Help Wanted:Well-Paying Farm Work in Beautiful Scotland, Ontario


As a farm worker, you spend your days surrounded by the beauty of nature. The rolling hills of Scotland, Ontario offer a picturesque backdrop as you go about your daily tasks. Now you have the opportunity to experience farm life in this stunning region while earning a competitive wage. Local farms are hiring farm workers for the upcoming season, offering full-time work at $16.55 per hour.

If you don’t mind early mornings and physical labor, this could be an ideal role for you. As a farm worker, you’ll assist with critical tasks like planting, harvesting, and packing produce. You’ll work outside in the fresh air and sunshine, getting your hands dirty while growing food that nourishes your community. The farms around Scotland are hiring now for the summer season, so apply today for your chance at this rewarding position in one of Ontario’s most scenic agricultural areas. Spend your days surrounded by natural beauty and your evenings enjoying small-town life. Apply now to become a farm worker in Scotland.

Employer Name: Peter Welsh Farming Inc. / Wayne Welsh Farms Inc.
Position: Farm worker
No. of vacancies: 55
Salary: $16.55 hourly / 30 to 80 hours per week
Employment type: Seasonal employment, Full time
Location: Scotland, ON

Help Wanted:Well-Paying Farm Work in Beautiful Scotland, Ontario

Farm Worker Job Opening in Picturesque Scotland, Ontario

Are you looking for meaningful work in a picturesque setting? A family-owned farm in Scotland, Ontario has an immediate opening for a full-time farm worker.

Job Duties

Your daily responsibilities will include:

  • Operating and maintaining farm equipment like tractors, combines, balers, and sprayers
  • Planting, irrigating, fertilizing, and harvesting crops
  • Feeding and caring for livestock such as cattle, chickens, and pigs
  • Repairing fences, barns, and other farm structures
  • Keeping detailed records of farm activities, crop yields, and costs

The job requires physical stamina, the ability to lift 50 lbs repeatedly, and a willingness to work long hours during peak seasons.

Why Work for Us?

  • Competitive pay starting at $16.55/hour with opportunities for raises
  • Full benefits package including health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plan contributions
  • Beautiful surroundings in a peaceful countryside setting
  • Meaningful work providing essential food and resources for the community
  • Close-knit, family-oriented work environment

If you have a passion for farming and desire to contribute to a vital industry, this could be an ideal role for you. To apply, please submit your resume to We look forward to hearing from qualified candidates ready to help our farm thrive for generations to come.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Farm Worker Role

As a Farm Worker, you will have a variety of daily tasks and responsibilities to ensure the successful operation of the farm.

Feeding and Watering Livestock

You will be responsible for feeding and providing fresh water to livestock like cattle, chickens, and pigs according to schedules set by the Farm Manager. This is important to keep the animals healthy, productive, and well-cared for.

Cleaning Enclosures and Collecting Eggs

You will maintain clean enclosures and coops by removing soiled bedding, waste, and uneaten food. You will also collect eggs from chickens at least twice per day, sanitize the eggs, and prepare them for sale or use. Proper sanitation and cleanliness are essential for animal health, productivity, and food safety.

Planting, Weeding, and Harvesting Crops

Depending on the seasons, you may assist with planting, weeding, or harvesting various crops. This could include sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, hoeing weeds, picking fruits and vegetables, etc. You will use tools like shovels, hoes, baskets, and machinery safely and efficiently to maximize crop yields.

General Maintenance and Repairs

You may be required to perform general maintenance and minor repairs around the farm like fixing fences, clearing debris, painting structures, lubricating equipment, etc. You should be able to operate basic tools and equipment for these tasks. More complex repairs will be handled by specialists.

The specific duties may vary day to day based on seasonal needs and farm priorities. However, the Farm Worker role requires physical stamina, the ability to work with both plants and animals, and a willingness to work outside in all weather conditions. If you enjoy being active and working with your hands to help produce food, then this could be an ideal job for you.

How to Apply for the $16.55/Hour Farm Worker Position

To apply for the $16.55/hour Farm Worker position in Scotland, Ontario, follow these steps:

Gather Required Documentation

You will need to provide proof of your eligibility to work in Canada. This includes government-issued ID, social insurance number, and possibly a work permit. Be prepared to submit electronic copies of these documents with your online application.

Search and Apply on the Company Website

Visit the farm’s official website and navigate to the “Careers” or “Employment Opportunities” page. Locate the posting for the Farm Worker role and click “Apply now.” You may need to create an account to submit an application. Provide details on your relevant experience, skills, availability, and salary requirements.

Undergo a Video Interview

If selected for an initial interview, you will participate in a video call with a company representative. Be prepared to discuss why you are interested in the position, your strengths, and career goals. The interviewer will evaluate your experience, enthusiasm, and fit for the role. Make sure to smile, maintain eye contact, and ask questions to demonstrate your interest and passion for the work.

Complete a Practical Assessment (if requested)

You may be asked to complete a hands-on skills assessment, either remotely or at the farm. Be ready to demonstrate abilities like operating farm equipment, handling livestock, harvesting crops, and other physical tasks required for the job. Take your time and follow all instructions carefully to showcase your competence.

Receive an Offer

If selected as a top candidate after the interview and assessment, you will receive a job offer, typically within 1 to 2 weeks. Be prepared to accept or decline the offer promptly. Ask any final questions you may have about job responsibilities, work schedule, benefits, pay, start date, or other terms of employment. Congratulations, and good luck in your new Farm Worker role in Scotland, Ontario!

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While the job may be physically demanding at times, working on an organic farm in the picturesque countryside of southwestern Ontario offers a rewarding experience for the right candidate. The opportunity to learn new skills, gain valuable work experience, and be part of a meaningful mission to provide local, sustainably-grown food are aspects of the role that extend beyond the competitive wage and benefits. If you have a passion for organic agriculture, an appreciation for nature, and a willingness to work hard as part of a dedicated team, this could be an ideal role for you. The lush rolling hills of Scotland, Ontario await—will you answer the call? Seize this chance to do meaningful work that makes a difference. The fresh air and scenic surroundings are just an added bonus.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying, apply through the given options.

By email

In person

1860 Windham Rd. 3
Scotland, ON
N0E 1R0



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