Top 10 Scholarships for Left-handed People

Scholarships for Left-handed People

Scholarships for Left-Handers: You might not be aware that being a “southpaw” permits you to have some school fees covered. There are scholarships particularly made for lefties, with possibly only a few more requirements you must complete.

Consider some crucial information regarding those left-handed scholarships as well as some concepts for general scholarships. This information will ensure that you are aware of all the financial assistance choices available to you when you are ready to continue your education, regardless of which hand you use to complete your applications.

How to Improve Your Chances of Receiving a Scholarship

You can significantly improve your chances of receiving a scholarship by doing two things. Like with left-handed scholarships, read the instructions on scholarship applications well before the deadline. This way, it won’t be too late for your kid to enhance their volunteer work if you find out that a $5,000 academic award prefers bassoonists with a lot of service experience (or take bassoon lessons).

The other is to adopt a broad perspective, calculate your expected family contribution by filling out the FAFSA as soon as you can, and then figure out what kinds of awards will enable you to attend college for the following year. Then, make sure you are familiar with their scholarship deferment and re-application regulations. If you are unsure about next year, focus your attention on larger awards and those that can be deferred.

In order to encourage left-handed students to keep their creative spirits while exerting great effort to pursue their education, a large portion of the awards on our list of left-handed scholarships were developed expressly for them.

The scholarships and awards for left-handed people listed below are all provided by different colleges, institutions, charities, and groups.

The juniors or seniors in high school, sophomores, graduates, or undergraduate students are the targeted recipients of this grant for left-handed students in 2022. The scholarship offers the following so that recipients can select their program of study:

Go through the list of scholarships for left-handed students in 2022 that we diligently gathered to determine if you qualify and how to apply.

1. AAST Grants for Medical Students

Students who are left-handed can apply for $500 in scholarships from AAST Medical Student Grants. The American Society for the Surgery of Trauma is accepting applications from medical students who attended their annual meeting.

The American Dissertation Scholarships website offers left-handed students the chance to apply for a dissertation scholarship. Left-handed students might use this to make a little additional cash while doing their dissertation. Students must have finished all prerequisite coursework, had their dissertation proposal approved, and earned all necessary grades. All kids interested in STEM are encouraged to apply.

2. James River Church Scholarship for Left-Handers

The Left-Handed Scholarship, worth $500, is offered by The James River Church (JRC) in partnership with Evangel University to lefties who choose to pursue an associate degree in leadership from the James River Church campus. A portfolio of the applicant’s drawings, paintings, photographs, or other works of art is required as part of the application materials, along with a 500-word essay describing the applicant’s left-handedness. Throughout the course of the four semesters, the scholarship money is distributed.

3. The Heineken USA Scholarship for Performing Arts

The $3000 Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation is only open to African Americans pursuing bachelor’s degrees in theater, music, opera, theatre, and other allied performing arts.

The grant is only available to Americans enrolled full-time in universities with approved programs. Candidates must also have a strong sense of leadership and academic excellence, with a minimum GPA of 2.5. They should be prepared to submit a brief video presentation along with their application.

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4. The Fund for the Andrew Macrina Scholarship

The American Culinary Federation offers the $2500 Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund. Only left-handed seniors who have been admitted to pursue pastry or culinary arts at their choice recognized college are eligible for the scholarship.

Applicants must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and have previously competed in culinary competitions. They also need to have a history of volunteering and a commitment to joining the American Culinary Federation as an apprentice. A minimum of two references are required, and they must have shown a commitment to their job as aspiring pastry or food chefs.

5. The Scholarship Program of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation Scholarship Program has been open to women and persons of color who want to study computer science or video game creation since it was created in 2007. About 30 scholarships totaling $3,000 each are awarded each year. Applicants must be US citizens, possess a least 2.75 GPA in college, and have good technical and creative skills.

6. The Attorneys Plus Southpaw Award

The Attorneys Plus Southpaw Scholarship provides $1500 to full-time left-handed students attending an authorized US university. Every applicant is required to submit a brief, one- or two-minute video outlining how going left-handed has affected their lives in general and their school experiences in particular. We evaluate submissions and applications based on their originality, excellence, enthusiasm, and humor.

7. Vicki L. Schechtman Award

The Vicki L. Schechtman Scholarship is available to female undergraduates who are left-handed. To be eligible, students must want to pursue a science degree. Research-related careers will also be prioritized for students. You must be a freshman in order to be eligible for this award. Students need to be US citizens and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

8. The National Scholarships of The James Beard Foundation

The James Beard Foundation National Scholarship is one of the most beneficial awards if you wish to pursue a career in the culinary arts. This scholarship offers around $20,000 per year to students enrolling in degree programs in food science, agriculture, hotel management, and other related subjects at authorized universities in the United States. The winners are chosen from several different national geographic regions. They choose individuals based on their academic potential, professional objectives, previously exhibited leadership abilities, and even their record of volunteer activity.

9. Scholarship from Comcast Leaders and Achievers

The Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship is available to left-handed volunteers in the community and is worth $1,000. Candidates must be enrolled full-time in high school and live in a Comcast-served community.

You must be nominated by a teacher or academic advisor, have leadership qualities, and have plans to enroll in a recognized nonprofit institution. Furthermore necessary is a GPA of at least 2.8.

Students in the Philadelphia area can also apply for the $5,000 Gustave G. Amsterdam Leadership Award.

10. Left-Handed Scholarship from the MCRA Foundation

If you’re a left-handed person who wants to major in a trade or has an interest in engineering, construction, metallurgy, industrial design, or materials sciences, the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) Left-Handed Scholarship may be accessible to you.

The Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) Left-Handed Scholarship is open to left-handed students who want to enroll in any trade-related course. Each pupil will be given a scholarship in the range between $500 and $3000.

The following requirements must be met by candidates: they must be citizens of the United States, enrolled full-time in an authorized college or technical trade school, maintaining a 3.0 GPA, and having some prior job experience in the building trades or a closely related industry.


How numerous are left-handed people?

According to study, ten to twelve percent of persons on the planet are left-handed. Even though it might occasionally be difficult to use right-handed scissors, being left-handed is fantastic for many reasons.

Is a left hand impairment the only left hand?

The disadvantages of having a left hand are evident. Being left-handed, however, does not count as a disability. The Social Security Administration maintains a list of all conditions that qualify as disabilities. This directory is known as the “Blue Book”.

Do lefties earn more money?

Using these statistics, he contrasts righties and lefties in a range of domains, including cognitive ability, disabilities, as well as education, occupation, and incomes. He discovered that lefties in the US made, on average, $1,300 less per year than righties.

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