Tomorrow’s Leaders: The James DiQuattro Law Scholarship


As a student pursuing a law degree, your future is filled with promise and possibility. While the path ahead is challenging, the opportunities for impact and service are enormous. To aid you on your journey, the Law Offices of James F. DiQuattro is pleased to offer the Lawyers of Tomorrow Scholarship. This annual award provides financial assistance to help offset the cost of law school for one deserving student.

Through this scholarship, we aim to support an aspiring lawyer who demonstrates strong leadership potential, a passion for justice, and a commitment to ethics. The legal profession depends on the dedication and integrity of its members to uphold the rule of law and protect the rights of citizens. We believe that supporting students of character and ability is an investment in a fair and just society for all.

If you are in your second or third year of law school and meet the eligibility criteria, we encourage you to apply for the Lawyers of Tomorrow Scholarship. This could be an opportunity to lighten your financial burden so you can focus on your studies and prepare to serve your community. The future is yours to shape – we look forward to supporting you on the journey.

The James DiQuattro Law Scholarship

Honoring James DiQuattro’s Legacy: The Lawyers of Tomorrow Scholarship

The James DiQuattro Law Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Attorney James F. DiQuattro to support aspiring lawyers. Each year, the fund awards two $5,000 scholarships to students entering their first year of law school in the Boston area.

To qualify for the Lawyers of Tomorrow Scholarship, applicants must demonstrate strong academic achievement, show leadership qualities and potential for success in the legal profession, and express an interest in public service or social justice work. The ideal candidates are students from disadvantaged backgrounds who have overcome significant obstacles to pursue a law degree.

The scholarship honors James DiQuattro’s lifelong dedication to mentoring new lawyers and his commitment to pro bono work and community service. Throughout his 40-year career, James DiQuattro was a champion for equal justice and opportunity. His law firm, the Law Offices of James F. DiQuattro, established the scholarship fund to continue his legacy by supporting future generations of ethical and community-minded attorneys.

The Lawyers of Tomorrow Scholarship is open to students who will attend Suffolk University Law School, Boston College Law School, or Northeastern University School of Law. Applicants should submit a personal essay discussing their interest in law and public service, a resume, undergraduate transcripts, and two letters of recommendation. The deadline to apply is May 1st for the fall semester.

For additional details and to apply online, visit the James DiQuattro Law Scholarship Fund website. The scholarship honors a legal legend while helping to shape the bright minds and kind hearts that will lead the legal profession into the future.

Eligibility and Application Requirements for the DiQuattro Scholarship

To be eligible for the DiQuattro Law Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:


You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident currently enrolled at an accredited 4-year college or university in the U.S.

Field of Study

You must be pursuing a Juris Doctor (JD) degree or a bachelor’s degree in a pre-law program. Students in all areas of legal study are encouraged to apply, including those interested in corporate law, family law, criminal law, environmental law, and beyond.

Academic Merit

You must be in good academic standing with a minimum 3.5 GPA. Strong candidates will demonstrate an aptitude for analytical and logical reasoning as well as effective communication skills.

Community Involvement

Preference will be given to applicants who show a commitment to community service and civic participation. Examples include volunteer work, community outreach programs, and extracurricular activities that have a positive impact.

Application Materials

To apply, you must submit the following:

  • A completed online application form
  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended
  • Two letters of recommendation from professors who can speak to your abilities and potential as a future lawyer
  • A 500-word essay on your goals and motivations for becoming an attorney

The application deadline is March 15. Scholarship recipients will be announced in May. For more details and to apply, visit the James F. DiQuattro Law Scholarship website. This prestigious award provides up to $25,000 per year for law school. Don’t miss this opportunity to fund your legal education!

Tips for Writing a Strong Scholarship Essay and Application

To submit a compelling scholarship application, follow these tips for crafting your essay:

Focus on Your Strengths and Qualifications

Highlight your relevant experiences, skills, and accomplishments that make you an ideal candidate for the scholarship. Explain how these qualifications will contribute to your success in your program of study. Provide concrete examples and quantifiable results when possible.

Establish Your Need for the Scholarship

Briefly discuss your financial situation and how the scholarship will help make your education affordable and accessible. Explain the difference it will make in your ability to pursue your goals. Keep this discussion concise while conveying your genuine need for financial support.

Share Your Goals and Aspirations

Discuss your short-term and long-term goals, and how the scholarship and your education will help you achieve them. Explain the impact you hope to make on society through your chosen career path. The scholarship committee wants to invest in students with vision and purpose.

Follow All Instructions Carefully

Pay close attention to length, formatting, and submission guidelines. Submit all requested materials like transcripts, letters of recommendation, and supporting documentation. Carefully proofread your essay for any errors before submitting. Your ability to follow instructions demonstrates your potential for success.

Be Authentic and Memorable

Help the reviewers get a sense of who you are through your genuine and memorable essay. Discuss challenges you have overcome and lessons you have learned. Share your passions and what motivates you. A compelling personal story will make a lasting impression.

With thoughtful preparation and by following these tips, you can craft a persuasive scholarship application and essay to help make your educational dreams a reality. Best of luck!

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Your future is bright, and the Law Offices of James F. DiQuattro wants to help you achieve your goals. The James DiQuattro Law Scholarship provides an opportunity for exceptional students to receive funding and mentorship to pursue a law degree. As a scholarship recipient, you will gain valuable experience, networking opportunities, and financial support to become a leader in the legal field of tomorrow. The application process allows you to reflect on your passions and career ambitions. It is a chance to articulate your vision for the future and how you will use your law degree to serve others. If you are a driven, community-minded student looking to make a difference, this scholarship can help open doors to your dream career. The leaders of tomorrow are out there—and the Law Offices of James F. DiQuattro wants to invest in your success. Seize this opportunity and take the first step to becoming the attorney you aspire to be. The future is yours to shape.

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