How to Travel To Dubai from Nigeria


Dubai is a city within the United Arab Emirate, an actual stunning country indeed abounding in opportunities for Nigerians.  The town is undoubtedly a hyper-modern sort of city.

Truth is it is among the most visited cities on this planet. In case you are a Nigerian interested in traveling to Dubai, you have come to the right source of information.

There may be not much stress associated with traveling to Dubai as a Nigerian. Dubai visa will not be difficult to acquire from Nigeria. You’ll be able to travel to the city on business, on tourism or on go to.

Before ever making use of for Dubai visa, you have to get hold of a Nigerian international passport.

The passport should even be legitimate for minimal of three months from the date you’ll arrive at Dubai, offered your keep is not going to exceed 3 months.

In case your stay will exceed 3 months then again, your visa have to be valid for minimal of 6 months from the date of entry.

You’ll be able to apply very easily for the Nigerian immigration passport on the nearest immigration office in your state or city.

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There are different types of Dubai visa you can apply for as a Nigerian. They’re highlighted below:

  • 96-hour visa: This visa is legitimate for 96 hours or four days. It can’t be prolonged afterwards. It’s best for those in transit and will simply be staying temporarily at Dubai.
    Passport will need to have minimum of three months expiry before you can qualify for this visa.
  • Tourist visa: This is legitimate for 30 days maximum. It may be prolonged for another 30 days after paying a sure sum of money.
  • Visit visa:  This one is valid for 90 days most and it can’t be prolonged.  If you are visiting Dubai for business purpose or you’re coming to visit your family in Dubai, this is the best for you.


  • Your Nigerian international passport
  • Photocopies of your passport and ID Card.
  • Properly filled visa application form. The form must be filled in block letters and it should bear your signature.
  • Copy of your confirmed intinery, like your round trip ticket. You might be refused entry once you get to the airport if you do to have your return ticket with you.
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof of your financial status; present copy of your most up-to-date bank statement.
  • Letter provided by employer indicating that the company has granted you leave from work and also indicating that you’ll return to your work once you get back to Nigeria.
    A duplicate of your tax documents and business registration have to be included within the event you’re a self-employed person. This is particularly for tourists.
  • Letter of invitation from host for these traveling to Dubai on visit.
  • Copy of hotel reservation.

Requirements for the UAE eVisa for Nigerian Nationals

We recommend reading through the visa requirements for Nigerian citizens before submitting their application form.

The Ministry of the Interior of the UAE lists the following conditions Nigerians should meet to request the UAE electronic visa:

  • Possess a passport issued by the Nigerian government and legitimate for 180 days on their arrival date in the UAE
  • Present an electronic picture of their passport’s info page
  • Provide a personal {photograph} of the applicant in color
  • Use a debit or credit card to pay the eVisa processing fee
  • Submit their eVisa petition with an e-mail account frequently accessed

Nigerian residents should take into account the validity of their passports before initiating their eVisa form.

If the expiration date is sooner than 6 months on their arrival date within the UAE, we request renewing their passport first.

Since the whole application process is on-line, we recommend submitting the eVisa with an e-mail that’s accessible and that the digital photographs required are of readable quality.

They need to also ensure the bank card they are going to use for payment is activated for online funds.

Nigerians planning to go to the UAE with their families should notice that they will include their dependents (spouse, children, or family over 60) in a joint eVisa form.

They must present additional documentation comparable to their marriage and birth certificates.

To conclude, nationals from Nigeria will need to have their travel plans ready before applying for the eVisa. This consists of having their flight number and arrival date obtainable during their petition.

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You’ll be able to apply via a UAE resident, a journey agent or a tour company


The amount you pay for visa is determined by the kind of visa.


The interval it requires to process visa is determined by Dubai immigration approval and the type of visa. Usually, visa processing doesn’t require more than eight days.

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