter for the job or business you're applying for. If you are not able to provide these documents, you will need to pay a fee to apply for the visa. However, if you happen to be accepted by the immigration office, you will then be able to apply for a free immigration visa to Italy. Read also: Tips for Getting Along with British people in UK 2. How to get a free immigration visa to Italy If you're looking for a way to get a free immigration visa to Italy, there are a couple of steps that you should take. First, you should be sure that you have a valid passport. Secondly, you should make sure that you are with a valid Schengen Visa. The Schengen Visa is a type of visa that permits you to travel to Europe without needing to apply for a new visa if you already have a Schengen Visa. If you are already residing in Europe, you can apply for a Schengen Visa at your nearest consulate or embassy. If you're in the United States, you could apply for a Schengen Visa at the nearest consulate of Italy. You should also make sure that you're not a convicted criminal and that you have no a criminal record. If you are not a convicted criminal, you might be eligible for a free Schengen Visa. Read also: Understanding the UK education system : Easy Guide 3. What are the available requirements for a free immigration visa to Italy? There are a lot of ways to get a free immigration visa to Italy. One of the most standard ways is to enter the country with a tourist visa, but you must spend at least 3 days in the country in order to do it. Another way is to enter the country with a student visa and spend a particular amount of time studying in Italy. It's also possible to enter the country with a work visa. It's also possible to enter the country with a business visa, but this option only is available for particular types of businesses. It's also possible to come into the country with a family visa. Also Check out: British Etiquette and Culture Getting permanent residency in Italy The normal natural step after living in Italy for a specific period of time is to obtain citizenship. The minimum length of time of living here in Italy in order to obtain permanent residency is five years.   The application for a permanent residence visa could be submitted through a postal office or directly with a municipality office in the town or city the applicant resides in. Read also: A student’s guide to living in Newcastle So as to obtain a permanent residence permit, the applicant is meant to submit various documents that show their residing status in Italy.   Apart from the right passport and the temporary residence permit, the international citizen must also present the income tax form which shows that the applicant earns more than the average minimum allowance provided by the state.   It is also a compulsory condition for the applicant to have a clean criminal record in order to become a total permanent resident of Italy. The applicant must also submit evidence that he or she has proper living arrangements within the county. Also check out: Money, living expenses and costs in UK The permanent residence permit shows the first step in obtaining Italian citizenship. Conclusion If you are planning to move to Italy, you should use these 10 tips that'll help you get free immigration visa to Italy. First, you have to search for a job in Italy that is in need of your skills and qualifications. You should also make sure that you're qualified for the job and that you will be able to find work once you travel. You should also make sure that you have enough money to support yourself while you're in Italy. Make sure you really use these tips to get a free immigration visa to Italy. Safe travels. Check out the official UK Site here. 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Foreigners interested traveling to Italy must follow a couple of steps before actually getting into the country. These steps will depend on their nationality. For instance, EU citizens will only need valid identification papers, such as IDs or passports, however, for non-EU citizens, a visa would be required. Below, we will show you steps on … Read more

Fully Funded PhD Programs 2024-2025

Fully Funded PhD Programs 2024-2025

Fully Funded PhD Programs 2024-2025 | PhD Scholarships Are you interested in pursuing a Ph.D. degree and looking for fully funded PhD Programs in 2024-2025? This article provides information about the benefits, eligibility criteria, and top programs available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Fully Funded PhD Programs could be viewed as … Read more

Auburn University Scholarships for International Students

Auburn University Scholarships

Auburn University Scholarships The amount of an Auburn University scholarship ranges from $2,000 to $10,000 and is completely supported for both graduate and undergraduate students. The scholarship only covers tuition and is awarded on the basis of academic merit. The Auburn University Scholarships for Foreign Students application process has started. The scholarship program, its advantages, … Read more

