How to Find Paid Work Abroad with Accommodation

How to Find Paid Work Abroad

The most important things to consider when travelling abroad is where you will base. Finding an apartment can feel like a lot of pressure, especially if you’re new to the city or just trying to get around. Great way to move your logistics abroad in one neat package.

How to Get paid work abroad with accommodation

Finding a job is not so easy now that paid jobs in overseas accommodation have become commoditized. There are some specific websites you can search for, but many of them are more niche. So here are some simple guidelines for finding paid work abroad with accommodation.

keep options open

First of all, you need to keep your options open. It’s hard to find anything if your requirements are very specific or specific. If you know you want to be a ski instructor, keep the place open and don’t set your mind on a particular ski resort.

On the other hand, if you’re stuck in a particular place, don’t limit yourself to just one type of role.

Check reviews and references

Many of the people and businesses that provide housing with paid work would have done so before. Sites like Workaway make it easy to see reviews from previous employees and the owners themselves.

If you can’t find company reviews online, ask for references from past employees.

Your work situation and accommodation choices are in their hands so you know they are legal and not scam you or leave you dry after you fly that far I want to know

Many paid accommodation providers know this question and are happy to help. Missing reviews or references can be red flags.

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Check conditions

As with any employment contract or lease, you need to review the documents and terms. Given that work is tied to life circumstances, you should be extra careful about what you sign up for. In particular, notice how easily you can get up and walk when you need to.

Also check if utilities are included or if a deposit must be paid in advance. All of these little things add up and can put a significant strain on your travel budget.

Paid work abroad with accommodation

As such, there are quite a few jobs and industries that offer paid jobs with accommodation. Don’t be too picky about your destination in particular, whether that means accommodation is included in the availability or a company can help you find decent accommodation in the area. If not, there are usually quite a few options to choose from.

1. ski instructor

First, there is a typical overseas job. Accommodation is usually included in the compensation package, or at least many recommendations for seasonal workers. This is true for many jobs at ski resorts, such as chefs, bartenders, and chalets.

Ski instructors can work anywhere in the world, but the most popular locations are the Alps, Canada, USA, Japan and New Zealand.

Clearly, ski resorts can be expensive and far away from other cities where accommodation can be found. This is one of the main reasons why many ski resort jobs include accommodation. As a rule, ski passes and possibly meals are included.

2. Au pair

If you’re looking for a place-guaranteed childcare job, consider becoming an au pair.

Childcare experience is definitely required, whether it’s babysitting, a college degree, or an extensive bibliography, but it’s a great way to live and work in another country without having to save a lot of money upfront. .

Today, au pairs are known for their very low salaries, but their spending is very limited. You live with your family, so you eat with them most of the time.

Depending on the deal, you can even take a family car or take your kids on a day trip to explore the local attractions.

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3. Workaway

Do you want to work at a hostel or winery, help build a vegan community, or help out with someone’s website? These are just a few of the thousands of different roles available on the Workaway platform. The overall ethos is that you can help someone or a business with whatever they need in exchange for accommodation.

Most of the gigs on this site are accommodation volunteers, but there are some positions on the site that offer additional pay beyond just accommodation. You don’t have to search hard when you’re there.

The site covers countries and cities around the world, and some even host multiple Workaways at once. So, if you are traveling as a couple or with friends, you have many different options.

4. pet care

Do you think you’re on good terms with your furry friend? As a certified pet sitter, you can easily stay in different cities and countries. Like the au pair life, the experience is everything. After all, you don’t want to leave your beloved pet with a stranger who doesn’t know how to care for them.

You can find many websites that help you connect with jet-set pet owners who are looking for someone responsible to stay home and take care of their animals. It can be a small dog, or it can be a full-blown small farm with chickens, goats, and everything in between. Make your choice!


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