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Important facts about Canadian Dual Citizenship

Canadian Citizenship Eligibility

Dual Citizenship occurs when a person is a citizen of two or more countries.

A citizen of Canada will retain Canadian citizenship upon buying a dual or second citizenship abroad. In truth, Canadian citizens can not lose their citizenship except they voluntarily resign it by way of a complicated authorized process.

Nevertheless, for residents of many different countries who get hold of Canadian citizenship, dual Citizenship doesn’t all the time apply. Some countries will revoke citizenship when a citizen of that nation acquires a Canadian passport; different nations might merely not acknowledge the brand new citizenship in any respect.

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Dual citizen

Dual Citizenship Rules

Some common methods to acquire citizenship are:

  • Being born in territory thought-about to be of that nation.
  • Having a number of parents who’re residents of that nation.
  • Having married an individual of that citizenship.
  • Having gone through the authorized process of incomes citizenship by way of examination in a previously foreign nation.
  • Having lived in that nation for sufficient time to qualify for citizenship.

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Many countries allow twin citizenship, Canada being one in all them. Whereas Canada has very open and accepting laws regarding twin citizenship, this can’t be stated for all countries. Every nation possesses its personal algorithm and laws regarding twin citizenship.

People searching for Canadian citizenship ought to seek the advice of their native authorities or native nation’s embassy or consulate for full data concerning the impression on their present citizenship standing ought to they purchase Canadian citizenship.

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Whereas there are numerous advantages to twin and a number of citizenship, some disadvantages might happen. Along with presumably having a earlier citizenship revoked, it is usually doable to be caught between two international locations’ legalities, taxation, obligatory navy service, and different seemingly surprising issues.

The legal guidelines that apply to every particular person rely on which nation of citizenship the individual resides in at the moment. It’s essential to concentrate on the foundations and rules concerning twin or a number of citizenship in every nation of citizenship.

In some ways, twin citizenship is a proud worth for Canada and its residents. Twin citizenship speaks to Canada’s variety and luxury with multiculturalism. Many new Canadians choose to maintain their earlier citizenship along with their Canadian citizenship. Normally, having dual citizenship is optimistic and useful.

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Standards For Dual Citizenship Vary Wildly

In some instances, an individual seeking to get dual citizenship doesn’t even have to maneuver to the opposite nation to get it. Eire and Italy, for instance, enable anybody with ancestors from these countries to get citizenship. Italy gives an ancestral passport.

In different instances, the person seeking twin citizenship has to alert the right authorities in his or her nation of this intent to grow to be a citizen of one other nation and should even be prohibited from sure occupations in his or her home nation due to it.

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Egyptians, for instance, want to tell the government they need to retain their Egyptian citizenship inside the first year after acquiring Canadian citizenship. Afterwards, they will be unable to serve within the Egyptian navy or police – or serve within the Egyptian Parliament.

Pakistanis who grow to be Canadian citizens and retain their citizenship in Pakistan have an identical deal. They lose a few of their voting rights, can now not serve within the Pakistani navy, and are barred from public office and dealing within the bureaucracy.

These holding dual citizenship in the US must declare “different allegiances” to get their U.S. passport and making use of for presidency programs.

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The Good

Hanging onto one’s unique citizenship could be a actual asset in lots of instances, together with travelling. When a Canadian additionally has citizenship in the different nation to which she or he is travelling, the necessity to get a visitor’s visa disappears. So, too, do the charges that include getting that visa.

A Canadian with dual citizenship can go to his or her other nation with spending the weeks or months trying to get a visa.

It’s a pleasant perk.

One factor to notice, although, is that even twin Canadian residents must current their Canadian passport once they board a flight to Canada. The one exception to that rule is U.S.-Canada dual citizenship.

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Previous to November, 2016, there have been many dual citizens from visa-exempt countries who may simply enter Canada with out presenting their passport. That’s modified.

As a part of the new Electronic Travel Authorization (Canada eTA) necessities, Canadian dual citizens should use a Canadian passport to fly into Canada. Beforehand, they may use the passport of their different nation of citizenship.

Even with a valid Canadian passport, dual citizens nonetheless, in fact, want to fulfill the basic requirements: being in good well being, having sufficient cash to journey, and having no felony convictions, and correct identification.

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Being a citizen of one other nation additionally permits the Canadian with twin citizenship to remain in that nation for so long as she or he needs and even work there, open a bank account, purchase actual property, have entry to the nation’s public schooling and public health insurance plans.

Twin citizenship can be a lifesaver throughout emergencies due to civil unrest or different severe issues, allowing the Canadian citizen to have a selection of embassies to get assist.

And if the opposite passport is for the European Union, then the Canadian travelling in Europe enjoys even more benefits. He or she will be able to go to the usually-shorter line for locals at check-points whereas travelling in Europe as a substitute of the longer line-ups for foreigners.

The dual Canadian citizen will even have the ability to keep in any of the European Union nations and achieve this for as long as they need.

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The Bad

It’s not all roses and sunshine, though.

Dual citizenship comes with a authorized requirement to obey all laws almost about navy service, offering for the general public education system, and paying taxes.

Being a citizen of multiple country can be a problem for those who need to work for the government of both nation in a capability that requires a high-level safety clearance.

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After which, there’s a bit of a Catch-22 for these in one of their countries who suddenly discover themselves in want of assist from their different country.

A Canadian who finds him or herself in bother within the different country during which they’re additionally a citizen might suddenly discover Canada much less able to serving to them out.

“If you are a dual citizen and journey to the other nation the place you maintain citizenship, native authorities may refuse to present you entry to Canadian consular services,” warns Ottawa on the journey portion of its web site. “This could prevent Canadian consular officers from offering them to you.”

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Immigrants who decided to take the citizenship oath in Canada need to be aware that, whereas many countries enable twin citizenship, there are many who don’t. The best route is always to ask the embassy or consulate about twin citizenship first, together with what special conditions might apply.


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