Top 5 Reasons You Should Get A Canadian Visa

This blog post is intended to educate those that want to immigrate to Canada, thus, it contains the top 5 reasons you should get a Canadian visa

Getting a Canadian visa has never been easier. The rules governing Canadian visas have been relaxed in recent years, allowing more people to get Canadian visas and allowing them to do so much faster than they used to be able to.

Here are the top five reasons why you should get a Canadian visa now, rather than waiting or giving up on the idea 5 reasons you need a canadian visa

#1 Easier Border Crossings

In addition to making life easier, a Canadian visa also makes it easier to cross borders. While residents of Canada can enter over 160 countries without a visa, their U.S. counterparts need one for anything beyond 25 miles from our shared border (unless you’re going on a cruise). With your Canadian visa in hand, getting into Canada is like crossing state lines here; no questions asked and hassle-free access across provincial borders as well as international ones.  #2 Lower Cost of Living: Sure, Canada has its fair share of cities where rent is sky high.

But when compared to places like New York City and San Francisco, Canada seems downright affordable. And while we don’t know how much cheaper rent would be without Canadian visas in hand, what we do know is that groceries cost less in Canada than they do here

Especially if you buy them fresh from local farmers markets! Plus, Canadians pay lower taxes on everything from clothes to cars to cell phones – so even though everything costs more up north (just ask anyone who lives there!), most people still save money thanks to lower taxes alone.

#2 Getting Around Canada is Easy

If you’re from a country that doesn’t have a strong presence in Canada, like India or Indonesia, it can be difficult to make connections and navigate your way around when you first get there. A Canadian visa will make it much easier for you to travel and stay in touch with people—not to mention all of those small details that we take for granted every day (like not knowing which bank branch has an ATM).

Having a Canadian visa means having access to these things and more. Many cities, including Toronto, are increasingly mobile-enabled; if you have an unlocked phone, chances are that it will work just fine on local wireless networks.

But even if you don’t have a Canadian visa, many hotels offer free Wi-Fi now, so staying connected shouldn’t be too hard.


#3 Finding Work While Travelling is Easy

If you’re looking to travel on a budget, getting a Canadian visa is an excellent way to get work without leaving home.

As a citizen of Canada, you have access to work opportunities in over 100 countries around the world. Need convincing? Check out our list of five reasons why Canada’s best-kept travel secret is right for you. Canada is home to many exciting cities that boast beautiful landscapes and friendly people.

With so much culture and history surrounding it, Canada provides endless travel opportunities that are sure to delight your senses! From Alberta’s Rocky Mountains to Nova Scotia’s pristine coastline, Canada has something for everyone!

For Canadians who love travelling, a Canadian visa can help them see more of their own country while earning money abroad.

In fact, Canadians are able to secure jobs in places like Australia or New Zealand where other travellers may struggle with visas and expensive plane tickets! Who wouldn’t want to visit Australia’s sunny beaches while making money along the way?top 5 reasons you should get a canadian visa

#4 Experience Life in Canada First Hand

Living in Canada isn’t just about getting a new visa. It’s about experiencing Canadian culture and making new friends in your time of need. So you can rest assured knowing that when things don’t work out, you have a place to go home to Stay with Family or Friends during Your Transition: Most immigrants tend to stay with family or friends during their transition process, and most Canadian visas come with a certain amount of time for settling in period (up to three months). That way you can save money, get acclimated to your new surroundings, and build lasting relationships before moving on to your next destination.

Canada is Cheap!: Canada is one of the cheapest countries in which to live, especially if you’re coming from an expensive country like India or China. Thanks to low cost of living, food and housing are much more affordable than other developed countries around the world.

And even if you want something more luxurious, it won’t break your bank!  Canadian Visa Holders Can Work Legally: A Canadian visa grants you permission to legally work in Canada as long as it’s valid.

In fact, many people choose Canada because they know they’ll be able to find a job within weeks—and often times even days—of arrival!

#5 Access the World’s Number 1 Country – Canada

Canada is a gorgeous country in North America, and it’s also one of our closest allies. With both U.S. and Canadian citizens able to visit each other with a simple passport, there’s really no reason not to take advantage of that by traveling to Canada at least once in your life!

And did you know that if you have a Canadian visa, you can live and work there? There are some caveats here though, so make sure you read about them before applying for a Canadian visa.

Canada is still one of my favorite countries on Earth, so I’d highly recommend getting a Canadian visa if you’re interested in traveling or living abroad. 2. Travel Visa Canada Can Be Used For Multiple Entries: When you get a Canadian visa, it’s good for multiple entries into Canada within its six-month validity period (which can be extended), as long as you don’t stay more than 180 days out of every year.

This means that even if you spend two months in Canada after getting your Canadian visa, you could still go back to Canada another four times during its validity period! If staying more than 180 days isn’t an issue for you (such as if you’re planning on working there), then traveling with a Canadian visa is perfect.

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