Sport Official Needed in Canada

Sport Official

For information on how to apply for the position of Sport Official, please refer to the job aid under “How to Apply for a Job (for External Candidates”).
Do not apply through this Career Site if you are a current McGill employee (i.e., hold a contract or position at the university that is active). Use the Find Jobs report (enter Find Jobs in the search bar) to apply to this job after logging into your McGill Workday account.

Position Summary:

The sport official may carry out some or all of the general administrative tasks described above as directed by the immediate supervisor. The sport official carries out these moderately complex tasks while following predetermined instructions. Sport officials will be in charge of overseeing all tournaments and playoffs, as well as conference and exhibition games.

 Sport Official in Canada

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • setup and teardown of event equipment is performed.
  • oversees the game.
  • game sheets and statistics are kept.
  • operates the music, video, and public address (PA) systems while the game is being played.
  • dispenses and tracks computer hardware. To keep track of these things, a log could be needed.

Must be available to work weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and evenings (Wednesday through Saturday).

Other Qualifying Skills and/or Abilities

  • Most occupations require understanding of a particular sport.
  • being reliable, well-organized, and able to multitask
  • Prior experience is helpful
  • Some occupations (statistics) benefit from having strong computer abilities.
  • English and French proficiency. Being an English-speaking institution, McGill University may have daily tasks that call for verbal and written English communication.

Minimum Education and Experience:

High School Diploma 1 Year Related Experience
Hourly Salary:
(AMUSE B) $15.53
Estimated Number of Work Hours per Week:
8 (Part time)
Position Start Date:
Position End Date:
Deadline to Apply:

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McGill University firmly supports fairness and diversity within its community and only employs on the basis of merit. We encourage all qualified candidates with the knowledge and skills to effectively engage with diverse communities to apply, but we especially encourage applications from racialized people/visible minorities, women, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, people from ethnic minorities, and people who identify as people of color in their sexual orientation and gender. McGill runs an employment equity program and promotes self-identification among people in designated categories. Contact in confidentially if you anticipate needing accommodations for any step of the application process if you have a disability.

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