How to migrate to Australia : Best Easy Guide

Most of us desire to improve our lifestyle. Be it work, school or just leisure. What better way to achieve said goals than by migrating to a country filled with vast opportunities; Australia.

Migrating to another country is a big step to take, but thankfully you’re not alone. The information here will help you better understand what you need to do and when.

Step 1: Research your employment options

Getting work

Knowing what employment opportunities are available is important to achieving job security. We have plenty of information prepared for you to help you find a job in Melbourne and Victoria.

Finding a home

When you migrate to Victoria, you can choose to live in the most liveable city in the world – Melbourne – or in Victoria’s beautiful regional areas.

Making the move

It can take some time to get everything organised for your move to Victoria. A migration agent or lawyer can also help you migrate to Victoria, but you can manage this process on your own.

Step 2: Apply for visa nomination (if required)

Victorian visa nomination can help you meet the requirements for some Australian skilled and business migration visas. Applying for Victorian visa nomination is easy and there is no charge.

Step 3: Apply for a visa

You can apply for Victorian visa nomination through our website, but to apply for an actual Australian visa you must apply through the Department of Home Affairs websiteexternal link – even if you have Victorian visa nomination.

Step 4: Prepare to move

Gather your belongings and use our handy relocation checklist to help you organise your move.

Step 5: Arrive and settle in

The Victorian Government’s Skilled and Business Migration Program offers services to help business, investor and skilled migrants settle in Victoria.

Investor Relationship Managers are also available for investment support and information.

Visit Australia on a Visitor visa (subclass 600 visa)

The Australian tourist visa or Visitor visa (subclass 600 visa) is for individuals who wish to visit Australia for holiday, to see family and friends or to conduct a short business trip. This visa is valid for up to three, six or 12 months.

There are three types of Australian visitor visas.

Your country of origin will determine which visa you can apply for. These include:

  • Visitor visa (subclass 600 visa)
  • Electronic Travel Authority visa (subclass 601 visa)
  • Visitor (subclass 651 visa)

The subclass 600 visa is for individuals who want to visit Australia as a tourist or for business.

As a subclass 601 visa holder, you can visit Australia on multiple occasions for tourist or business purposes. It allows you to visit Australia as often as you wish and stay up to three months at a time within a period of one year. Only individuals from certain countries may apply.

The subclass 651 visa allows you to visit Australia for three months at a time within a 12-month period for tourist or business purposes only. This visa is only eligible for individual from certain countries.

Get to know Australia better on a Visitor Visa

A Visitor visa provides more than just an opportunity to head Down Under as a tourist. Visiting and holidaying in the country before you make the big move will give you a taste of the land Down Under and the region you’d like to stay in.

Australia is a vast country with a culture that is as broad and diverse as its landscape. Famed for its sunny and temperate climate, natural wonders, wide open spaces, exceptional beaches and friendly locals – it’s easy to see why so many people who visit Australia end up staying for good.

Apply for an Australian Visitor visa

To be eligible for this visa you must:

  • Be able to show that you are travelling to, or remaining in Australia as a genuine visitor
  • Have your own health insurance
  • Declare any criminal convictions and have no outstanding debts to the Australian Government

Apply for an Australian working holiday visa

An Australian working holiday visa allows you to come to the country to live and work for 12 months. The visa is a popular choice for younger travellers keen to explore Australia for an extended period.

Apply for an Australian Work and Holiday (Temporary) visa

In order to be eligible for this visa you must:

  • Be aged between 18 and 31
  • Have a passport from an eligible country
  • Have saved AU $5,000 to support yourself during your stay
  • Have not previously entered Australia on a Work and Holiday (Temporary) visa (subclass 462 visa)

If you have a partner, they cannot be included on the visa. They will have to meet the same criteria in order to obtain their own visa.

During your stay in Australia, you cannot do either of the following:

  • Have a dependant accompanying you at any time
  • Work for longer than six months for any one employer

The visa can be extended for a further 12 months should the applicant work in a regional area of Australia for three months.

Countries eligible for the Australian working holiday visa

Belgium Ireland
Canada Italy
Cyprus Japan
Denmark South Korea
Estonia Malta
Finland Netherlands
France Norway
Germany Sweden
Hong Kong Taiwan
The UK

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