How to Apply for an Australian Tourist/Visitor Visa : Easy Guide

Many people plan on going to Australia either for a holiday or just for tourism but don’t know how to get their hands on a tourist visa. If you’re one of the many people, then you’ve landed on the right place. This blog tells you which type of visa you should choose and how to submit your Australia visa application.

What type of tourist visa do I need

This depends on 3 things:

  • The nationality according to your passport
  • The length of stay in Australia
  • The activities you want to hold to carry Australia

The nationality according to your passport

Are you a national of a country in the following places: the U.K., the Eurepean Union, or Switzerland? If so, you’ll be able to apply for all the tourist visa variants listed on this page. Do you have another nationality? First check whether or not you can apply for an ETA Australia.

The desired length of stay in Australia

Do you wish to remain in Australia for fewer than 3 consecutive months? Then you can apply for all the tourist visas listed on this page. Do you want to remain longer? Then you can not use the ETA or eVisitor visa.

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The activities you wish to carry out when you go into Australia

Is your trip exclusively for the purpose of tourism

Then you’ll be able to apply for all visa sorts mentioned on this page, aside from the operating vacation visa and the Work And vacation visa. do you want to visit friends or family in Australia? this is often also a tourist travel purpose, so you can apply for any visa described on this page.

Do you want to mix a vacation with a business trip?

The type of visa you’ll apply for depends on the kind of work. Are you simply carrying out work in Australia for an employer primarily based outside Australia, in addition to your tourist activities? Then read more on the page regarding business visits to Australia.

Are you thirty years old or younger and would you wish to earn some extra money more your vacation in Australia?

Read additional regarding the more vacation and the Work And holiday visa.

Would you wish to do voluntary work during (part of) your holiday?

This is possible with an eVisitor visa under certain conditions. Read more regarding volunteering in Australia.

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Which tourist visas for Australia am I able to select from?

Subclass 651: the eVisitor visa

Tourists with the nationality of a country in the European Union, the united kingdom or Switzerland in most cases meet the necessities for the eVisitor visa. This tourist visa permits for an infinite variety of visits to Australia among the year validity of the visa.

Therefore, it’s remarked as a multiple entry visa. every arrival date should be among one year from the date of approval of the visa. On every arrival in Australia, the visa is valid for a maximum stay of 3 consecutive months.

Applying for this visa prices £14.95 with this on-line kind. This visa is additionally appropriate business travellers who need to mix their vacation with business appointments in Australia. the appliance procedure is as follows:

  1. Fill in the online application form
  2. Pay the application prices of £14.95 with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal
  3. Receive the tourist visa by e-mail within in a few day
  4. Print the tourist visa and take it with you to Australia

Subclass 601: the ETA Australië

The ETA Australia may also be used as a traveller visa and has an equivalent needs and validity amount because the eVisitor traveller visa. the sole advantage of the ETA is that it’s offered to additional nationalities.

The disadvantage of the ETA is that the application procedure is additional pricey and complex. The ETA is so solely counseled for tourists who cannot apply for an eVisitor due to their status. Read additional regarding the ETA Australia.

Subclass 600: the traveller visa

The general traveller visa (subclass 600) may also be utilized by tourists. With this variant you’ll stay in Australia for up to one year at a time. Precisely how long you’ll stay in the country depends on your personal situation; this is often assessed on a case-by-case basis by the immigration authorities.

The disadvantages of this visa type are the upper prices and longer processing time. the costs are AUD 265 per person, that interprets to about £148,00. The process of your application can take many weeks.

Subclass 417: the working vacation Visa

This tourist visa can solely be applied for by travellers aged between eighteen and thirty years mature. working vacation Visas are particularly widespread because they provide the chance to remain in Australia for up to one year and also perform paid work under certain conditions.

However, this is the most pricy tourist visa; the prices are AUD 485, similar to around £ 270,00 per person. in addition, the application procedure is more advanced and approval of the visa sometimes takes at least a few weeks. Read more regarding the working vacation Visa.


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