The Largest Australian Retailers (For Migrants)

Even though it’s at the bottom of the continental population list, Australia ranks high on the list of the world’s largest retailers. Australian retailers don’t have prominence on alternative continents, however within its own borders, retailing is the second-largest employer, behind only health care and supplementary benefit.
Each year a worldwide Powers of retailing report compiled by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu ranks retail firms of every type altogether countries according to total revenue. For a minimum of a decade, that list has enclosed Australian retail firms with annual revenue giant enough to be stratified among the biggest retail firms in the world.
What follows are the biggest retail firms with headquarters in Australia, that also are among the biggest retail chains in the world. These are drawn from the 2019 international Powers of retailing report, that reflects revenues generated in FY 2017. Compare the 2019 rankings with those from 2010 to check how every of the biggest Australian retail firms has improved over the past decade.

Largest Retail Companies in Australia

Wesfarmers Limited—Supermarket
2019 international ranking: twenty one (2010 international ranking: 28)
FY2017 retail revenue: $48.7 billion
Woolworths Limited—Supermarket
2019 international ranking: twenty two (2010 international ranking: 26)
FY2017 retail revenue: $42.9 billion
JB Hi-Fi Limited—Electronics Specialty
2019 international ranking: 181 (2010 international ranking: unlisted)
FY2017 retail revenue: $5.3 billion

Grocery and supermarket retailing in Australia

There’s a reason why the 2 largest retailers in Australia are grocery retailing firms. As a whole, the food, beverage, and grocery trade accounts for over a 3rd of Australia’s producing sector. Supermarket and grocery store revenue was $135 billion in 2018, representing a 13.7% growth since 2014. Woolworths had a thirty eighth share of this market.

Australian Retail industry and Retail Economy Statistics

The retail industry is a large and vital part of the Australian economy. take into account these most up-to-date statistics from the Australian retail industry, that reveal the importance of Australian retailing, by the numbers:
  • $24 million—Average monthly retail sales (2018)
  • 2.9%—Growth in Australian retail sales from Nov 2018 to Nov 2019
  • 5.7%—Average year-over-year increase in total Australian retail industry revenue between 1983 and 2019
  • 1.3 million – Total number of retail industry jobs (2018)
  • 10.4%—Percentage of all employed Australians working in the industry

Global Retailers in Australia

Foreign retail firms also are powerfully depicted in Australia, with retailing firms like Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Apple, Zara, Fossil, and Costco capitalizing on the rising sales potential. In fact, per Australia Post’s 2019 E-Commerce trade Report, four-hundredth of Australian online shoppers’ most up-to-date purchases were from China.
Australia’s GDP has shown steady growth in recent years, thanks partly to the comparatively giant contribution of the retail sector. Through a rise in entrepreneurship and franchising, retail has become an actuation with a significant role within the Australian economy.

Online retailing in Australia

The Australian retail trade growth has been fueled by the increase of the store, non-public equity investors, big-box retailers, vertical brand integration, and internet shopping.
Online selling in Australia may be a challenge thanks to its isolated earth science and also the transportation challenges related to the acquisition of merchandise not created at intervals its borders. Despite that, online retailing is growing in Australia and in 2018 it’s calculable that that internet retail sales in Australia totaled $27.5 billion, which represents a two hundredth increase from 2017.
According to Power Retail, these were the highest online retailers in Australia for 2019, by category:
  • No. 1 online retailer: Woolworths
  • Top eBay seller: the good Guys
  • Top client rating: JB Hi-Fi
  • Top social retailer: Showpo
  • Top Click manic disorder seller: My Deal
  • Top online-only retailer: ASOS
  • Top small-medium retailer: Naked Wines
  • Speed demon: laborious to seek out
  • Hot innovator: Catch
  • Site user Experience: get the picture
  • Fast movers: Pet Circle
  • Top e-commerce group: Catch cluster
  • Top email marketing: love Beauty
  • Top native app: Catch
  • Ones to watch: Ikea
  • Top mobile experience: Catch
  • Top marketing initiative: Showpo
  • Punching higher than their weight: Flora & Fauna
  • Top cross-border: Chemist Warehouse

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