University of Wisconsin Scholarships for All Students

University of Wisconsin Scholarships

University of Wisconsin Scholarships Students can investigate and explore all of the scholarships they are qualified for depending on their curriculum, history, and interests through the university of Wisconsin Scholarship Hub for both existing and new students (WiSH). The majority of our scholarships need an application through WiSH and are not generally given out automatically. … Read more

11 Affordable Universities in Canada Perfect for Nigerian Students

As a Nigerian student interested in studying abroad, Canada should be at the top of your list. With its world-class university education, stunning natural scenery, and multicultural environment, Canada offers an unparalleled experience for international students. However, as an aspiring undergraduate or graduate, you want to find schools that balance prestige and affordability. The good … Read more


Immigration refers to the process of individuals moving from one country to another with the intention of residing and working there. It is a complex and multifaceted topic that involves legal, social, economic, and political aspects. Here’s a comprehensive overview of immigration: READ ALSO: Rutherford scholarship 2023-2024 | Study In Canada Reasons for Immigration: Economic … Read more

Elderly Care Jobs in USA : Opportunities for Foreigners

Elderly Care Jobs in USA : Opportunities for Foreigners

For many foreigners, getting a job in USA may be quite difficult especially if you don’t know anyone. However have you ever tried searching for Elderly care jobs. The sort of job comes with a lot of responsibility but it pays properly. Elderly care jobs in USA include enticing salaries, and the nature of the … Read more

15 Affordable Colleges for International Students in the U.S.

Those wanting to study in the U.S. have definitely observed that the tuition fees are a lot higher than other popular countries that international students prefer. This being true doesn’t change the fact that there are actually cheaper colleges available in the country. This post has got you covered with 15 of the most affordable … Read more

Find a job as a Farm worker in Canada

Find a job as a Farm worker in Canada

Canada is among the largest agricultural producers and exporters (ranked fifth -worldwide in 2018), with greater than 193,000 farms and 272,000 farm operators (2016). This sector has contributed as much as 48 billion CAD to national GDP in 2021 (in comparison with 40 billion in 2016). Furthermore, farm sector money holdings raised from 474 to 563 … Read more

Zell Miller Scholarship 2023

Zell Miller Scholarship

Zell Miller Scholarship A merit-based scholarship program for Georgia citizens with a record of academic excellence, the Zell Miller Scholarship. This scholarship offers funding to help students pay the tuition and other fees associated with attending a postsecondary school in the state of Georgia. Students must have an ACT or SAT score of 26 or … Read more

How to migrate to Australia : Best Easy Guide

How to migrate to Australia

Most of us desire to improve our lifestyle. Be it work, school or just leisure. What better way to achieve said goals than by migrating to a country filled with vast opportunities; Australia. Migrating to another country is a big step to take, but thankfully you’re not alone. The information here will help you better … Read more

Tourist Schengen Visa – Traveling to Europe for Tourism

Tourist Schengen Visa – Traveling to Europe for Tourism

What Documents are Needed When You Apply for a Tourist Schengen Visa? When you’re applying for a Tourist Schengen Visa, you should submit the following documents: Visa application form. Totally completed with correct information, printed and signed on the end. Two recent images. Taken throughout the last three months, in compliance with the Schengen visa photo … Read more

Hispanic Scholarship Fund 2023

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Hispanic Scholarship Fund Information For students who want to attend full-time in an authorized U.S. four-year university in the coming academic year, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund offers merit-based grants. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund’s requirements Those interested in applying for Hispanic Scholarship Fund positions must: A 3.0 GPA is required for high school pupils and a … Read more

USA10 Scholarships for Study Abroad in Cultural Studies and Diversity

Cultural Studies and Diversity

Scholarships for Cultural Studies and Diversity: Studying abroad is one of the best methods for me to broaden my knowledge and comprehension of the world. I’m appreciative of the numerous scholarships offered for cultural studies and diversity study abroad, but studying abroad can be pricey. I’ll list ten scholarships in this article that students can … Read more