Canada breaks record by welcoming over 550,000 new international students in 2022

Canada breaks record

Canada broke its own record by hosting more than 550,000 international students from 184 countries in 2022. The number of student permits issued has increased in recent years, with 444,260 new student permits going into effect in 2021, up from 400,600 in 2019, and an increase in 2022 compared to 2021. A further 107,145 student permits were activated. Number of international students studying in Canada from 637,860 in 2019 to 617,315 in 2021 and up to 807,750 active international students by December 31, 2022. China, Philippines, France, Nigeria, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Brazil.

Why is Canada so popular with international students?

Canada is a popular destination for international students due to its excellent educational quality, low costs, job search and post-graduation immigration opportunities. Canadian institutions are highly regarded around the world and many are ranked among the most prestigious schools internationally. A more favorable Canadian dollar exchange rate and several financial assistance programs make it easier for international students to pursue post-secondary education. In Canada, international students can obtain a Postgraduate Work Permit (PGWP) upon completion of their studies, increasing employment opportunities. Employment rates for Canada’s international graduates are also high, with an average employment rate of 73% for graduates of all education levels. In addition, Canada offers international students post-graduation immigration opportunities. This is one of the reasons why Canada remains a top destination for international students around the world.

International students in Canada

International students in Canada attend designated institutions of study in various provinces, with Ontario (411,000 students) having the highest number, followed by British Columbia (164,000 students), Quebec (93,000 students), Alberta ( 43,000 students), Manitoba (22,000 students), Nova Scotia (20,850 students), Saskatchewan (13,135 students), New Brunswick (11,140 students), Newfoundland and Labrador (6,175 students) ), and Prince Edward Island (4,485 students).

Benefits of studying in Canada

Studying in Canada offers many advantages for international students. Canada is not only a safe and welcoming country, but also offers quality education and diverse cultural experiences. Canadian universities offer a wide range of programs and courses that offer a wide range of academic opportunities for international students. Additionally, Canadian educational institutions have a long history of hosting international students and providing support services that help international students adjust to the country’s academic and social environment. Canada’s reputation as a safe and tolerant country also makes it an attractive destination for international students.

Post-Graduation Immigration Opportunities

Canada’s student-friendly policies continue after graduation, with numerous programs designed to help international students transition to permanent residence. The Canadian government recognizes the value of international students to the country’s economy and prioritizes programs that make it easy for international students to stay and contribute to the country’s workforce.

One such program is the Express Entry system, introduced in 2015 to manage permanent residency applications for economic migrants. The program ranks candidates using a points system that considers factors such as age, education, language proficiency, and work experience. International graduates who complete a Canadian higher education program earn additional credits. This greatly increases your chances of being invited to apply for permanent residency.

Another program that helps international students is the Provincial Candidate Program (PNP), which allows states and territories to nominate individuals with the necessary skills and experience to meet specific job market needs. Many states have created special streams for international graduates within the PNP to make it easier for them to obtain permanent residency and stay in the state where they studied and put down roots.

The popularity of these programs among international students is reflected in the numbers. In 2022, over 53,000 international graduates transitioned to permanent residency through the Canada Experience Class program, and many more took advantage of other immigration programs. These figures demonstrate the attractiveness of Canada’s immigration policy and the opportunities for international students who choose to study in this country.

Impact on the Canadian economy

The increasing number of international students in Canada is having a positive impact not only on the education sector, but also on the country’s economy as a whole. International students make a significant contribution to Canada’s economy through both tuition and living costs.

International students contributed more than $22 billion to Canada’s economy in 2019, making it her fourth-largest source of export revenue in the country, according to a Global Affairs Canada report. This economic impact has increased in recent years as more and more international students choose Canada as their study destination.

In addition to their direct economic contribution, international students bring diversity and cultural richness to Canadian communities. You will help build a more vibrant and globally connected society that benefits all Canadians.

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