Need cleaner (housekeeper) job (with salary) in Canada in 2023 ASAP 

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So, if you are interested in looking for a job as a cleaner in Canada, this is exactly where you should be. Many people from different parts of the world immigrate to Canada and establish themselves professionally and economically.

Many of Canada’s well-known cleaning companies frequently post their vacancies for instant cleaning jobs to people in other countries.Professional cleaners’ hourly wages range from $14.00 to $30.00, depending on the company. range. That’s a pretty good amount for a cleaning job in Canada. There is an urgent need for highly skilled cleaners across Canada. Individuals can qualify for a Canada Permanent Residency Visa if they meet the requirements without a job offer.

Many professional cleaners who travel to Canada in droves are in this business. You can learn how and how to participate in them. There is a shortage of licensed cleaners in Canada. If you are considering moving to Canada and looking for a job as a registered cleaner, here is all the information you need.

There is a shortage of cleaning staff in Canada. Urgent Recruitment – ​​Benefits!

Did you know that professional cleaning is one of Canada’s most in-demand occupations?In each of Canada’s 11 provinces and territories, skilled professionals earn 77,800 annually as professional cleaners. From the dollar he can expect to earn $135,800. This is due to the high demand nationwide for this profession. The majority of professional cleaning jobs in Canada can be found by searching for vacancies online. Codes are often used to identify jobs that require special cleaning. These codes are used to identify different types of locations across Canada.

These specific codes are known as NOC codes. The NOC code for “specialty cleaners” is 6732. The word “specialist cleaner” can apply to various vocations depending on the context.

Types of Cleaning Jobs with salary Available in Canada

Professional cleaners may clean and restore a wide range of surfaces, including the exteriors of buildings, carpets, chimneys, industrial machinery, ventilators, frames, and other locations, using specific tools and cleaning techniques. They may operate as independent contractors or as workers for specialized cleaning service companies;

Additional Positions that fall under the category of Cleaner are as follows:

  • Cleaner for air ducts
  • Air duct cleaning specialist
  • Car Wash cleaners
  • Worker in the automotive care industry
  • Auto detailer cleaners
  • Cleaner for acid tanks
  • Cleaner for the boiler
  • Cleaner for the building’s exterior
  • Cleaner for buses
  • Worker in the care of cars
  • Building sander cleaners
  • Car wash employee
  • Car detailer workers
  • Cleaner for cesspools
  • Roto-cleaner for the drains
  • Cleaner for carpets
  • Cleaning of the chimney
  • Fireplace cleaner
  • Furnace cleaner
  • Cleaner for glasses
  • The cleaner that uses steam
  • Cleaning of freight cars
  • Cleaner for scientific laboratory equipment
  • Cleaner for railway cars
  • Cleaner of rugs
  • Cleaning a structure via sandblasting.
  • Brick or rock sandblaster cleaners
  • Cleaner for septic tanks
  • A cleaner that specializes in the beauty of automobiles

After that, we’ll talk about the hourly pay rates for a few distinct cleaning occupations and the Canadian companies that offer these services. It’s also crucial to know that most cleaning jobs need between 32 and 40 hours of work every week.

Home / Apartment Cleaner Jobs in Canada

Cleaning jobs involving homes and other residential areas often pay between $16 and $21 per hour. International candidates can also apply for these positions and are granted permanent residency in Canada through the Executive Her Housekeeper Program (NOC 62021) listed in the Commonwealth Skilled Worker Program of the Canadian Express Entry System.

Here are some notable Canadian companies currently looking to fill these positions:

  • all natural cleaning
  • G power cleaning service
  • cleaning with love
  • JEM cleaning

janitor jobs in canada

General cleaning and maintenance of the facility is one of her janitor duties and responsibilities. You may need to vacuum, mop, sanitize your room, collect and recycle trash, clean and wash your windows and mirrors. Salaries for this janitor range from $13 to $29 an hour.

Here are some notable Canadian companies currently looking to fill these positions: car mode caretaker

  • Princess May Caretaker Service
  • CME Janitorial and Maintenance Services Limited
  • CCA administrator
  • shopping mall cleaning, hotel cleaning, cleaning, housekeeping

This is the most common job in Canada and its responsibilities include cleaning hotel rooms, floors and toilets. Their hourly wages range from $14 to $29. Some of the major Canadian companies currently hiring for these positions are:

  • Peace Hills Investments Limited Four Winds Motel Inc.
  • Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa
  • bear claw hat
  • Hotel Grand Pacific

Responsibilities include lifting and pulling large and bulky menus, using hand tools and cleaning supplies to move heavy equipment such as stoves and ducts, and providing excellent customer service. Hourly wages range from $13 to $30.

Here are some notable Canadian companies currently looking to fill these positions:

  • Modern Purea South Okanagan
  • breathe well
  • M & K Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Furnace heating and air conditioning

office cleaner jobs in canada

All necessary cleaning work inside and outside the building or office is the responsibility of the office cleaning department. Achieving this requires sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, cleaning windows and doors, and removing scuffs. Cleaning and disinfecting toilets is also the job of office cleaners. Hourly wages can range from $13 to $26. Here are some notable Canadian companies currently looking to fill these positions:

  • J&C Elite Cleaning Service
  • Ardent Group Co., Ltd.
  • Water Blue Cleaning Co., Ltd.

NOVACOS BUILDING SERVICES GROUP BC LTD. No degree, certificate, or certification is required to work in the cleaning field. Nevertheless, experience plays an important role in evaluating applications. This article is a wealth of useful information if you are considering a career in any of the above fields. And we would appreciate it if you would appreciate our efforts.


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