Goods to Follow list Canada : Shipping your household goods to Canada Easily

When you want to take your furnishings and totally different belongings to your new residence in Canada then there’s a course of you’ll need to adjust to laid out by Canada Border Service Company to ship your loved ones goods to Canada – along with producing your Items to Follow list for Canada.

The good news is that as part of your immigration course of, Canada permits a one-time duty free import for your entire stuff. There are specific limitations and caveats which can be defined proper right here, nevertheless usually, once you personal it, you possibly can import it duty free.

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Step 1: Produce your Goods to Follow listing

When you’re getting ready to switch to Canada you wish to resolve what you’re going to take with you personally the primary time you enter Canada and what you’re going to ship individually.

This textual content covers the strategy for goods you’re sending individually (i.e. your loved ones goods you’re transport to Canada) – an abstract of what you wish to do for the objects you’re carrying with you is roofed in one different article.

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If you’ve decided what you’re going to ship to Canada you wish to produce a fairly detailed file of all the devices – your Goods to Comply with file.

Together with your own Goods to Observe file, once you’re using a world mover, they too will produce a listing of what they pack. This inventory blended along with your private Items to Follow list is what you need for the one-time duty free import.

As soon as we shipped our goods, we’d have favored every lists (our private Objects to Observe file and the movers inventory) on account of our transport inventory did not have Canadian greenback values – if yours does then it is doable you may solely need the transport inventory.

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Step 2: Border agent completes from BSF186

When you arrive in Canada for the first time, as part of the immigration interview carried out by the Canada Border Companies Firm, the agent will ask if you are going to be importing any items – that’s the place you need your Items to Comply with listing and your transport inventory.

The agent will full a sort generally known as BSF186 for you with the data in your lists. The BSF186 form is what you’ll need when your items arrive in Canada.

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Do I wish to full kind BSF186 myself?

No, you do not.
I’ve seen conflicting steering on the Canada Border Service Firm website online about whether or not or not you have to full form BSF186 sooner than you arrive in Canada, nevertheless we did not full the form beforehand; the border agent completed the form for us as part of our entry interview.

That’s the form BSF186 that the border agent completed. Ignore the big CLOSED stamp and the scores – that’s what happens when your goods clear customs inside the subsequent step.
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Step 3: Clear your goods by customs

When your goods arrive in Canada they’ll be held in customs until you get them launched.

Your transferring agency will let you understand when your objects are capable of clear customs and e mail you a Customs Manifest. Print two copies of this Customs Manifest.

At this stage you’re now capable of clear your objects by customs. To take motion, go to your nearest Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) office which can be often located on worldwide airport web sites (you don’t need to make an appointment). You do not wish to go to the port the place your objects bodily are – you possibly can go to any CBSA workplace.

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Take the subsequent paperwork with you to the CBSA office in an effort to clear your goods by customs:

  • Your stamped BSF186 form and the attached stamped file to procure from the border agent when you entered the nation.
  • Two copies of the Customs Manifest equipped by your movers.
  • In our event, the file that the border agent stamped after we entered the nation was the transport inventory so I moreover took our private Objects to Observe file. In the long run I didn’t need this nevertheless I’d nonetheless advocate that you simply simply take it.
  • Your Affirmation of Permanent Residency letter or Permanent Resident Card if in case you might have it.
  • Passport.

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Your Customs Manifest will look one factor like this.

On the CBSA workplace, the border agent will look over your entire paperwork and hopefully all of the goodsis in order.

If all of the goods  are okay they will stamp one in every of many Customized Manifests and the BSF186 form (see the big crimson CLOSED stamp on the BSF186 image above) and hand them once more to you.

Your items have now cleared customs and you may arrange for provide alongside along with your movers. To try this, you wish to scan and e mail your movers a duplicate of the stamped Customs Manifest – it is this sort that reveals the cargo has cleared customs and could be launched and delivered to you.

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When the movers then ship your items, you’ll wish to current them the unique copy of this stamped Customs Manifest for his or her data.

And also you’re completed, that’s the way you ship your family goods to Canada! You now have your entire belongings in Canada.

Bear in mind the truth that this is usually a one-time allowance, you possibly can’t ship a couple of of your belongings initially after which the rest later. For many who did chances are you’ll then should pay duty on what you’re importing.

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Tips on how to make your Goods to Follow list for Canada

Consistent with IRCC your Objects to Observe file should have a line for each particular person merchandise you’re importing exhibiting the merchandise’s price, make, model and serial amount. For the file we produced, we did not have a line merchandise for each specific particular person merchandise nevertheless grouped comparable devices collectively and gave a blended price for that grouping. We moreover didn’t embody make and model for a lot of issues – we solely did this the place it made sense.

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You will get a duplicate of the Goods to Follow spreadsheet we produced, with all of the lessons and names, by requesting it beneath. We’ll ship you the excel file so all you wish to do is change names to match your stuff.


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Be sure to check out the official Canada Web site here.

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