The 6 Highest-Paying Non-Technical Jobs in Tech

Non-Technical Jobs in Tech

If you’re interested in a career in technology, it’s helpful to know that you don’t have to be an IT or programming expert to land a high-paying job in the industry. In fact, there are plenty of high-paying managerial, creative, and business-oriented jobs that don’t require you to master all the technical knowledge. So what are the highest-paid non-tech jobs in tech, and more importantly, what do they actually make?

Please note that the average salaries in this article are based on US averages. So if you work abroad, work remotely for a company based in another location, or work as a freelancer or consultant, this may be different for you.

So let’s find out what the next high-paying non-tech job is for engineers!

1. business relationship manager

Would you consider yourself a sociable person? That’s the key to this lucrative management position. Imagine an account manager at the highest level.

Responsibility for not only making sure the customer is satisfied, but also making sure that the customer pays on time, goes to the event they are asked to attend, and sells any products or services that the customer may need there is. There are many hats for this.

Your girlfriend’s day might consist of meeting with customers, writing sales and insight reports, reviewing team progress, or meeting with the product team about new developments.

National Average Salary: $61,368 per year

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2. Public Relations Specialist

If you can pull yourself out of a crisis, PR might be the industry for you. Essentially, it is the marketing and communications department that deals with the press and the general public.

When a new product or feature is announced, it’s your job to make sure the media and everyone knows about it.

If something bad happens, it’s up to you to do damage control. It can be a very stressful job, but if you love networking and problem solving, becoming a PR specialist is the ideal role.

National Average Salary: $60,122 per year

3. Market Research Manager

All companies, especially in the tech industry, want to test their products and know what people need long before they go on sale. This is where market research comes into play.

They research their target audience, find out their needs, how they want to use the product, and what their feedback is at later stages of development. It’s an interesting role because you need to know what motivates people and get them to open up about their experiences. It’s definitely a people-centric role, but it also requires analytical skills to write down findings in the product management team’s reports.

National Average Salary: $60,442 per year

4. Documentation Manager

Do you consider yourself the most organized person in every room you enter?Can you understand and classify documents like a pro? The document manager is responsible for organizing and storing all company documents. This includes legal documents, training guides, manuals, etc.

Work closely with communications and technical editors to train new hires on documentation standards and guidelines.

If your company is seeking certification, we can help you demonstrate why your company meets the required standards and provide the documentation and explanations to back it all up.

National Average Salary: $71,259 per year  

5. Manager

Consider the role of operations manager if you think you can handle all the company’s affairs on a day-to-day basis. As an operations manager, I basically make sure everything runs smoothly.

Hiring new team members, connecting with department heads, holding meetings with vendors and resellers, and more.

On a day-to-day level, this is the role of running the show and making sure everyone gets what they need to do their job right and successfully. This is no small feat, especially in a fast-paced industry like technology.

National Average Salary: $63,497 per year

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6. Social Media Strategist

Do you know why people love you, share, and subscribe to you? Becoming a Social Media Strategist is more than just creating content and gaining followers.

Responsible for planning and designing campaigns, coordinating branding, using reporting metrics to measure success and optimizing accordingly.

Each day can be a mix of different tasks: brainstorming creative campaigns, recruiting influencers and ambassadors, meeting advertisers, reaching out to product managers for new content and getting his insights. This is a tall order and will only grow under the influence of social media marketing.

National Average Salary: $60,205 per year 

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