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5 questions on immigration to Switzerland


5 questions on immigration to Switzerland

Question 1

How do you move to Switzerland?

The first step is to gain a Swiss hearthstone permit in order to stay in the country for further than 90 days.

  • A Swiss hearthstone permit can be attained for different purposes
  • living in Switzerland grounded on income earned in another country;
  • working at the assignation of a Swiss company;
  • starting a business in Switzerland;
  • studying at a Swiss university;
  • moving to live with your partner in Switzerland.

A Swiss hearthstone permit for financially independent persons can be attained in six months. The main condition is to pay a fixed periodic lump- sum duty of ₣,000( roughly€,000). The quantum of duty depends on the region, i.e., the canton in which you plan to live. You can move to any canton in Switzerland, except for the canton of Zurich.

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Question 2

How to gain a hearthstone permit in Switzerland for financially independent persons?

1. Prepare a duty agreement with the Swiss authorities

The government of the canton in which the aspirant plans to live in Switzerland determines the quantum of the flat lump- sum duty that needs to be paid to gain a hearthstone permit.

2. Pass the Due industriousness check

It’s necessary to confirm the legitimacy of the income declared and the absence of outstanding persuasions.

A hearthstone permit operation may be rejected if the aspirant has violated the visa rules in the Schengen countries or if they had problems with the authorities there.

3. gain a visa and apply for a Swiss hearthstone permit

The documents needed for a Swiss hearthstone permit operation are submitted tête-à-tête by the aspirant to the megacity of the canton in which they plan to live.

4. stay for blessing and get a Swiss hearthstone permit card

The hearthstone permit is valid for 1 time and renewable annually, as long as the holder fulfills the terms of the agreement with the canton.

The hearthstone permit must be renewed annually. After ten times of living in Switzerland, you can apply for a endless hearthstone permit( endless hearthstone), and also for Swiss citizenship. A endless hearthstone permit is valid indefinitely.

Question 3

Is it possible to gain a hearthstone permit in Switzerland in exchange for copping real estate?

Switzerland doesn’t issue hearthstone permits in exchange for the purchase of real estate; still, a Swiss hearthstone permit holder can buy or rent real estate there. It’s delicate for a outsider to buy real estate in Switzerland without a hearthstone permit, as authorization is needed to buy property. Permits are issued for vacation parcels, not for endless hearthstone, and not in all cantons.

Residence permit programs in exchange for the purchase of real estate are offered in Malta, Portugal, Spain and Greece.

Question 4

Is the lump- sum duty in Switzerland the same for all regions?

The lump- sum duty depends on the region the quantum of the duty is set by the government of the canton where the aspirant plans to move. In large metropolises similar as Basel or Montreux, the lump- sum duty will be advanced than in small municipalities similar as Albinen or Lance.


minimal lump- sum duty for carrying a Swiss hearthstone permit

The canton of Zurich doesn’t offer hearthstone permits for financially independent persons.

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Question 5

Is it necessary to live in Switzerland in order to keep a Swiss hearthstone permit?

A Swiss hearthstone permit holder is needed to live in the canton that issued the hearthstone permit for at least 183 days ayear.However, the hearthstone permit may not be extended, If this condition is violated.

183 days

you need to spend in Switzerland per annum to maintain occupancy

To get around the minimal hearthstone time limit, investors can rather apply for a hearthstone permit by investment in an EU country. Investors are generally not needed to live there permanently in order to maintain a hearthstone permit. At the same time, an EU hearthstone permit allows you to travel visa-free in the Schengen area and spend up to 90 days in Switzerland in any six- month period.

Residence programs by investment without the obligation to live in the country are available in Greece and Malta. In Portugal and Spain, you need to live in the country for at least one week per annum in order to maintain your hearthstone permit.

The megacity of Be is the capital of the canton of Be. It’s the political center of Switzerland the congress and the government of the country are located then


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