10 Best Construction Helper Jobs in Canada (With Salaries)

Are you willing to work in Canada as a Construction Helper but need some information about the job and its salary? If yes then this post is for you.

What does a Construction Helper do?

A Construction work helper usually cleans and prepares construction sites by removing particles or possible hazards.

They usually load constructing materials to be used in a project and construct scaffolds that shall be taken apart later when a project is completed.

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Top 10 Construction Helper Jobs in Canada

There are numerous job opportunities for Construction Helpers in Canada. Nevertheless, the following positions are presently in-demand.

1. General Labor or Production Helper

The typical pay for a General production helper is C$19.00 per hour in Canada.

2. Construction Electrician Helper

The Common Salary for a Construction Electrician helper is C$21.00 per hour in Canada.

3. Carpenters Assistant

The typical pay for a Carpenter assistant is C$18.00 per hour in Canada.

4. Maintenance Helper

The typical pay for a maintenance helper is C$17.00 per hour in Canada

5. Plumber Helper

The typical pay for a plumber helper is C$20.00 per hour in Canada.

6. Roofer Helper/Assistant

The typical pay for a Roofer helper is C$19.00 per hour in Canada

7. Glazier Helpers

The typical pay for a Glazier helper is C$20.00 per hour in Canada

8. Flooring installer helper

The typical pay for a flooring installer helper is C$19.00 per hour in Canada.

9. Mason helper

The typical pay for a mason helper is C$21.00 per hour in Canada.

10. Tile setter helper

The typical pay for a tile setter helper is C$20.00 per hour in Canada

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Job Description of a Construction Helper

Construction helpers are wanted in numerous industries. Listed below are the most important duties performed by a construction helper.

Arrange equipment

Construction helpers normally set up tools used on the site. This may increasingly include erecting scaffolding, mixing concrete foundations, and so on.

Offload Building Materials

One of many typical duties of a construction helper is to offload Construction Supplies like tools, cement, and different building materials.

Clear worksite

At the end of a workday, construction work helpers are required to scrub and clear the positioning and correctly dispose of waste supplies. Additionally they ensure that helpful building supplies are correctly kept.

Other duties of a Construction Helper could embody,

  • Demolish existing buildings
  • Help with framing
  • Transport building supplies to the worksite.

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Construction Helper Expertise and {Qualifications}

There isn’t any particular educational qualification required for building helper jobs in Canada. Nevertheless, you’re required to have a highschool diploma.

A building helper needs to be good at manual labor and be prepared to follow instructions.

Attending vocational training to be taught basic construction skills shall be useful.

Though this isn’t a requirement to get a building helper job in Canada because most employers offer on-the-job training.

How Much are Construction Helpers Paid in Canada?

Construction work helper salaries in Canada range from province to province. Typically, they earn an average salary of $38,026 yearly or $19.50 hourly.

Entry-level positions start at $32,175 yearly, whereas expert-level positions begin at $44,850 yearly.

The employment growth rate for construction work helper jobs in Canada is excessive. Bureau Labour Statistics predicted a progress price of about 12% through 2026, which is larger than Canada’s average.

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