Every year, millions of students tries to get into International colleges. They all face one challenge; which is how expensive it is. So because of how expensive it is, most students don’t bother to apply for these international colleges.

Although these colleges are expensive, studying in them comes with a lot of benefits like; having better job opportunities, a better education, learning new things and you’ll also go through professional developments.

Also, even if going to these colleges as an international student is expensive, there’s a way. That way, is through international scholarships.


An international scholarship is a way of rendering financial assistance to a student who has met up all the requirements of a particular college. This international scholarship is given by the college which the student applied for. The scholarship might be partial or full.
NOTE: Not only colleges give international scholarship, organizations and foundations do too. This now leads us to the question;
Every college, doesn’t have specific requirements in order to give scholarship to international students. All colleges basically has the same requirements which are:
1) How fluent are you in speaking English.
2) Academic excellence.
3) The college you chose.

1) How fluent are you in speaking English: Most colleges that English is their basic or main language, they’ll always be on the lookout for international students who writes and speaks English fluently.

The more fluent you are in writing and speaking English, the better your chances of getting that international scholarship.

Academic excellence: This is the most important and the first thing that’ll be checked. You might be wondering why, here’s why. Every college wants to assist individuals financially who are very bright. So it’s important that you’ve been doing excellently in your academics.

No college will want to support any student who has a bad academic record financially. So you have to make sure that you’ve been doing well and still doing well or excellently in your academics. So remember, a good academic record is a ticket to getting an international scholarship.


The college you chose: Some persons might be wondering how this will make me get an international scholarship. Now, imagine going to a college that doesn’t have any provision of an international scholarship. How then will you get an international scholarship.

So it’s important that the college you want to go to must have a provision for an international scholarship, because you can’t apply for something which you know can’t be given. So don’t waste your time! Choose your college which gives or has a provision for international scholarship.

Can I apply for an international scholarship and a loyalty bursary?

  • Yes, you will still be eligible to apply for one of our loyalty bursaries. You will find all necessary information and the application form on My Kingston (the University’s intranet) after enrolment.

Can I apply for a scholarship and a faculty scholarship?

  • Yes, you can apply for more than one Kingston University scholarship. If you are awarded more than one Kingston University scholarship, you will only be able to accept one Kingston University scholarship.

Can I apply for a scholarship and an external scholarship?

  • Yes, if you are awarded a scholarship from Kingston University, this may be combined with an externally awarded scholarship as well.

How is the scholarship discounted from my fees?

  • If you are paying by instalments you will receive the £5,000 deduction on your last instalment. If you are paying your full tuition fees in advance, you should deduct the £5,000 from your total fees (e.g. if your fees are £13,500 and you are awarded a £5,000 scholarship, you should pay £8,500).

Can I apply without a final transcript?

  • Yes you may still apply, you just need to provide your most recent transcript.

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