Immigrate with Family Visas to New Zealand

When you’ve got a visitor visa

When you plan to simply visit your loved ones in New Zealand for some time, it’s essential to include your family members in your application when arriving on a visitor’s visa.

When you’ve got a student visa

In cases where you intend to study in language courses, but would really like your partner and/or kids to additionally come with you, things might not be so easy.

A partner visa, on this case, isn’t considered and every member of the family might want to have separate applications and a separate case.

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Immigrating to New Zealand with partner and children

Immigration through study in New Zealand

There are chances for acquiring visas, particularly good reasons, for instance, you actually need to be taught English, and you’ve got a small child and you would like your family to be collectively.

That is also not a guarantee and the choice is left to the discretion of the officer.

For reliability, we suggest contemplating training options for all members of the family (language courses or common education schools).

When you study for a student visa in a diploma program in any speciality, your family has the right to a partner visitor visas.

A partner who’s on a visitor’s visa has the right to any study for as much as 12 weeks (to extend the interval you’ll want to apply for a student visa) Learn more about this category of visas on the New Zealand website.

And in cases where you might study at a graduate program of up to level 9 or higher in any speciality, or at a program of level 7 or 8, however already in the speciality from the lists of in-demand;

your companion will have the right to obtain a work visa for the duration of your study.

At the same time, a baby at the age for school has the right to study in public schools without cost, because of the fact that at least one of his mother and father has a work visa.

The partner, while on a work visa, can study for as much as 12 weeks, and if longer studies are essential, you have to apply for a change in the conditions of the visa and add the right to study.

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When you’ve got a work visa

In case you have already obtained a work visa, whether it’s a Post Study Work Visa given after coaching in professional programs in New Zealand, or a visa obtained with the help of your employer;

your partner with family too also has the right to an open work visa.

Accordingly, school-age children can attend public schools without cost.

When you’ve got a residency or citizenship

Partners or family of citizens or residents of New Zealand are eligible to obtain residency, subject to various conditions, such as IELTS 5.0;

from the year of living together in the form of a good and stable family and some other conditions.

Additionally, partners of residents and citizens of New Zealand have the right to a work visa if they will prove the stability of their relationship.

Or a companion can depend on a visitor visa in order to come to visit.

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Evidence of a relationship

To rely on acquiring partner visas, it’s essential to provide evidence of the seriousness of the relationship. For instance, a single marriage certificate won’t be enough.

Right here is an example of these documents that could be useful to you for business, and the more they will be, the better:

  • Marriage Certificates
  • Birth certificates of kids
  • Shared accounts in banks
  • Joint possession of housing or vehicles
  • If there isn’t any shared housing, then letters to the address of one partner, however to the name of one other, proving cohabitation
  • If there isn’t any joint transport, the power of attorney of one partner for the vehicles of one other
  • Joint tickets somewhere for some dates in your names
  • Every other paperwork on both of your names.
  • Letters from relatives and friends in free form, confirming your relationship
  • Images of different years
  • cover letter concerning the history of relationships


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