Concordia University (Concordia Presidential Scholarship) – Apply Now

We are delighted to let members of the public know that the Concordia University is offering a scholarship to deserving students. Presidential Scholarship is the University’s most prestigious undergraduate entrance scholarship that supports international students.

About the scholarship

This award recognizes international students who demonstrate academic excellence, community leadership and are motivated to make the difference in the global community.

Concordia is seeking nominations from school principals, teachers, or guidance counsellors, who know of exceptional students who plan to attend our school. The award covers all tuition and fees, books, residence, and meal plan fees.

There are up to two Presidential Scholarships available each year for incoming students in any full-time undergraduate degree program.

This scholarship will be offered for up to four years of study assuming the student maintains renewability requirements.


You are eligible for the Concordia Presidential Scholarship if you have been nominated by a nominator and if the school has contacted you to apply. 
  1. Students applying to university for the first time, in their first undergraduate degree program (have no prior university credits)
  2. Will be studying full-time in a degree program *
  3. Are international students who will be paying the full international tuition and fee rate
  4. Will be starting their studies at Concordia University Fall 2023
  5. Have applied for admission, paid the application fee, and obtained a Concordia student ID number (an 8-digit number, beginning with the number 4)

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How to nominate your student

Nominators must complete the nomination package and send it via email to This package must be a single PDF file including the following items:

  • Completed Nomination Form
    • A nominator should be someone who has taught or worked with the student and knows them well. It should be someone who can attest to the student’s achievements as a principal, teacher, or guidance counsellor. The nominator should be able to attest to the student’s community involvement and leadership as well as other accolades.    
  • A confidential 500–750 word limit personal statement on an institution’s letterhead including a signature that demonstrates why the nominator believes the nominated student is the best candidate for the Presidential Scholarship. This statement must outline:
    • How long they have known the student
    • Their relationship to the student
    • Why they believe the student is deserving of this scholarship
    • How they feel that this student has expressed community leadership and commitment making a difference in the global community
    • How they feel that this scholarship will help the student to pursue their studies and fulfill their personal and academic aspirations.

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