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Study Paramedics Courses in Australia : Best Guide

Who are Paramedics and What do they do?

A paramedic is a skilled medical professional who responds to medical event callouts, treats the individuals on site, and then will transport them to an acceptable medical facility.

In Australia, the term ‘paramedic’ is legally restricted to those who are registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency).

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Degrees for paramedics in Australia

There are a number of career choices throughout the paramedical field, and every has a unique stage of education required. The diploma that will get you to be a professional paramedic is mandated by the Australian’s Government:

Paramedics: All paramedics have a schooling to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS). This consists of ache relief administration, IV cannulation, physical assessments, and a variety of different medical treatments with a view to save lives.

That is the qualification you want with a view to be eligible for visas and permanent residency.

  • Either a Diploma or a bachelor’s degree in health science, emergency health, paramedic science or paramedicine
  • Postgraduate diploma choices are available which let you specialise in an area of medicine of your choice.

The rest of the levels available are as below. These will not be the {qualifications} required in order to apply for PR, however could also be a pathway into the degree.

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First responder: This is an unregulated, non-specific term, usually used by privately owned first help companies. Usually, this particular person will start primary treatment earlier than a paramedic can attend the scene.

  • Certificates II in Emergency Medical Response Patient transport officer: That is another unregulated term. These people provide non-emergency transport for patients, for instance, in the event that they need transferring from one hospital to another.
    In some states, they could also act as first responders.
  • Certificates III in a Non-Emergency Patient Transport

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Ambulance transport officer/ attendant: For state run or privately owned companies, this position is the entry level for primary life saving and help. It offers a primary level of pre-hospital emergency care.

  • Queensland allows entry in these roles from stage I
  • Victoria will require a Diploma of Paramedical Science (Ambulance)
  • Different states want a Certificates IV in Non-Emergency Patient Transport

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Intensive care paramedic: Intensive care (IC) or Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) paramedics want a post graduate schooling. These people can carry out the next level of medical companies such as intubation, and drug infusions.

  • A Post-graduate diploma in Intensive Care Paramedical Apply, Emergency Health (MICA Paramedic) or same along with their base qualification Rescue/ special operation/ retrieval and flight paramedics: These paramedics are trained in rescue and particular operations strategies.
    They’re extremely skilled and specialised.
  • Diploma or bachelor’s diploma in health science, paramedic science, emergency health or paramedicine
  • Postgraduate diploma

Paramedic practitioners: These highly educated community-based paramedics can order and interpret testing, prescribe medicines, and consult with specialists. They want a similar stage of education to a doctor.

  • Master diploma stage with the flexibility to finish further education to graduate with a Doctor of qualification(Consultant Paramedic Practitioner)

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Universities providing paramedic courses in Australia

Australia gives among the greatest ranges of paramedic training in the world. To acquire your Bachelor of Paramedic Science/ Paramedicine, there are a number of options.

  • Flinders College
  • Victoria College
  • Edith Cowan College
  • Charles Sturt University

English necessities for paramedic courses

Each college has totally different English requirements for paramedic courses. However, a high standard of English is required, with an overall score of up to 6.0 on IELTS to be expected, at minimal.

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Current Visa choices for paramedics

Under ANZSCO code 411112, there are the following are current visa choices for qualified intensive care paramedics:

  • 407 Visa – This training visa is for 2 years only. It supplies the ability to finish any office based training aimed to enhance your paramedical expertise. You’ll want a sponsor or nomination.
  • 482 Visa – This 4 year skill shortage visa is employer sponsored. You have to to achieve relevant employment within the field to qualify.
  • 190 Visa – This permanent visa is for skilled people who’re nominated and invited to apply by the government. This offers you a pathway to Australian citizenship.
  • 494 Visa – The skilled employer sponsored regional visa will be for up to 5 years. After 3 years, you should use this visa as a springboard to apply for permanent residency. This visa is employer sponsored, and is just in selected states and territories which might be in need of paramedics.
  • 491 Visa – This skilled work regional visa is legitimate for as much as 5 years. The regional sponsor migration scheme visa is designed in order that states or territories which have a shortage of paramedics can discover qualified staff.

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Assessing authority for paramedics

When you have an overseas paramedic qualification, you have to submit to VETASSESS to have your current {qualifications} assessed. If permitted, this lets you apply for the position of paramedic inside Australia.

This testing course of ensures you’re appropriate for the position, comparing the abilities and schooling gained abroad towards the Australian {Qualifications} Framework.

You may be required to produce the following paperwork or documents:

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  • Application payment (between $880 and $968)
  • Passport photograph
  • Proof of qualification
  • Proof of employment, together with a statement of service for every position. You’ll want to show that you’ve got at least one year of highly relevant post-grad employment within the final 5 years, working more than 20 hours per week.
  • ID proof, in addition to any name change information
  • Any proof of projects, research, or related study
  • Registration proof for any governing our bodies or licenses
  • Resume / CV

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It’s suggested that you apply on-line by the VETASSESS on-line portal. You merely submit all of your paperwork, pay the fee, and submit the application. You may also monitor the application by way of this online portal.

Not counting any shutdowns for public holidays, VETASSESS intends to finish the assessment inside ten days.

Registering with AHPRA

In order to practice as a paramedic in Australia, you have to register with AHPRA. Since 2018, paramedics would have to be registered and meet the minimal requirements of skill and expertise as well as committing to continuing professional growth. It’s an offence to name your self a paramedic till you’re registered.

To be able to apply, create an account on AHPRA.

You’ll need the following to be able to apply:

  • Proof of English requirements
  • Criminal historical past in your country of residence and Australia
  • Skilled indemnity insurance arrangements
  • Proof of {qualifications}, which can include tertiary education transcripts or employment information
  • Pay the registration fee (on the time of writing, this is AU$190 for registering and an annual fee of $282).

Fill out the shape, present the evidence they require, pay the fee, and then look forward to notification that you’ve been efficiently registered. This will take up to several weeks.



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