Moving to Canada checklist : Easy Guide

First things first, well done on creating the decision to move to Canada. it’s a giant call and one that shouldn’t be underestimated. We are here to help you with creating the move to Canada as sleek as doable.
To assist you propose your trip to Canada, we’ve compiled a list of essential things that we advocate you prepare before your departure, yet as a list of things to think about packing for Canada. See below for the Moving to Canada checklist.

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Moving to Canada checklist:

Some of the things during this section will take some time to prepare. It’s sensible to review this well in advance of your departure, thus you’ll be able to be getting ready within the weeks and months before your Moving to Canada.

You can additionally save yourself time and cash by obtaining your travel insurance (a mandatory demand to receive a operating vacation visa in Canada).

  • Visa or official document
  • Flights to Canada Travel insurance for Canada
  • Make sure your passport is valid and up-to-date.
  • Bank statements to function proof of funds. betting on your bank, this might take a week or 2 to rearrange, so be organized.
  • Updated resume within the Canadian format(many individuals don’t understand however crucial this is to your success in Canada, thus browse our Resume format in Canada section, transfer a decent example, and find acting on it).
  • Arrange an area to remain, for a minimum of the primary night. Learn a lot of concerning finding accommodation in Canada.
  • Accommodation references from your previous landlords.
  • References from previous employers (or a minimum of, a contact for somebody who can conform to offer this if needed whereas you’re in Canada).
  • Ask previous insurers to produce you with a “no claims” letter, to function proof of driving history.
  • If your driving expertise pre-dates the problem date on your home license, you will would like a letter from your home licensing authority to prove however long you’ve been driving. Learn a lot of concerning obtaining a driver license in Canada.
  • Tax forms concerning the termination of your employment. this can prove helpful if you’ve overpaid tax in your home country and wish to assert this back at the tip of the tax year.
  • If you propose on transfer your pet with you to Canada, see our recommendation and data on what animals will return to Canada with you, and what they have to possess with them.
  • Don’t leave it till the minute to terminate your contract along with your itinerant supplier, as some contracts can have a cancellation amount.
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What to pack once moving to Canada:

Some of these things may have to be taken out from your baggage quickly at the airdrome, thus place them somewhere they’ll be accessed quickly as you start packing for Canada.

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  • Passport
  • Visa, work permit, or alternative immigration documentation
  • Bank balance letter

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  • Evidence of travel insurance, if applicable (e.g. a written copy of your policy)
  • The address of an area to remain (e.g. a hostel, a hotel, or a friend’s place)
  • Driver’s license or another style of government-issued ID if you propose on going bent on venues that serve alcohol. Avoid having to use (and probably lose) your passport.

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  • Your resume. Email it to yourself or bring associate degree electronic copy that you just will print once you got to.
  • Accommodation reference letter.
  • Motor insurance letter. Having a “no claims” letter from previous insurance corporations might cut back your insurance premium prices.

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  • Copy of student transcripts (if required).
  • Prescriptions (if necessary).
  • A good combine of gloves, a heat hat and scarf. These are crucial things if you propose on inbound throughout winter in any location outside the bigger Vancouver space. Once you get to Canada, you’ll be able to purchase a decent winter coat (the coat you employ in your home country is unlikely to be heat enough), however check that you arrive with the fundamentals to induce you from the airdrome to your accommodation and through your initial day: gloves, hat, scarf.

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  • Items you would possibly prefer to pack while Moving to Canada:
  • Some Canadian currency, thus you don’t need to tiredly explore for associate degree ATM at the airdrome.
  • A power bar / cord, thus you’ll be able to run multiple devices from home using only one Canadian device.
  • Chargers for phones, cameras, etc.
  • Home treats, like tea luggage or non-perishable food things from your home country.
  • Large (but not too large) things, sort of a stringed instrument or surf board that you just could also be significantly hooked up to. it should be cheaper and easier to see these as further baggage on your flight, instead of shipping them on an individual basis.


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