Hotels Front Desk Agent

Position: Hotels Front Desk Agent – Full-Time Seasonal

Location: Big White Ski Resort, Kelowna, BC, Canada

Job Description: Hotels Front Desk Agent

As a Hotels Front Desk Agent at Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna, BC, you will play a crucial role in providing exceptional customer service to guests during the winter season. This is a full-time seasonal position, primarily operating during the ski season when the resort experiences high guest traffic. You will be responsible for ensuring that guests have a seamless and enjoyable stay by assisting them with check-in and check-out procedures, answering inquiries, and providing general information about the resort and its amenities.

Hotels Front Desk Agent


  • Check-In/Check-Out: Greet guests upon arrival, verify reservations, issue room keys, and process payments accurately and efficiently. Ensure smooth check-out procedures by settling any outstanding bills and providing guests with a positive departure experience.
  • Guest Services: Provide excellent customer service by promptly responding to guest inquiries, requests, and concerns. Assist guests with information on resort services, facilities, and local attractions. Address and resolve guest complaints or escalate them to the appropriate department.
  • Reservation Management: Handle guest reservations over the phone, via email, or in person. Maintain accurate records of bookings, cancellations, and modifications. Coordinate with housekeeping and maintenance departments to ensure rooms are ready for guest arrivals.
  • Cash Handling: Handle cash, credit card transactions, and accurately balance the cash drawer at the beginning and end of each shift. Follow proper accounting procedures and ensure that guest payments are processed securely.
  • Administrative Duties: Maintain a clean and organized front desk area. Prepare and distribute necessary reports, such as occupancy and revenue reports, to the management team. Assist in administrative tasks, including filing, data entry, and record-keeping.
  • Safety and Security: Follow established security protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of guests and staff. Monitor the lobby area and report any suspicious activities or safety hazards to the appropriate personnel.

Requirements:Hotels Front Desk Agent

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Previous customer service experience, preferably in a hospitality or front desk role.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Strong problem-solving abilities and the ability to handle difficult situations calmly and professionally.
  • Proficiency in using computer systems, including reservation and hotel management software.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Flexibility to work shifts, including weekends, holidays, and evenings, as per the resort’s operational needs.

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Working at Big White Ski Resort:

Big White Ski Resort is one of Canada’s premier ski destinations, known for its incredible snow conditions and stunning mountain views. As a member of the resort’s hospitality team, you will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and welcoming environment. Benefits may include staff accommodations, discounted ski passes, access to resort amenities, and opportunities for career growth within the hospitality industry.

If you have a passion for providing exceptional customer service, enjoy working in a team-oriented environment, and are excited about the winter season, this Hotels Front Desk Agent position at Big White Ski Resort could be an excellent opportunity for you to contribute to creating memorable guest experiences.

Report to:

A Hotels Front Desk Agent at Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna, BC, Canada, typically reports to the Front Desk Manager or Front Office Manager. The Front Desk Manager or Front Office Manager is responsible for overseeing the operations of the front desk and ensuring that guests receive exceptional service throughout their stay. They are in charge of managing the front desk staff, coordinating check-in and check-out procedures, resolving guest issues, and maintaining effective communication with other departments within the hotel or resort.

The Front Desk Manager or Front Office Manager provides guidance, support, and supervision to the Front Desk Agents to ensure smooth daily operations and a positive guest experience.

Physically demands:

The physical demands of a Hotels Front Desk Agent at Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna, BC, Canada, generally involve a combination of sedentary work and some moderate physical activity. Here are some examples of the physical demands that may be associated with the position:

  • Prolonged Standing: Front Desk Agents are typically required to spend a significant portion of their shift standing at the front desk or in the lobby area, assisting guests and performing check-in/check-out procedures.
  • Walking and Mobility: Front Desk Agents may need to move around the front desk area, walk guests to their rooms, or accompany them to different areas of the hotel or resort. This requires mobility and the ability to walk for extended periods.
  • Lifting and Carrying: While not typically heavy, Front Desk Agents may need to lift and carry items such as guest luggage or packages. This could involve lifting weights of up to 20-30 pounds (9-14 kilograms) on occasion.
  • Computer and Equipment Usage: Front Desk Agents frequently use computers, keyboards, telephones, and other office equipment to process reservations, check-in guests, and perform administrative tasks. This requires manual dexterity and the ability to operate equipment for extended periods.
  • Communication and Interaction: Front Desk Agents interact with guests, coworkers, and other staff members on a regular basis. Effective communication skills, both verbal and written, are necessary for providing excellent customer service and resolving guest inquiries or issues.

It’s important to note that the specific physical demands may vary depending on the policies and procedures of the individual hotel or resort. Additionally, the physical demands may differ during busy periods when the resort experiences high guest traffic.

It’s always recommended to review the job description and consult with the employer for detailed information on the physical demands of the position.

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