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Top 7 University of Hawaii UH Scholarships for Top Students

University of Hawaii

The University of Hawaii offers a variety of UH scholarships to students attending any of the 10 UH campuses. Many scholarships are offered, including need- and merit-based grants, rewards for certain majors, preferences for particular locations, universities, and other unique requirements.

Within the UH System, students may apply for campus scholarships, department-specific scholarships, and UH System scholarships. Since schools differ, it is advisable for students to start by going to the financial aid office’s website at their home college.

University of Hawaii UH Scholarship requirements

The following documents must be submitted in order to be considered for the University of Hawaii Scholarship.

  • Questions and specifications unique to the campus
  • Public Service (600-word limit)
  • Free Federal Student Aid Application
  • Character Reference Letters
  • Further Optional Essays
  • Individual Statement (900-word limit)
  • Transcripts

The online UH System Common Scholarship Application, which is hosted by NextGen Web Solutions, times out after 45 minutes due to a security feature. The timer will start over for the entire 45 minutes each time you navigate to a new page in the application. Writing your essays and personal statement in advance and pasting them into the application is highly recommended.

To make as many changes as you’d like before the application submission date, you can also save and exit the application. After completing your application, you won’t be able to make any changes at all.

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Hawaii State B Plus Scholarship

Residents of Hawaii who completed high school after 2005, have a minimum GPA of 3.0, have completed a challenging high school curriculum, and can demonstrate their financial need are eligible for the State of Hawaii B Plus Scholarship.

2. UH Manoa Provost Award for Excellence

Scholarships will be awarded by the Office of Admissions to meritorious Hawai’i high school graduates. To be taken into consideration, applicants must be admitted to UH Manoa, fulfill the criteria for the scholarship, and apply before the priority deadline for autumn admission. Visit the UH Manoa Provost Achievement Scholarship website for more details.

3. UH Scholarship for the Second Century

The Second Century Scholarship is available to Native Hawaiian students who can demonstrate a need for financial assistance. The UH System as a whole has students who are qualified for this scholarship. How much is available and how much the kid needs will decide the amount delivered. Native Hawaiian students can apply for financial aid by submitting a simple form to the college financial aid departments. All regular deadlines for aid are applied.

4. UH Presidential and Regents Scholarships

The Board of Regents established the Regents and Presidential Scholarships to provide financial assistance to Hawaiian students who have a history of outstanding academic achievement. Twenty eligible freshmen earn Regents Scholarships, while entering juniors receive Presidential Scholarships. Visit the Regents and Presidential Scholars page for further information and application guidelines.

5. Scholarship from University of Hawaii-West Oahu

The University of Hawaii-West Oahu offers a competitive full tuition scholarship to honor academic performance, leadership, and volunteerism. Visit the UH West Oahu Scholarship website for further details.

6. The Hawaii Promise Scholarship at UT

All eligible Hawai’i students can now afford college thanks to the need-based Hawai’i Promise Scholarship. Financial aid is available to students at the University of Hawaii Community College who are enrolled at least half-time in an approved academic program to assist with their direct educational costs.

The “last dollar” scholarship is awarded based on the criteria established by the FAFSA after all other grants and scholarships have been awarded. It helps close the funding gap for qualified students’ outright tuition costs. Up to the full amount of UH direct costs, which include tuition, fees, books, supplies, and a minimum allowance for transportation, students may be eligible for financial aid.

7. UH Manoa Provost’s Success

Scholarships will be awarded by the Office of Admissions to meritorious Hawai’i high school graduates. To be taken into consideration, applicants must be admitted to UH Manoa, fulfill the criteria for the scholarship, and apply before the priority deadline for autumn admission. Visit the UH Manoa Provost Achievement Scholarship website for more details.

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Common Scholarship Application for the UH System

The UH System Common Scholarship Application allows students to submit one application for several school and system scholarships at once. Students should utilize this for the following if they are interested in applying for any of the roles listed:

  • Campus-specific scholarships (not UH Mnoa awards managed by a faculty member or the financial aid office)
  • System Scholarships at UT (Awarded by the UH System Financial Aid Office)
  • Provost Achievement, Regents, Mnoa Excellence, and Mnoa International Excellence Scholarships are a few examples of the UH Mnoa New Warrior Scholarships and Presidential Scholarships.
  • Scholarships for Community Colleges in UH (available through the Office of the Vice President for Community Colleges)
  • Scholarships are available via the UH System Office and are frequently transferable to different UH campuses.

The UH System Common Scholarship Application is also the primary application utilized by all of our UH campuses, with the exception of UH Manoa, which utilizes several applications. Several of the scholarships provided through the UH System Common Scholarship Application are funded by the University of Hawaii Foundation.

Thanks to several individual and business donations, the University of Hawaii Foundation awards grants totaling around $5 million each year. A sizeable money reserve is available to UH campuses for use in granting financial aid to students.

A pool-and-match technique of managing scholarships is utilized to balance donor preferences and legal requirements for scholarships through the use of a shared platform for scholarship applications.

UH selects most award applicants based on objective criteria including merit and financial necessity. If UH ever receives financing that comes with certain conditions (like gender), they will comply by them to the utmost extent allowed by law.

UH ensures that beneficiaries of scholarships are not given an advantage or disadvantage based on their race, color, national origin, ethnicity, or gender by employing a consistent application procedure.


Is the University of Hawaii a reputable university?

The University of Hawaii at Manoa is ranked #166 out of 443 National Universities. Based on their performance against a variety of commonly accepted metrics of excellence, schools are ranked.

Which GPA is required to enroll in Hawaii University?

You must have a GPA that is higher than the class average for high school students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, which is 3.74. It is necessary to have a combination of A and B grades, preferably with more A than B. Low GPAs can be overcome by taking challenging programs like AP or IB courses.

Is it challenging to get into the University of Hawaii?

What is the acceptance rate for Hawaii? UH Manoa has a rather selective admissions process, with an acceptance rate of 84%. The typical SAT or ACT score for candidates for admission to UH Manoa ranges from 1070 to 1280, respectively. The standard application date for admission to UH Manoa is March 1.

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