How to Apply for a Business Number in Canada : Easy Guide

What’s a Business Number?

A Business Number makes sure that you have the very same identification info even if you register or fill your business info anywhere.

Having a BN makes it easier for your business to speak with the federal or provincial government of Canada. You may be in need of it every time you wish to file a federal tax return for your business.

A Canada Business Number is essential in case you want to start your business in Canada.

The business number (BN) is a 9-digit account number that can identify your business to federal, provincial, and municipal governments.

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The BN is issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

If your business is a company, a sole proprietorship, or a partnership, you’ll still need to get a BN which shall be given once you register with the CRA.

A business might only have one Business Number at a time. however, it may be required of you to change your BN once you make sure enhancements or adjustments to your business.

This post will present what the business number is and how one can get it.

There are numerous steps or sections {that a} business number has and they are:

  • The first part is the 9 digit number that makes up your Business Number
  • The second part is this system identifier. This reveals what sort of account or program the number is specific for. an instance is (‘RC’ is used for income tax while ‘Rp’ is used for payroll).
  • The third part is named the reference number.

An HST number for a type of business in Canada is most probably going to appear to be this: 123456789

We all know that the Business Number is essential in Canada, however it isn’t vital for you to have one if your business will not be making up to $30,000 each year as gross revenue yet.

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Why do you want a Business Number in Canada?

It’s possible you’ll want a Canadian Business Number for the following causes:

  • Incorporation a CRA program account
  • For you to have the ability to open a CRA Business account
  • To make offers with the federal, territorial, provincial, or municipal governments in Canada

When would you Need a New Business Number in Canada?

It is going to be anticipated that you simply register for a New Business Number in Canada once you want to venture right into a certain process;

like altering the structure of your business or making adjustments to its legal ownership.

Moreover, you can be required to register for a new number once you wish to make some adjustments in regard to the administration of your business or increasing business operations.

There are numerous kinds of owners that ought to have a business number and it falls below three completely different categories and they’re:

  1. Business Number for Sole Proprietorship
  2. Business Number for Firm or Company
  3. Business Number for Partnership
  4. Necessities for Applying for a Business Number in Canada

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While you wish to apply for a BN from the CRA, you might be asked particular questions on your business and you may additionally be requested to give certain documents.

A few of these requirements are:

  • Social Insurance Number
  • Paperwork illustrating the appropriate registration of the business
  • Financial year-end. This includes all of your income and losses that was made by your business within the first 53 weeks of operation.

When you’ve fulfilled these necessities then you might be sure to get your business number in Canada

The best way to Apply For A Business Number On-line

You’ll be able to apply for a Business Number on-line, by your mail, fax, or by phone. Or you may apply on-line via the CRA website.


When you want to own a business and work together with the federal government and others then you will want a business number, and this is essential in Canada once you want to start a business in Canada.

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