work as Cleaner Urgently Needed By Consortium Staffing Solutions


Employer Name: Consortium Staffing Solutions
Location: Concord, ON
Job type: Temporary
Wage: up to $19.25/hr
Timing: 9 am to 5 pm
Days: Monday to Friday
Address: 1290 Martin Grove Rd Unit 207, Etobicoke, ON M9W 4X3, Canada
Province: Ontario

Job Duties and Responsibility.

The specific job duties and responsibilities for a cleaner can vary depending on the employer and the type of cleaning work involved. However, here are some common duties and responsibilities associated with a cleaner’s role:

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing: Clean and sanitize various areas, including offices, restrooms, kitchens, and common areas. This involves dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and disinfecting surfaces.
  • Waste Removal: Empty trash cans and recycling bins and ensure that waste is disposed of properly.
  • Restocking Supplies: Replenish cleaning and toiletry supplies in restrooms and other areas.
  • Floor Care: Perform floor care tasks, such as polishing, waxing, and carpet cleaning.
  • Window Cleaning: Clean and maintain windows to ensure they are free of streaks and smudges.
  • Maintenance Tasks: Report any maintenance issues or repairs needed within the cleaning area.
  • Handling Cleaning Equipment: Safely operate and maintain cleaning equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, and power washers.
  • Adhering to Safety Guidelines: Follow safety guidelines and use appropriate cleaning agents and personal protective equipment.
  • Organizational Skills: Organize and maintain cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • Compliance with Health and Safety Standards: Ensure compliance with health and safety standards and regulations.
  • Communication: Communicate with supervisors and other staff to report any issues or special cleaning requests.
  • Time Management: Efficiently manage time and prioritize tasks to complete cleaning duties within scheduled hours.
  • Special Cleaning Projects: Occasionally perform deep cleaning tasks or special projects as needed.
  • Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service if working in a setting where interaction with clients or the public is required.

Please note that the specific duties and responsibilities may vary from one cleaning position to another. It’s essential to review the job description provided by the employer to understand the exact requirements for the cleaner position you’re interested in.



The qualifications required for a cleaner position can vary depending on the employer, the specific job, and the industry. However, here are some common qualifications and skills that are often sought for a cleaner role:

  • Physical Stamina: Cleaners typically need to be physically fit and able to perform tasks that may require lifting, bending, standing for extended periods, and other physical activities.
  • Attention to Detail: Attention to detail is crucial to ensure that cleaning tasks are completed thoroughly and to the highest standards.
  • Cleaning Knowledge: Familiarity with cleaning products, equipment, and cleaning techniques is often required.
  • Time Management: Effective time management skills are important to complete cleaning tasks within a specified timeframe.
  • Safety Awareness: Knowledge of safety protocols and the ability to use cleaning agents and equipment safely are important for the safety of both the cleaner and others.
  • Reliability: Employers value reliability and dependability in cleaners to ensure that cleaning tasks are consistently performed.
  • Communication: Basic communication skills are necessary for reporting issues, taking instructions, and interacting with supervisors or clients.
  • Flexibility: Willingness to adapt to changing schedules, tasks, or cleaning requirements is often required.
  • Problem-Solving: The ability to identify and address cleaning challenges or issues as they arise.
  • Work Ethics: Demonstrating a strong work ethic, including being punctual, responsible, and committed to the job.
  • Self-Motivation: Ability to work independently and complete tasks without constant supervision.
  • Adaptability: Adaptability to work in various environments, including commercial, residential, or industrial settings.
  • Previous Experience: While not always required, previous experience in cleaning or housekeeping can be a valuable qualification.
  • Legal Eligibility: Depending on the employer and location, you may need to provide proof of your eligibility to work in the country.

It’s important to review the specific job posting or job description for the cleaner position you’re interested in to understand the qualifications and requirements set by the employer. Different employers may have different expectations, and the qualifications may vary based on the nature of the cleaning work and the industry.

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Benefits of working with Consortium Staffing Solutions:

The benefits of working with Consortium Staffing Solutions, or any staffing agency, can vary depending on the agency and the specific job opportunities they offer. Here are some potential benefits of working with a staffing agency like Consortium Staffing Solutions:

  • Access to Job Opportunities: Staffing agencies often have access to a wide range of job opportunities, including temporary, contract, and permanent positions, which can help you find a job that matches your skills and preferences.
  • Industry Knowledge: Staffing agencies are often specialized in specific industries or sectors, and they can provide insights and guidance about the job market and trends within those industries.
  • Job Matching: Staffing agencies can match your skills and qualifications to suitable job openings, increasing the likelihood of finding a job that’s a good fit for you.
  • Efficiency: Staffing agencies can streamline the job search process by presenting you with job opportunities that align with your background and career goals.
  • Resume and Interview Assistance: Some staffing agencies offer resume and interview preparation services to help you present yourself effectively to potential employers.
  • Networking: By working with a staffing agency, you can expand your professional network and gain exposure to a variety of employers.
  • Temporary and Contract Opportunities: Staffing agencies often provide opportunities for temporary or contract work, which can be a flexible option for individuals looking to gain experience or fill employment gaps.
  • Benefits and Perks: Some staffing agencies offer benefits to their employees, such as healthcare, retirement plans, and paid time off, depending on the specific job and employment terms.
  • Exposure to Different Companies: If you’re considering multiple career options, working with a staffing agency can allow you to gain exposure to different companies and industries before committing to a specific job or career path.
  • Career Development: Some staffing agencies offer training and professional development opportunities to enhance your skills and advance your career.

It’s essential to research and choose a reputable staffing agency like Consortium Staffing Solutions, review the terms and conditions of your employment contract, and communicate your career goals and preferences to maximize the benefits of working with a staffing agency. Keep in mind that the specific benefits may vary from one agency to another and from one job opportunity to another.

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