King Scholars Program at Dartmouth College for International Students

King Scholars Program

The King Scholars Program at Dartmouth College provides financial aid to low-income students from developing nations who desire to fight poverty in their home nations. At Dartmouth, King Scholars receive four-year scholarships as well as intensive leadership development and mentoring. The King Scholar Program prepares today’s brightest young minds from underdeveloped nations to lead the fight against global poverty in the future. They use the alumnK Ji network of Dartmouth to address poverty issues once they have graduated.

The program offers participants an engaging, all-encompassing academic experience, going much beyond a typical scholarship. Students have the strong backing of Dartmouth College and King Philanthropies to successfully manage the challenges of a multicultural campus environment.

Important program elements like academic and one-on-one mentoring, leadership development, access to internship opportunities, and connections to international leaders in the field of poverty alleviation offer the framework for King Scholars to flourish.

The Dartmouth College King Scholars Program was established in 2012. A total of twenty-four outstanding young people are supported by the program each year thanks to a $36 million donation from King Philanthropies.

In Hanover, New Hampshire, there is a private Ivy League research university called Dartmouth College. It was established in 1769 by Eleazar Wheelock, making it the ninth-oldest college or university in the country and one of the nine colonial schools that were authorized before the American Revolution.

Level and Study Subject

International students from developing nations who plan to complete their bachelor’s degree at Dartmouth College are eligible for the award.

Hosting Country

Dartmouth College is happy to host this scholarship as a little effort to support underdeveloped nations around the world.

Student candidates for the King Scholars Program should be:

  • They participate actively in local affairs.
  • Committed to achieving positive change
  • Committed to eradicating poverty in their home countries
  • Able to succeed in a prestigious US university
  • They have the motivation to excel at everything they undertake.
  • Language ability

The Dartmouth College King Scholars Program deadline has passed.

The scholarship will no longer accept applications as of January 1, 2023.

Procedure for applying to the King Scholars Program

All qualified international applicants for the King Leadership Scholar program will have their applications evaluated by Dartmouth. There is only The Common Application, which each applicant must submit.

A second recommendation from a mentor, teacher, advisor, community leader, friend, or clergy person should also be submitted through the Suggest a Scholar site by applicants to Dartmouth who are interested in the King Leadership Scholar program.

Scholarship Prize

Scholarships for Dartmouth in full

King Scholars receive four years of tuition-free attendance at Dartmouth, as do their families. It also includes annual travel between Dartmouth and the student’s home country, a new computer the first year, and health insurance.

Strong Assistance

For the course of their time at Dartmouth and to help with the transition to college, King Scholars receive pre-orientation support, academic mentoring, and other services. A part of the King Scholars program that involves all students is the First Year Student Enrichment Program, a demanding experience that prepares students to handle many of the challenges they will face throughout their first year. They are a part of a tight-knit group of scholars and students who help one another out.

Regarding the Sponsor

Bob King graduated from Dartmouth as an undergraduate in 1957 and from Stanford as an MBA in 1960. He established Peninsula Capital and R. Eliot King & Associates Inc., two venture capital firms with offices in Menlo Park, California. The Kings formed the Stanford Center for Innovation in Developing Economies in 2011 after establishing the Thrive Foundation for Children in 1995 to help children in underprivileged communities reach their full potential.

Bob and Dottie created the King Scholars Leadership Program in 2013 in association with Dartmouth College for bright students from South America, Africa, and Asia.

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