Immigration through study in New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand is likely one of the most reliable and popular methods of moving there.

This may be considered an investment in student’s achievements and also help the students to get a work visa. Learn more about education in New Zealand by sticking with us to the end.

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Studying in NZ as a path to immigration

  • Work and visa
    The fact is that almost all employers first ask for a working visa on hand. Few of them would need to deal with these issues.
    And after studying for certain packages in New Zealand, you may count on a working graduate or Post Study Work Visa.
  • Study and specialisation
    If you choose a university correctly, you may obtain relevant information, thereby strengthening your existing expertise or getting new ones that can help you in future employment.
  • Time and experience
    An important feature is time. It’s vital to your adaptation to the country, for gaining helpful acquaintances, for finding work.
    In the long run, throughout your studies, you’ll have not only an understanding of your professional industry but in addition you’ll decide for your self whether or not New Zealand as a country fits you.
    This experience won’t ever be detrimental to your life and you’ll forever value it.

Tuition Fees in New Zealand

The price of training in New Zealand can differ greatly depending on the institution. Along with funds for the study, you’ll want to show proof of $1250 NZD for every month of residence.

If you happen to fall into a demanded speciality when it comes to employment, however your level of English language is insufficient, you:
can attend language courses and search for work in parallel to one another. As a more dependable plan, you may consider the option of continuing your training throughout the year of study in New Zealand.

Lists of highly skilled specialities are on the official web site of Immigration New Zealand.

If you’re educated, but the speciality isn’t in demand in New Zealand

After all, you may also try your luck and search for work while you undertake language programs, however the chances of success for you may be lower.

After a year of study at a level program, it is possible for you to to obtain a work visa.

When you have no higher education

Getting an education in New Zealand from scratch is probably not a cheap process, however it’s undoubtedly worth it.

New Zealand education is recognised in all developed countries, so it is going to be useful both within the country and all over the world.

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The role of obtained education in a job search

Over time, New Zealand employers look at the applicant’s data on this order:

  • Visa
    That is the first screening point. Most employers don’t need to deal with visa issues for workers, so they’re searching for people with an existing right to work in this country.
  • Local expertise and recommendations
    It is a crucial point.
    New Zealand employers need to be convinced that a person will be capable of work in the local environment, that she or he has already adapted to the employment market.
    Therefore, it’s strongly recommended that students search part-time work and even volunteer work during their studies.
    This helps loads not solely financially and psychologically, but in addition will increase the probabilities of discovering a everlasting place sooner or later.
  • Professional skills
    When an organization opens a place for employment, they need to meet a person with sure clear skills.
    It’s the availability of these skills and their right presentation in your resume that can help to tip the scales in your direction.
  • Abroad experience
    After all, the information and experience gained in your own country will always stay with you and may play a positive role to finding a job in New Zealand.
    Not all information will likely be relevant and useful, but however, your overseas experience is useful.
    When you have experience working for international companies or taking part in international projects, it could only serve you effectively.
  • Personality
    In New Zealand, communication and personalities play an enormous role. The pinnacle of a company often prefers to hire staff, with whom, in their opinion, they are going to most definitely get along with.
    Thus, it is vitally important to be able to market your self, even if you are a really chic specialist in a sought-after area.
    Most likely, you’ll work in a staff atmosphere and your potential to do that will be taken into consideration.


6 Top reasons to study in New Zealand

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  • How prestigious is your education
    And only when all else is equal along with your competitors, in sixth place the employer might look at the status of your education.
    And, maybe, give preference to a qualification that’s extra appreciated in New Zealand and the developed world.
    In the academic, scientific, medical, engineering and some other fields, the prestige of your academic establishment will play a much more vital role.


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