Best Canada Immigrant Investor Programs for 2023 and Beyond

Canada Immigrant Investor Programs

You can benefit from obtaining a visa as a foreign businessman or investor through investment immigration channels such as the Canadian Investor Visa Program. The Canadian government has developed various investment programs for immigrants leading to permanent residency. This page explains which business immigration programs are available and which one is best for you.

Looking for a country with a strong economy, an undeniably talented workforce, permanent residency opportunities and a great return on investment (ROI)? Then look no further. Canada is a great country to look for investment opportunities for many reasons.

Canada is a great country to look for investment opportunities for many reasons. Canada ranked her fifth best investment country in the post-COVID-19 world by the Venture Capital and Private Equity Country Attractionness Index, which ranks 125 countries based on six factors.

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These six key elements are:

  • economic activity;
  • capital market depth,
  • taxation
  • investor protection and corporate governance,
  • human and social environment,
  • Finally, entrepreneurial culture and trading opportunities

Canada scored her 87.2 points overall, just 0.1 points behind Germany. But what makes Canada such an attractive place for business and investment? Let’s take a look at some of the best immigration programs to invest in Canada in 2021 and beyond.More on this later.

What is Canada’s Immigrant Investor Program?

For foreign business owners, investors, and corporations, Canada offers several immigration options that are candidates for permanent residence. As a result, instead of a single Canadian investor program, there are several options for investor immigration. May include programs offered at the federal and state level, as shown below.

The success of any immigration strategy is highly dependent on choosing the right federal or state immigration program. It is important to choose the program that best fits your professional and personal history.

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Canadian Commonwealth Investor Program

Below are business immigration programs created by the federal government.

  • Internal transfers (ICT): If your business is already legally operating in your home country, you can use our ICT program to relocate and grow it in Canada. After working in Canada for a year in business, you are usually eligible for permanent residency.
  • Startup visa program: The Canadian Startup Visa is advantageous for owners of innovative foreign companies as it allows up to five founding partners to reside permanently in Canada. It is important to note that the program prioritizes established startups focused on fostering innovation. The venture capital funds required for this program are external investors. The process of obtaining a permanent residence permit can take up to two years.
  • Entrepreneur visa: For those looking to start a new business in Canada or invest in an existing business, the C11 Entrepreneur Stream is ideal. After doing business in Canada for one year, you can apply for permanent residency.
  • LMIA Work Permit Program: Through the LMIA Pathway, business owners and investors can obtain work permits and permanent residency after her two-year stay in Canada. This program is specifically designed for hiring international workers. This program usually takes precedence over the other programs listed above.

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State Investor Immigration Program

At the provincial level, Canadian provinces offer various immigration programs to encourage investment and long-term residency in different parts of the country. Below is a list of these State Candidate Programs (PNPs).

  • Albert: Alberta Immigration Program is the name of his PNP program in Alberta. He’s one of the most watched programs on the Canadian prairies as Alberta’s economy continues to grow in the region.
  • British Columbia: Can qualify for his BC PNP Immigration Pass in that state. Alongside the Ontario program, his PNP trails in this province are among the most famous in Canada. The nation’s largest state economies are those of these two
  • states. Manitoba: The Farm Investor Pathway and the Entrepreneur Pathway are two PNP options available in Manitoba. You can qualify for the BC PNP Immigration Pass for that state.
  • New Brunswick: This eastern state has a well-developed New Brunswick Candidate Program (NBPNP).
  • Nova Scotia: In Nova Scotia, immigrant entrepreneurs can benefit from the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP).
  • Canada: Thanks to Ontario’s economy, the province has one of the most prominent PNP programs. The Ontario Immigrant Candidate Program is very popular with international investors.
  • Prince Edward Island: Canada’s smallest province makes his PEI Provincial Nominee Program available to businesses, entrepreneurs and foreign investors.
  • Saskatchewan: The Saskatchewan Immigrant Candidate Program is available in this prairie state and is perfect for business owners and farmers.
  • Quebec: Quebec does not have his PNP program, but has a similar investor program. As an immigrant investor, you can start a business in Quebec or invest in an existing business.

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