AUSTRALIA 10 Indigenous Studies, Study Abroad Scholarships in New Zealand

Scholarships for Indigenous Studies: Given its rich history and ongoing interactions with indigenous peoples, New Zealand is a particularly alluring location for Indigenous Studies students.

I’ll discuss the value of studying Indigenous Studies abroad in this article, along with a list of 10 scholarships available for this discipline in New Zealand. The Value of International Indigenous Studies Study For academics from all fields, studying abroad is a priceless opportunity, but Indigenous Studies students need it most.

A wide number of disciplines, including anthropology, history, literature, and political science, are all used in the extremely interdisciplinary topic of indigenous studies.

Indigenous Studies academics can better comprehend these fields in a global context and interact with communities and scholars from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives by studying overseas. For academics interested in Indigenous Studies, New Zealand in particular is the perfect location.

The nation’s interactions with indigenous peoples have a long and complicated history, but in recent years, it has made tremendous progress in recognizing and upholding the rights and customs of these communities.

Scholars of Indigenous Studies

who study in New Zealand can contribute to ongoing discussions and debates about the place of indigenous knowledge and perspectives in the public and academic spheres as well as gain firsthand knowledge of the difficulties and opportunities that indigenous peoples currently face.

Overview of Indigenous Studies Scholarships for International Study in New Zealand

There are numerous scholarships available to assist Indigenous Studies scholars who want to pursue their studies in New Zealand, despite the fact that studying overseas might be expensive.

Various institutions, including universities, governmental bodies, and private foundations give these scholarships, which are intended to help students at all stages of their academic careers, from undergraduate to postdoctoral. Indigenous Studies study abroad scholarships in New Zealand come in a variety of funding levels, eligibility requirements, and application procedures.

While some scholarships are solely available to students from certain nations or regions, others are available to students from all over the world. Additionally, some scholarships are designed to aid in certain fields of research or study, such community service or the revitalization of a language.

10 Indigenous Studies Study Abroad Scholarships in New Zealand

1. The Fulbright-Ng Pae o te Mramatanga Graduate Award :

is a fellowship that encourages graduate-level study in any area connected to Mori development, culture, language, or society. It is provided by the Fulbright program in collaboration with Ng Pae o te Mramatanga.

2. The New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship :

Offers assistance to foreign doctoral candidates who wish to pursue studies at a New Zealand university in any subject, including Indigenous Studies.

3. The Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship for Indigenous Masters Students at Victoria University of Wellington:

Indigenous students pursuing a Master’s degree in any discipline are supported by this scholarship provided by Victoria University of Wellington.

4. Scholarships for New Zealand Development:

The New Zealand government provides these scholarships to encourage students from underdeveloped nations to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees in New Zealand, notably in areas relevant to Indigenous Studies. 

5. The Scholarship for New Zealand Pacific:

This scholarship, which is also provided by the New Zealand government, helps Pacific island students enroll in undergraduate or graduate programs in New Zealand.

6. Postgraduate Rose Hellaby Scholarship:

The Rose Hellaby Trust is providing this scholarship to support postgraduate study in Indigenous Studies and any other New Zealand-related topic.

7. The International Student Excellence Scholarship at the University of Auckland:

This grant is available to international students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs at the University of Auckland in any subject, including Indigenous Studies.

8. The Doctoral Scholarship at the University of Waikato:

This fellowship is available to PhD candidates in Indigenous Studies at the University of Waikato.

9. The 28th (Mori) Battalion and Ngrimu VC Memorial Scholarships :

The Ministry of Education provides these scholarships to help Mori students pursuing undergraduate or graduate education in any discipline, with a priority for those pertaining to Mori development or culture.

10. The Mori and Pacific Scholarship from the Te Piringa School of Law:

Mori or Pacific Islander students pursuing undergraduate or graduate legal studies are supported by this scholarship provided by the University of Waikato Faculty of Law.

How to Apply for Scholarships

Depending on the scholarship, the application procedure for scholarships for Indigenous Studies study abroad in New Zealand varies. While some scholarships demand for a separate application, others are taken into account when applicants submit an application for admission to a New Zealand university.

In general, since certain scholarships have early application deadlines, students should start the application process well in advance of their chosen study abroad time.

Students should carefully read the eligibility requirements and application requirements before applying for scholarships, and they should be sure to submit all required paperwork, including transcripts and letters of recommendation.

Students should also be ready to explain their research interests and objectives and show that they are dedicated to expanding knowledge and comprehension in the subject of Indigenous Studies.

Guidelines for Securing Scholarships

The competition for scholarships to study Indigenous Studies in New Zealand can be fierce, but there are a few tactics students can employ to improve their chances of success. These consist of: Finding the scholarships that are the perfect match for your interests and capabilities requires comprehensive research done early on.

establishing trusting connections with academic advisors and other mentors who can offer direction and assistance during the application process. creating a concise and persuasive research proposal that highlights your knowledge of and enthusiasm for Indigenous Studies and details the possible contributions your study could bring to the discipline.

showcasing a solid academic record as well as a dedication to social justice and community involvement. putting together a great and professional application that includes well-written essays and a captivating personal statement that demonstrates your driving forces and objectives.


Indigenous Studies study abroad in New Zealand is a fantastic opportunity for academics of all levels, and there are numerous scholarships offered to help students follow this course of study.

Students can gain a deeper knowledge of the complexities of the subject and contribute significantly to continuing discussions and debates by learning about the rich history and current debates surrounding indigenous peoples in New Zealand.

Students can better their prospects of receiving scholarships and following their academic objectives abroad by carefully investigating scholarship opportunities, creating solid research plans, and submitting polished and persuasive applications.

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