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Work in Canada as a Nurse : Easy Guide

Work in Canada as a Nurse : Easy Guide

Do you want to know everything there is to working in Canada as a Nurse; including the salaries, best provinces to work in and how to finally Immigrate to Canada while at it?

If so, then be sure to stick to the end because this post probably has everything you need.

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Best Provinces to work in Canada as a Nurse

Generally, Nurses get a lot of attractive salaries and other benefits in majority of the Canadian provinces. However, the following Provinces below are the best Provinces to work as a Nurse in Canada.

1. Nova Scotia province

Whether as an entry-level nurse or experienced nurse, Nova Scotia tops every other Province in terms of salaries and opportunities for a professional willing to work as a Nurse in Canada.

With a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, you could earn up to $37.13 hourly or $77,600 yearly.

This is far more than the average salary in Canada.

A study in 2018 showed that it’s easier for postgraduate students to find a Nursing job in Nova Scotia than in any other Canadian Province.

Nova Scotia province is currently in demand of Geriatric Nurses to care for their aging population. If you want to work as a Nurse in Canada, this Province should be the top of your choice.

2.  New Brunswick

When you hear about “flexible work schedules”, you will think of New Brunswick. Most hospitals in this province run up to about 4 shifts at a time after which Nurses take 4 shifts off.

New Brunswick is well-known for taking great care of its Nurses. Registered Nurses earn about $35.45 hourly or $68,556 annually.

New Brunswick is one place a foreign national can study Nursing at a cheap cost.

It costs up to $10,500 per year to get your tertiary Qualifications in Nursing after which you’re almost sure of a high paying job.

You should consider New Brunswick if you intend on starting a Nursing career in Canada.

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3.  Manitoba

Manitoba in general has so many opportunities for skilled workers. If you happen to be a registered nurse with years of experience, Manitoba has the opportunities you seek to work as a nurse in Canada.

Nurses in Manitoba earn up to $33.11 hourly or $63,000 annually. They are entitled to many privileges as members of the Public Service Health Care Plan in Canada.

However, becoming a Nurse in Manitoba requires you to fulfil the province’s educational requirements for advanced practice nursing.

How to Immigrate to Canada As a Nurse

Immigrating to Canada as a Nurse requires you to get a Canadian Work Permit following these steps:

Choose a Province to Live and Work as a Nurse in Canada

You must choose a province in Canada that you intend to work and live in. It is important you choose a Province with high opportunities for Nurses.

Assessment of Your Credentials

After choosing a province, your credentials must be assessed by the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) or the Canadian Nurses Association.

If it is approved, it must be converted to North American Standard.

Meet the Requirements

You must meet the following requirements to work in and immigrate to Canada as a Registered Nurse.

  • You must have a tertiary qualification
  • You must have a relevant work experience
  • You must have a Job offer in Canada
  • You must have language proficiency in English and/or French.

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Immigration Programs for Nurses in Canada

Here are the top Canadian immigration programs available to foreign nationals who intend to Immigrate to Canada as Nurses

  • Express Entry (EE)
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program

Highest Paying Jobs For Nurses in Canada

Here are the 8 highest jobs for a professional willing to work as a Nurse in Canada and their salaries.

  • Registered Nurse anesthetist – $157,690
  • Psychiatric–Mental health nurse practitioner – $102,000
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist – $98,778
  • Certified nurse midwife – $96,970
  • Family Nurse practitioner – $95,350
  • Pediatric nurse – $88,000
  • Critical care nurse – $81,000
  • Gerontological nurse – $64.906


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