Home Jobs Work as an Immigration Officer in Canada : Easy Guide

Work as an Immigration Officer in Canada : Easy Guide

Work as an Immigration Officer in Canada : Easy Guide

Have you ever considered working as an Immigration Officer in Canada? And not only Canadians are required to be Immigration Officers, even Permanent Residents! So be sure to stick to the end.

Who’s an Immigration Officer?

An immigration officer is a worker at a federal, provincial, or municipal degree that assists with immigration processes.

One in all their key roles consists of evaluating the validity of information on citizenship, asylum, and visa applicant forms.

This consists of checking for false data and alerting authorities companies if any is discovered. An immigration Officer may also Interview applicants.

In Canada, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are in control of everything associated with immigration.

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Immigration Officer Salary in Canada

Immigration officer salary in Canada falls Within the range of $51,857 and $72,135. The typical annual immigration officer salary in Canada is $56,848.

Nonetheless, factors like {qualifications}, skills, position, location, and a number of years of expertise could strongly determine what an Immigration officer salary lastly cumulates to.

How To Become an Immigration Officer in Canada

In case you intend to get a job as an Immigration Officer in Canada, the following steps will help you in getting your career started.

1. Get the Primary {qualifications}

There isn’t any specified educational qualification for the position of Immigration Officer. Most occasions, Immigration Officers begin their careers by working as assistants at government offices.

Nonetheless, when you acquire a degree in any of the below programs, you don’t need to hold government offices before getting jobs as an Immigration Officer in Canada.

  • Criminal justice
  • Criminology
  • Homeland safety
  • International legislation
  • Political science
  • Communications
  • Foreign language

2. Move the Canada Public Service Examination

In case you intend to work for the municipal, provincial or federal authorities, you might be required to write and cross the Canada Public Service Examination.

This examination will show that you’re certified for a specific Immigration Officer Position.

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3. Get new skills

In case you pass the Public Service Examination, you also needs to acquire related skills. One of the relevant skills in working as an Immigration Officer is proficiency in foreign languages.

Studying abilities will help you get to compete for top Immigration Officer Positions.

4. Create knowledgeable resume

Don’t simply write a resume but create one that may stand out and seize the eye of a hiring manager. Make sure you embrace your educational {qualifications}, expertise (if any), and relevant skills.

5. Seek for a job

After writing your resume, you’ll be able to apply for an Immigration Officer job. There are Immigration Officer jobs advertised on the Public Service Commission of Canada web site.

You may apply for the position you qualify for.

6. Invest in Personal improvement

After getting the job, don’t stop there. Enhance your credentials and skills. You could acquire a master’s degree or take programs that may help advance your profession as an immigration officer.

This can allow you to secure top positions with a high salary as an Immigration Officer.

Requirements to work as an Immigration Officer in Canada

Listed here are some of the requirements you should meet to work as an Immigration Officer in Canada.

  • You have to be a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  • You have to be 18 years or above
  • You have to be proficient in English and French
  • You have to be drug free. You’re required to pass a drug test.
  • You’re required to have a legitimate Canadian driver’s license.
  • It’s essential to have no criminal records. An ex-convict can not work as an Immigration Officer in Canada.
  • An Immigration Officer must be physically fit. Due to this fact you might be required to bear a Physical health test.

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In-demand Immigration Officer Jobs in Canada and Salaries

Listed here are the 5 in-demand Immigration Officer jobs in Canada and their common annual salaries.

1.  Visa Processing Officer

The Common Annual Salary for a Canadian Visa processing Officer  is $79,000 CAD

2.  Canada Border Service Agent

The Common Annual Salary for a Canada Border Service Agent is $69,400 CAD

3.  Immigration Consultant

The Common Annual Salary for an Immigration Consultant in Canada is $48,700 CAD

4. Immigration Administrative Assistant

The Common Annual Salary for an Immigration administrative assistant in Canada is $41,478.

5. Case Processing Agent.

The Common Annual Salary for a case processing Immigration agent in Canada is $60,522CAD.


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