Home Immigration Canada Visitor Visa: How Can You Submit a Strong Application?

Canada Visitor Visa: How Can You Submit a Strong Application?

Canada Visitor Visa: How Can You Submit a Strong Application?
Canada Visitor Visa: How Can You Submit a Strong Application?

As of september 7th, 2021, totally vaccinated foreign nationals are legally entitled to enter Canada for non-essential reasons (e.g. visiting family or friends, or seeing the country’s significant sights). Here we fill you in on all you need to know about Canada Visitor Visa.

All travellers are eligible to enter, in spite of their citizenship, and people who qualify don’t have any need to perform a test on arrival (though you’ll still be chosen for a random, non-optional test).

How are you able to qualify as a totally vaccinated traveler to go to Canada?

You must meet the subsequent criteria to be recognized as a totally vaccinated traveler:

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Received a full course of COVID-19 vaccinations with one, or a mix, of accepted vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, Janssen/Johnson & Johnson).
>Received your final vaccination a minimum of fourteen full days before the day on that you enter Canada.
>Uploaded proof of COVID-19 vaccination in ArriveCAN.
>Present no symptoms or signs of COVID-19.
>Meet extra entry needs, such as here.
>As a distant national who needs to enter Canada, you need to ensure whether or not or not you’re visiting from a visa-exempt country. If you’re NOT, you need to with success apply for a brief Resident Visa (TRV), otherwise referred to as a traveler visa, before you’ll gain entry.

A TRV could be a document that permits foreign nationals to enter Canada. It’s appropriate for temporary staff, students, and tourists.

But as TRV applications will at first seem fairly easy, many candidates erroneously overlook its seriousness — and fail to incorporate essential data or documents.

Those people can unknowingly sabotage their probability to achieve entry to Canada for a vacation, study trip, or family visit.

Follow these crucial tips to submit a robust application.

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Prove you plan to return home
One of the foremost necessary factors to think about is that a TRV could be a temporary visa — that the officer process your application should be convinced that your visit is simply temporary.

They may reject you if they need any reason to suspect that you simply shall keep in Canada for extended than you claim.

It’s very important that you simply give proof that you simply have spare ties to your home country to confirm you come back. Immigration officers should believe that you simply have obligations or personal connections outside Canada.

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But the proof should be robust enough to satisfy immigration officers. which means an easy letter from a relative promising that you simply can honor the foundations of your TRV and come back home won’t do. It ought to be from a a lot of reliable supply.

For example, if you look after a loved one in your home country (such as an ill parent), you’ll submit a letter from their physician to substantiate that you simply have smart reason to depart Canada at the tip of your visit.

Explain a scarcity of travel history
If you have got no travel history at the time of application, you ought to give a comprehensive rationalization.

Perhaps you’ve spent years earning qualifications with no time for travel, have lived on a good budget to avoid wasting for this trip, or you’ve been caring for members of the family. you’d got to give proof to support your rationalization in any case.

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Demonstrating work responsibilities
Another key step in applying for your TRV is securing a confirmation of your employment. If you’ve set-aside vacation time far from work, your leader ought to state that they need granted you permission to require a vacation and expect you to come back on a particular date.

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Submit elaborated plans
You should conjointly describe your plans for your trip to Canada. this could be a lot of elaborated than an inventory of the places you propose to go to or the individuals you’ve organized to own low with.

Instead, offer a day-by-day itinerary listing:

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Excursions set-aside.
Events you’ve researched and attempt to attend.
Names and addresses of friends and members of the family you’ll pay time with.
You should purchase tickets for any special events or ceremonies you propose to go to before you apply for your TRV. you’ll embody proof of those in your application to support your claim.

This is an easy step however can show the immigration officer that you simply have planned your visit to Canada intimately.

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Prove that you simply will support yourself
You must show that you simply will support yourself throughout your travels. the simplest thanks to do thus is to collect bank statements from the six months before your trip, and a letter from your leader to substantiate your earnings.

Both can show immigration officers that you simply have adequate funds to worry for yourself for the length of your temporary residence.

You should have enough to hide your accommodation, food, entry to venues/events, public transportation/car rentals, and the other necessary expenses.

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Consider process times fastidiously
It’s very important that you simply set up ahead and keep potential process times in mind before you apply.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s TRV process times vary supported completely different countries’ visa offices. you’ll check process times on the IRCC website: simply opt for the sort of application you wish to submit, and wherever you’re applying from, to envision an expected timeframe.

Prepare for attainable long waits before you apply, to confirm you have got quite enough time to finish and submit your application. this is often notably necessary if you have got a particular event or occasion to attend in Canada, like a pageant, graduation, or wedding.

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How long do traveler visas last for?

TRVs stay valid for ten years, however every visit is capped at six months.

The majority of tourists are able to keep in Canada for the total six months, however border services officers at the port of entry could permit you to remain for a lot of or but six months. They’ll place the date by that you wish to depart Canada in your passport, and will conjointly give you with a traveler record that conjointly carries this date.

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You may even be needed to produce life science — your fingerprints and ikon — along with your application.

At Abramovich & Tchern, we’re tough immigration lawyers in provincial capital. We’re here to assist you submit applications that align with officers’ expectations and essential criteria.

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