How to Immigrate to New Zealand

How To Immigrate To New Zealand

Immigration to New Zealand consists of a number of stages – obtaining or confirming training and work experience, and the availability of a contract from a New Zealand employer.

All this will help to score points within the points-based immigration system and apply for permanent residence.

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Immigration Via Education

The most well-liked and advantageous path to New Zealand is through study at a local college.

Most employers need their prospective workers to have work visas prior to hiring them. Only a few need to bother with dealing with it themselves.

After completing certain recognised programs of study in New Zealand, chances are you’ll be eligible for a Post Study Work Visa.

Not to mention, in case you select your university carefully, you may gain fascinating and topical knowledge, strengthen the skills you already have, and acquire new ones which will help you find employment.

Conditions Of Immigration To New Zealand

There could also be several ways to immigrate; below you’ll find categories for which you could be considered.

Please remember that the whole lot stays very particular person and depends in your particular person knowledge.

In the meanwhile, the Skilled Migrant Category is the main professional class of receiving Permanent residence in New Zealand.

You would want to score 160 points in your application to be chosen for the pool.

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Below are the conditions from which your factors are added collectively:

  1. Job Offer or present job
  2. Work experience
  3. Additional points for experience in New Zealand
  4. Additional points for work experience in a listed employment sector
  5. Additional points for work experience in identified future growth areas
  6. Education
  7. Additional points for study in New Zealand
  8. Additional points for studying subjects where there’re current shortages
  9. Additional points for studies in identified future progress areas
  10. Age
  11. Extra points for partners if they cross IELTS with 6.5 points

More information on the newest adjustments and scoring might be discovered by following this link.

How can qualified specialists transfer to New Zealand?

If you’re qualified in an in-demand industry, have expertise in it, a IELTS certificate, as well as a partner with higher education and IELTS;

you’ll be able to try to get enough points (using the calculator from the official Immigration NZ web site).

This provides you a chance to immigrate to New Zealand using the Skilled Migrant Category with out even coming to the country first.

This course of can take from 6 to 12 months, however requires minimal investment.

Important! From October 2016, it’s good to score at least 160 points to make sure that your application shall be considered (using the calculator from the official Immigration NZ website).

In this article, you may count up points and read about the newest changes.

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Can a specialist immigrate without a knowledge of English Language?

Not each specialist for an trade in demand can also boast IELTS certificates of 6.5 points.

And many also don’t need to wait – due to this fact, a popular route is for the expert to easily attend English courses in New Zealand. Upon completion, one can receive the specified IELTS certificate.

In addition, it’s usually possible to discover a job offer. It will allow you to get a working visa and extra points for working in the country, and additional application towards residency and New Zealand.

The presence of your specialisation in the list of professions in demand signifies that if you receive your invitation to work;

your potential employer won’t have to prove to the Immigration Service of New Zealand that he was not capable of finding such a professional among the present citizens of the country.

And this considerably simplifies your job search too.

You can learn more in regards to the work visa on the Immigration NZ web site.

In the mean time there are three different types of skills in demand: Long-term, Short-term (Immediate) and a particular list for the Canterbury region.

Necessities for the specialisations might be found on the Immigration NZ web site.


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