15 Affordable Colleges for International Students in the U.S.

Those wanting to study in the U.S. have definitely observed that the tuition fees are a lot higher than other popular countries that international students prefer. This being true doesn’t change the fact that there are actually cheaper colleges available in the country. This post has got you covered with 15 of the most affordable U.S. colleges for international students.

Listed below are U.S. schools with their lowest international student costs:

1. Minnesota State University—Moorhead: $26,035

2. South Dakota State University: $26,126

3. California State University—Fresno: $28,181

4. Murray State University: $29,237

5. Coppin State University: $29,746

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6. Southern Illinois University—Carbondale: $29,903

7. Southeast Missouri State University: $30,343

8. Truman State University: $30,523

9. University of Nebraska—Kearney: $30,982

10. Indiana University—South Bend: $31,863

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11. Minnesota State University—Mankato: $32,070

12. Western Michigan University: $32,104

13. University of Akron: $32,718

14. Lindenwood University: $33,040

15. Monroe University: $33,086

How international students get the best value living in the U.S.

Looking at the universities on this list, you may notice that they aren’t in huge cities, nor are they among the big, prestigious, high-flying, Ivy League universities.

As USA Today reports, “These colleges may not be as big or as diverse as those on the east and west coasts, but many students enjoy the slower pace and the welcoming community they find. Because the schools are located in places in the country with a lower cost-of-living, the education experience tends to be much more affordable.”

Since colleges tend to be in smaller communities and students find themselves immersed in an area full of other students, there is not only an easier adjustment period, it also tends to be a lot cheaper.

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Here are some things that ensure your university experience is affordable:

  • Student dorms offer all-inclusive facilities for students, eliminating any need to pay for expensive rent and utilities
  • College towns tend to be smaller, student-oriented places that allow you to get around easily by bicycle
  • Students can often expect discounts at local restaurants and cafes, just for being a student!
  • International students tend to have the highest tuition requirements, but many also have access to scholarships for studying in the U.S.
  • If you’re someone who is bilingual, you may take advantage of the number of students who are seeking language tutors. Why not make some money with your language skills?

Don’t forget about the online studies option

Choosing an online Master’s can be a good option to save money. You basically skip the costs of living abroad, the hustle of getting the student visa and you usually get more affordable tuition fees. Check out a few good online universities you may want to consider:

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