List of High-demand Non-skilled Jobs in USA

List of High-demand Non-skilled Jobs

The prospect of greener pastures may make moving to the US the best decision you’ve ever made. Yet, if you lack academic credentials, you will have to settle for unskilled occupations, which often pay far less than offers for qualified positions.

Fortunately, there are a number of high-demand, unskilled jobs that don’t require any kind of formal training and can pay thousands of dollars per month.

Being a quick learner would be helpful even though unskilled positions typically demand little to no experience, especially if you want to earn extra money or work two jobs while you’re there.

Non-skilled Careers in High Demand in the USA

There are many non-skilled professions available in the USA for foreign nationals, but only a small number of them are in great demand. Even though they could take up more of your time, these jobs will pay more than others.

Factory Employee

There are numerous production enterprises in the USA that depend heavily on labor and laborers to complete their work. You won’t need a professional background or a certificate to work in some departments.

Working in a factory has many advantages. As a warehouse employee, you can make at least $19,000, or up to $45,000 if you work in a factory doing hard labor.

Interior Painter

While the numbers for an unskilled position are great, your ability to close deals will determine how much money you can actually make. House painting is in high demand because there are a lot of customers who need your services throughout the county or state. You might be able to increase your income if you can grow your network. A single home painter might not be able to become successful by serving many clients, nevertheless. You should join a union if you want to work for even better terms. As a home painter, you may make between $30,000 and $45,000 a year.

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Sanitation Assistant

Without any training or expertise in your field, you may work for a company that collects trash. There are various benefits to picking up dirt from house to house, despite the fact that it may not seem like the finest career to pursue. Depending on the state and the amount of work they put in, a sanitation worker, such as a garbage truck driver or a waste collector, may earn very well. A garbage collector makes an average pay of $37,840. It could fluctuate between $28,880 and $50,240.

Workers in construction

One of the highest paying unskilled jobs in the Nation, construction is in high demand. Although the work can be exhausting, the remuneration is respectable.

According to numerous studies, workers in the construction industry make remarkable salaries. An entry-level construction worker makes more than $21,000 a year. Construction workers in the middle of the pay scale make somewhat more money, on average $32,000. Construction employees at the highest levels make more than twice as much money as those at the lowest levels, who make $47,000 a year on average.

Workers in street maintenance

Workers who perform street maintenance perform repairs and patch jobs on roads, sidewalks, and potholes. They use small motorized equipment, which reduces the amount of laborious construction work required. If they can locate the suitable employer, a street maintenance worker may be able to make up to $44,000 annually.

Custodial Employee

Even though janitors do more than just sweep the floors, custodial work is essentially identical to that of a janitor. Regular building maintenance duties including plumbing, carpentry, electrical, and HVAC repair are handled by the custodial staff. Cleaning the workstation or warehouse may be expected of the custodian or custodial employee.

You may need to become certified in order to be considered for such an offer, but there are no degree requirements to be concerned about. A custodial employee may make as little as $20,500 or as much as $31,500 annually.

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