University of Wisconsin Scholarships for All Students

University of Wisconsin Scholarships

Students can investigate and explore all of the scholarships they are qualified for depending on their curriculum, history, and interests through the university of Wisconsin Scholarship Hub for both existing and new students (WiSH). The majority of our scholarships need an application through WiSH and are not generally given out automatically. The majority of scholarship deadlines—which will vary—fall on February 1.

Program for King-Morgridge Scholars

The King-Morgridge Scholars Program is a fantastic chance for ambitious, imaginative, and committed young adults who wish to use their skills to fight poverty. King-Morgridge Scholars will be selected based on their determination, academic success, and dedication to eradicating poverty in their native countries. They will come from Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, South, and Southeast Asia.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison will grant selected scholars a full-time, four-year/eight-semester scholarship that will pay for their tuition, fees, on-campus housing, health insurance, air travel, and a stipend for other expenses. Thanks to the generous contributions of the King and Morgridge families, this endowed initiative will offer up to six scholarships each year.

Only first-year undergraduate degree-seeking students are eligible for this grant, which is only offered once a year.

Choice Process

To be eligible for the King-Morgridge Scholars Program, applicants must submit both an undergraduate first-year application to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the scholarship-specific application located on the Wisconsin Scholarship Portal (WiSH). Both applications must be submitted for consideration. After receiving all required materials, a committee will evaluate the candidates.

How to Apply

  • Before the deadline, send the University of Wisconsin-Madison your undergraduate application.
  • You will get your UW-Madison campus ID number through email. To create your UW-Madison NetID, you must do this.
  • In order to access the WiSH portal, enter your NetID and password. Your list of opportunities will be generated after you answer a series of multiple-choice questions.

The King-Morgridge scholarship application for Fall 2023 will be accessible in WiSH by December 1.

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Latin American academic studies

The generous gift of a person who wishes to remain anonymous has made this scholarship possible. The recipients of this merit-based scholarship will receive a one-time award of up to $14,000. This award is open to high-achieving nationals of South America who support the Wisconsin Idea.

Latin American Scholarship Eligibility

The following requirements must be satisfied by applicants:

  • Identify as a resident of a Latin American or Caribbean nation.
  • completing high school in the Caribbean or Latin America
  • I am pursuing my first undergraduate degree as a first-year student.
  • for the Autumn semester, accepted

How to Apply

Scholarships do not have their own application. Students who have been nominated will be selected based on the details in their admissions application and contacted through email.

Awardees will be informed of their selection by the end of March. The scholarship is a one-time only award. $14,000 USD maximum.

Western Union Grant

This scholarship is achievable thanks to the kind sponsorship of Western Union. A one-time grant of $1,000 will be given to the scholarship winner. First-year foreign students from underrepresented nations in our current international student body will be eligible applicants.


  • A J-1 or F-1 visa to study at the institution
  • Be a citizen of an underrepresented country.
  • Applying as a first-year undergraduate student seeking their first degree
  • acceptance for the Autumn term

Each year, one overseas student will be awarded this grant. For scholarships, no additional application is necessary. Based on the data in their admissions applications, student nominees will be selected, and they will be contacted by email. The recipient will be determined using a random number generator.


The University of Wisconsin offers full scholarships, right?

The University of Wisconsin-Madison will grant selected scholars a full-time, four-year/eight-semester scholarship that will pay for their tuition, fees, on-campus housing, health insurance, air travel, and a stipend for other expenses.

What is the likelihood of receiving a full scholarship?

The fact that fewer than 1% of students earn full scholarships shows how tough it is to get one. Your chances of receiving a full-ride scholarship can rise, though, if you have the correct background, do your research, and know where to look.

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