10 Best Boarding Schools in Paris 2023

Boarding Schools in Paris

The benefits and success of boarding schools for a child’s overall development cannot be overstated. While some parents are still having trouble accepting this reality, the majority of parents are aware of the advantages of allowing their kids to study in a structured setting.

Although though boarding schools can be quite useful for children, you should take the time to carefully investigate the neighborhood where your children will be residing for their new academic residence. Nonetheless, this article conducts a thorough investigation into the top boarding schools in Paris.

The best services are offered to students in boarding schools in Paris and the surrounding areas. one that offers kids a very advantageous setting for learning.

To accommodate everyone’s tastes, whether they are Christian, therapeutic, military, catholic, or non-Christian, Paris has a wide variety of boarding schools.

The cost of boarding schools in Paris in 2023 is part of the post’s comprehensive content.

Do Paris Boarding Schools Exist?

In Paris, there are boarding schools that provide unique English-speaking curriculum in addition to mandatory French classes.

Some of these institutions are very pricey, while others are not.

If you’re looking for one, here is a list of the best boarding schools in Paris;

  • Ermitage College
  • High School of Notre Dame International
  • Jeannine Manuel School
  • French American School
  • Paris International School
  • The New Lifehouse School
  • A safe haven
  • rehabilitative boarding school Clearview
  • The International School of Sainte Victoire
  • Provence International Bilingual School

What is the price of boarding schools in Paris, Missouri?

At premium boarding schools in Paris, secondary education costs between €25,000 and €40,000 per year, including residence expenses.

Kindergarten through Grade 5 costs €27 500; Nursery through Pre-Kindergarten costs €22600; Grades 6 through 9 costs €32000 (subject to annual revision).

What Are Paris’s Top Boarding Schools?

The majority of boarding schools in Paris provide top-notch boarding services. The greatest boarding schools were chosen, nonetheless, after taking into account a number of different variables.

The greatest boarding schools in Paris include some of the ones listed below:

1. Ermitage School

In 1941, the Hermitage Private School, one of Paris’s most illustrious schools, was established. A multilingual school that satisfies the very strict contemporary international academic standards is an option for secondary education. Both French and English are employed in educational settings. The bilingual curriculum has been running at the Ermitage School since 1981.

The school’s students, who range in age from 11 to 17, come from all over the world and live together in typical French homes. Boarding schools in the Ermitage provide a safe atmosphere for students to learn and grow together. The kind crew constantly supports and looks after our borders. They gain the ability to manage themselves, organize themselves, and share their resources like space and experiences.

The school

2. Notre Dame International High School

The American day and boarding school Notre-Dame International High School is located in the Paris Metropolitan Region! You can get US high school credits and/or graduate with an American high school certificate at one of the few international boarding schools in Europe!

The Dean of Notre-Dame “Les Oiseaux,” a French private school, oversees Notre-Dame International High School, a private American college-preparatory program, which is situated in Verneuil-sur-Seine, in the Yvelines, close to Paris (France).

The American school in France welcomes international students from all over the world and provides bilingual, college-preparatory training to students in grades 10 through 12. (15 to 18 years old).

The school provides an exciting opportunity for non-French speakers to learn the French language and culture while studying an American curriculum delivered in English. Notre-Dame International High School is an international boarding school located in the Paris Metropolitan Region.

The school

3. Jeannine Manuel School

École Jeannine Manuel is a bilingual, international school that is taught in French. It can be found in Paris. On campus, 80 different nations are represented from Pre-K to 12th grade.

The boarding school is an authentically international and multicultural community with 120 boarders from 120 different nations.

The freshly updated, hotel-standard boarding facilities give boarders a comfortable home away from home. In their rooms, students have access to a bathroom, a study area, a storage area, and a comfortable bed. The community areas include an eating room, a designated collaborative office, and a common lounge with satellite television.

The school

4. American School of Paris

The American School of Paris is a boarding and day school as well as a community.

Since it opened 75 years ago, the school has been educating children to the highest standards while also forging a solid learning community that includes parents, teachers, staff, donors, and graduates.

The school provides a variety of educational opportunities, including an IB diploma, AP classes, and college readiness programs. The largest campus in Paris, highly skilled professors, and dedicated support services are all available to students. They can also leverage renowned American and international universities.

