Home Jobs Finding Teaching Jobs in Canada : Easy Guide(With Salary)

Finding Teaching Jobs in Canada : Easy Guide(With Salary)

Finding Teaching Jobs in Canada : Easy Guide(With Salary)

Salary of teachers in Canada

Given how geographically large Canada as a country is and the political power held by every province;

it will be somehow deceptive to present an exact figure of a typical salary for teaching jobs in Canada.

Nevertheless, a number of pieces of analysis on-line have shown a base salary range throughout Canada from as little as $42,000 CAD to as high as $97,000 CAD with bonuses starting from $2,000 CAD to $13,000 CAD.

Lots was put into issue these figures corresponding to years of experience, location, and far more.

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International Schools where you’ll find teaching jobs

Here is  a list of the main international schools where you will find work as a teacher in Canada, hope they will be of great help to you:

  • Stanstead College: independent school situated within the Quebec space, having been born in 1872.
    They provide an entire preparation for pre-university college students who need to receive international training, whatever the career to be developed.
  • Appleby College: Established in 1911 in Oakville, Ontario, with an objective to teach the youths of today into changing into the leaders of tomorrow.
    They supply a vision of excellence and global responsibility becoming basic pillars, always looking for the very best improvement both social and private.
  • Toronto French School: born in 1962, this bilingual college (English and French).
    This college has an objective of teaching minds with an international perspective, it has campuses in Toronto and Mississauga.
    It has an entire training program that prepares younger people for today’s world.

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  • Dwight School Canada: a part of an international network of schools that we will discover all around the world.
    It has exchange programs and collaborations, has been teachingfor greater than 140 years, with which experience within the academic world and status are some of its great assets.
  • Columbia International College: an international college that has been providing its training programs since 1978, it’s situated in Hamilton, Ontario.
    It homes students from over 70 completely different nationalities, and this highlights the global qualities of each the center and its educational perspective.
  • Collége International Marie de France: A private French college situated in Montreal, the institution was based in 1939 with a secular education perspective.
    It focuses on French because the cultural heart line of the middle, and so due to this fact the command of this language shall be basic.
  • Pearson College UWC: Based in 1962, today it’s a part of a community of 20 international schools around the world.
    They want to acheive the unity of individuals, nations and cultures by means of quality education.
    A approach to obtain a peaceable world with a sustainable future, one thing that reveals the values ​​on which it’s based mostly.
  • Bishop College School: created in 1836, we find it in Lennoxville, within the Quebec area.
    The students of this establishment receive complete and up to standard training, all the time with international perspectives.
    This can be a center that frequently have vacancies, so it’s always an amazing option to get a job as a teacher in Canada.
  • The York School: This college, situated in Toronto, was born in 1965 as a nursing school.
    Today it supplies different programs from kindergarten to school preparation, with English being the center’s main language.
  • Calgary French and International School: Located in Calgary, Alberta, it was based in 1969. They offer programs in three main languages: English, French and Spanish.
    The teaching choice of this last point offers native speakers of Spanish an advantage over different centers the place they deal with training in other languages.

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  • Lycée Français: situated in Toronto, along with the usual training they provide DELE (Spanish), ZD (German), CILS (Italian) and HSK (Mandarin Chinese language) levels.
    You will need to note that French is a basic language for this college.
  • Nancy Campbell Collegiate Institute: Born in 1994, she is situated in Ontario, the first language of the college being English.
    Its moral pillars are largely centered on the declaration of human rights, which provides an concept of ​​the philosophy of the center.
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT): Based in 1962, it’s situated in Alberta and its applications provide a wide range of specialties.
    The employment part provides both available vacancies and related data that will be very useful to us.


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