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Job Location Belleville

Job Description

Our Belleville manufacturing facility is looking for highly motivated, reliable and flexible individuals, committed to total safety and quality, to become part of our diverse operations team. we. Technicians must learn to operate, adjust, change and maintain high-speed equipment on a rotating work schedule. These entry-level positions require strong troubleshooting skills, the ability to solve complex problems, and analyze data using computer systems. Technicians must be able to work well as individuals and as members of independent work teams, managing multiple priorities in a constantly changing environment. Strong interpersonal skills and effective written and verbal communication skills are essential. Applicants must also be willing to complete forklift training as forklift operation (after training) is required for this position.

Plant technicians receive competitive wages with a starting salary of $25.45 and a shift premium of $3.20. This position includes a retirement investment plan, comprehensive benefits package and a voluntary stock program tailored to the company. Business hours are:
7 days/12 hours, day and night; spin quickly; receive an average of 42 hours/week.

Belleville Manufacturing Plant

Job Qualifications

  • Applicants must have an education of at least grade 12 or equivalent.
  • Post-secondary training and/or related mechanical/electrical experience are definite assets.
  • Be sure to include detailed education and work experience in your resume.
  • Willing to work 12-hour shifts in quick rotation.
  • Must have a valid Ontario G2 driver’s license or higher
  • Employment opportunities will depend on the results of background checks and medical examinations.
  • Experience:
    • Previous experience in manufacturing or a related field.
    • Supervisory or management experience for leadership roles.
  • Skills and Competencies:
    • Proficiency in operating machinery and equipment.
    • Quality control and inspection skills.
    • Knowledge of safety procedures and protocols.
    • Problem-solving and troubleshooting abilities.

Please note that specific qualifications may vary depending on the role within the manufacturing plant, such as production worker, machine operator, quality control inspector, supervisor or engineer. It is important to refer to job postings or job descriptions provided by the Belleville manufacturing plant or contact their human resources department for specific information about the qualifications for the positions you are applying for. care about.

Advantage of Belleville Manufacturing Plant

Preferences of fabricating plants in common can incorporate:

  • Work Creation: Fabricating plants frequently give work openings for the nearby community, contributing to work and financial development.
  • Financial Affect: Fabricating plants can fortify financial development by expanding generation, contributing to neighborhood assess income, and supporting providers and related businesses.
  • Development: Numerous fabricating plants center on investigate and advancement, driving to innovative progressions and developments in their individual businesses.
  • Infrastructure Advancement: The nearness of a fabricating plant can lead to advancements in nearby foundation, counting streets, utilities, and transportation systems.
  • Sustainability: Numerous cutting edge fabricating plants center on sustainable and naturally neighborly hones, decreasing their natural impression.

It would be ideal if you note that the particular advantages of a “Belleville Fabricating Plant” would depend on its special characteristics, industry, and its part inside the community. For exact data approximately the focal points of this particular fabricating plant, you’d got to counsel with the plant’s administration or look for out neighborhood assets and reports.

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How to Apply:

On the off chance that your abilities coordinate our prerequisites, you’ll be inquired to total two online appraisals. Applications are checked on on a rolling premise, so it would be ideal if you apply as before long as conceivable.

Sponsorship for work authorization isn’t accessible for this part. It is the applicant’s duty to ensure they are authorized to work within the area to which they apply.

We are an break even with opportunity manager and esteem differences at our company.

If you require a inability related settlement in arrange to take part within the enrollment prepare, if you don’t mind tap here to yield your ask.

Job Schedule: Full time

Job Number:  R000084616

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