The variety of programs and opportunities available to ASP students ensures their success long after they graduate from the institution.

The school

5. International School Of Paris

The age range of students at the private, international ICS Paris school is 3 to 18. For local and traveling families, the school provides an international curriculum taught in English with additional French classes. The prestigious IB Global School ICS Paris is pleased to be a member of Globeducate, a global network of more than 50 schools.

At ICS Paris, students receive education of the greatest caliber, preparing them not only to survive in the world but also to have an impact and change it.

The International Baccalaureate curriculum provides the basis for developing students’ critical-thinking skills and allowing them the authority to take control of their education at ICS Paris, where the students are at the center of everything that is done.

The school

6. The New Lifehouse School

New Lifehouse Academy is the greatest choice when counseling is unable to alter your daughter’s unwanted behaviors. This is backed up by the inspiring testimonials of former clients and their families as well as the counseling training given to New Lifehouse staff members. This boarding school offers treatment, teaching, enjoyable activities, and practical skills to troubled females.

It is frequently desirable for your child to leave their existing environment and friends in Paris, Texas, even if it could seem impossible at such a trying time.

Teenagers who attend issue girl boarding schools nearby are much more likely to leave the program early, negating any possible benefits.

A reputable and well watched school for the rehabilitation of disturbed teenagers, New Lifehouse.

The school

7. Safe Harbor

Teenage males at risk are transformed into strong, dependable young adults by Safe Harbor. When boys enroll at Safe Harbor, they might be dealing with depression, rebellion, behavioral challenges, failure in school, light drug use, minor legal concerns, or the upheaval of a loss in their lives. These kinds of boys often require a broader, less self- or peer-centered view of the world.

Even if you might be searching for a boarding school in Paris, Tennessee, keep in mind that the seamanship program at Safe Harbor, in addition to the personalized attention, counsel, and training, offers an unrivaled chance for personal development.

Safe Harbor Boarding School also offers real-world training and instills character while students pursue their high school diplomas, in addition to teaching at-risk boys boating and maritime skills and imparting character in the context of vocational education.

The school

8. The therapeutic boarding school Clearview

The Clearview therapeutic boarding school for girls has been helping young women for 25 years to overcome difficult emotional issues such attachment disorders, attention deficit, eating disorders, anxiety, melancholy, self-destructive or antisocial behavior, and adoption-related problems. The institution offers assistance to girls experiencing emotional trauma.

Girls who are struggling in school due to ongoing emotional and behavioral problems can enroll in the middle school and high school at Clearview Therapeutic Boarding School, which are both fully accredited.

They use technology, and their curriculum is computer-based and run by fully staffed academic support staff and trained teachers. The kids’ emotional growth is encouraged while also meeting its unique academic requirements. They are experts in credit recovery and GPA restoration.

The school

9. Sainte Victoire International School

An IB Global School called SVIS – Sainte Victoire International School is located in the south of France, close to Aix-en-Provence. The school offers both the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and the Cambridge IGCSE exams. Children from kindergarten through high school graduation can take classes at SVIS. Children can achieve academic success in both French and English thanks to bilingual training that starts in primary schools.

The distance between the SVIS boarding house and the school’s entrance is 20 meters. This facility offers a first-rate living environment. Pupils maintain a healthy lifestyle, which helps them perform well in school. Each duplex has a private terrace with a view of the outside of the building. A maximum of two students may live in each duplex.

The school

10. Provence International Bilingual School

The diversity of its student body, according to the International Bilingual School of Provence, an independent coeducational school adjacent to Aix-en-Provence in the south of France, is what gives it an international flavor. Annual enrollment at the school, which has been open since 1984, is 950 students.

More than 75 different countries are represented by these pupils. In addition to the French students who make up 50% of the student body, IBS accepts students from five continents as boarding and day students who wish to pursue their studies in English, French, or both.

The school stands out because no one nation predominates in the international section and because they immediately make new pupils feel at home. The school offers both the French Baccalaureate and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and is committed to teaching students in both French and English. The school offers seven first languages in order to ensure that each student maintains his or her unique level of language skill.

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