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How to Immigrate to Mexico 2023

Immigrate to Mexico

Immigrate to Mexico

Mexico is a stunning nation and a great place for expats to settle down. But relocating overseas might be a daunting thought. Don’t worry; this is the full How to Move to Mexico guide. We’ll discuss immigration to and residence in Mexico, banking, lodging, language, and other topics.

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How to Immigrate to Mexico

Moving to a new nation requires preparation and time. While making sure everything is set up at your new home, you must finish off life in your own country. The goal of this article is to make the move’s nuts and bolts as simple as possible.

Read our guide to Living in Mexico for details on where to locate employment, healthcare, or educational opportunities. for the. for the. for the. for the… for the.. for the. for the. for the. for the. for the.

Visas and Residence Permits for Mexico

How you migrate to Mexico will depend on your immigration situation, including your reasons for moving there and how long you intend to stay. The sort of Mexico visa you require will depend on your responses to those questions.

Visa for Temporary Residency

If your stay exceeds six months, you can begin the temporary residency procedure by requesting a Temporary Resident Visa at the Mexican embassy that is closest to you. You may be eligible to apply when you are already in Mexico, but only in select instances, including families and spouses of residents. You will typically need to go back to your home country to apply if you are currently a visitor in the nation.

You can extend your one-year residence permit in Mexico for up to four more years. Following that, you must apply for a visa for permanent residence. Your income in Mexico and other information may be questioned by Mexican immigration officials.

You’ll receive a sticker for your passport after you’re accepted. Following your arrival in Mexico, you have 30 days to register with the local immigration office and get your actual residence card. A permanent resident card costs $5,379 MXN (about $270 USD), whereas a temporary card costs $4,413 MXN (about $220 USD) for one year.

Qualifiers for a Temporary Resident Visa include:

  • Demonstrate that throughout the last twelve months, your average monthly investment balance has been $36,000 USD.
  • Show that you have more than $2,170 in tax-free income each month over the previous six months.
  • Be a scientist in the waters off Mexico.
  • Possess an invitation to take part in an unpaid activity in Mexico from a public or private group.
  • Applying for a visa for youth mobility (see below.)
  • Family harmony (your common-law partner or spouse is a temporary or permanent resident in Mexico.)
  • Possess real estate worth at least MXN5,668,000 (around US$280,000).
  • Possess shares worth at least MXN2,834,000 (approximately USD142,000) in a Mexican corporation.

Visa for Youth Mobility

Look into a Youth Mobility Mexico Visa if you’re under 30 and considering a move to Mexico for a period of time less than a year. Applicants for a Working and Holiday Visa may be citizens of Canada, France, Germany, South Korea, or New Zealand. You must be between the ages of 18 and 30 to be eligible. You are permitted to stay and work in Mexico for up to a year with this visa.

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Investment Visa to Immigrate to Mexico

With an investment of MXN$2,464,400 (approximately USD$125,000), investors can get a temporary residence permit. For a maximum of four years, your temporary permission may be extended before you apply for a permanent residence permit.

Visa for Permanent Residency

Anyone who plans to live permanently in Mexico or who eventually wants to become a Mexican citizen should apply for this visa. Mostly always, you’ll need to apply for this in your nation of residence and fulfill one of the requirements listed below:

  • Near relatives in Mexico.
  • In order to retire in Mexico, you must have sufficient income.
  • Have possessed a temporary residence permit for 4 years in a row.
  • Possess two years of continuous temporary residence while married to a citizen.
  • Acquire residency on the basis of humanitarian or asylum needs.

Retirement visa for Mexico

Immigrate to Mexico

If you can demonstrate that you make at least USD$2,500 per month, you can apply for a retirement visa (pensionada). Instead, you can demonstrate investment or bank accounts with a 12-month average balance of USD$145,000.

When traveling to Mexico on a retirement visa, you are not permitted to work for pay. You would most likely want a different immigration permit if you want to establish your own business or do something on the side. You can visit the nation on a temporary visa for retirement even if you don’t have enough money to qualify for permanent residency. For additional information, see our in-depth guide to retiring in Mexico.

Family Visas for Mexico

  • You may be qualified for residency if your spouse is a citizen or legal resident of Mexico. After two years of cohabitation in Mexico, you can petition for citizenship if your spouse is a citizen. Please be aware that this nation’s legal system must recognize your status as a spouse.
  • You are permitted to dwell in Mexico if one of your grandparents holds citizenship or permanent residency there. You can seek for permanent residency in Mexico after residing there for four years.
  • You are permitted to reside in Mexico if your spouse’s grandparents are Mexican citizens or legal residents. You can seek for permanent residency in Mexico after residing there for four years. Please be aware that in accordance with local legislation, your spouse must be a legally recognized and registered spouse or partner.

Mexican work visas

Your new employer will submit an application for a work visa to the National Migration Institute if you had one before moving to Mexico if you had. You can then submit an application for a work visa after they finish their application. A permanent residency visa entitles you to employment as well; a separate work permit is not required.

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Is it simple to Immigrate to Mexico?

Mexico offers a simple and user-friendly immigration system that provides alternatives for short-term visitors as well as temporary and permanent options for foreigners who want to stay for an extended period of time. Even obtaining Mexican citizenship is not that difficult.

Can I live in Mexico permanently?

There are several alternative options than going all in and deciding to settle permanently in Mexico. Consider your ideal lifestyle and what will benefit you and your family the most.

Mexico employs foreigners?

Anyone from outside the country who want to work there must apply for a visa. For instance, persons working for Mexican businesses require a resident visa that includes a work authorization. A visitor’s visa with the ability to work is an alternative for people who have been employed by a foreign company in Mexico for less than six months.

Can foreigners acquire Mexican citizenship?

In Mexico, naturalization can be accomplished in numerous ways. Mexican citizenship can typically be obtained by fulfilling specific residency, cultural integration, or marriage requirements. If you would like additional information about the application process, please contact SRE’s main office.

How much time does it take to become a Mexican resident?

A temporary resident who has lived in the nation continuously for four years may apply for a permanent residence permit before it expires (i.e. has paid Mexican income taxes). A resident may be qualified for citizenship after five years of legal residence.


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