Canada Working Holiday Visa (International Experience Canada 2023)

Canada Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday visas allow young people to temporarily live and work in Canada while traveling within the country for leisure purposes, and are applied for by thousands of young people who wish to work abroad each year. increase. Below you will find all the information you need to ensure a successful application for your Canada Working Holiday visa. This step-by-step guide will show you how to complete your application and how to properly prepare and submit your application, even if you don’t meet all the requirements at first.

A working holiday may change your life. Living, working, and traveling give us a variety of life experiences. A working holiday allows you to meet people from different cultures, environments and all walks of life. This allows you to learn new business tactics, travel to another country and improve your language skills.

All of these will help you learn things that will help you later in life. Therefore, those who want to broaden their horizons should consider a working holiday in Canada. In addition, it benefits Canadian businesses by giving them a global competitive advantage. If you prefer to spend months traveling, backpacking and discovering new places, Canada’s beautiful countryside and urban splendor awaits you.

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Thanks to the Canada Working Holiday Program, young people from select groups of countries (these countries will be named later) can travel to Canada for 12-24 months and work in alternating jobs around the country. I can. A working holiday in Canada is a great way to earn money for your travels during your stay. So if you think this will help you, you’ve come to the right place. To take a working holiday in Canada, you must apply for a Canada Working Holiday Visa through International Experience Canada (IEC).

How does a working holiday visa work?

The IEC has Youth Mobility Agreements with 35 countries. This allows citizens of that country to enter Canada with a valid work permit. International workers can work for a certain period of time at any Canadian company if they have a Canadian work visa.

This visa program is specifically designed for young people who:


  • Haven’t decided on a course yet
  • There are no job postings in Canada
  • I want to finance my trip with the money I earned at my travel destination
  • I want to work for multiple Canadian employers
  • I would like the opportunity to travel around Canada while working

How to apply for a Canadian Working Holiday Visa

The application process for an IEC Working Holiday Visa is very simple and can be completed online from the Canadian government’s he website from anywhere.

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Create an Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) account.

There are two ways to register with IRCC. You can log in with GCKey or a login partner. A GCKey is a unique credential that can only be used with a special Canadian government authentication service. To register GCKey, you need to visit her website of the Government of Canada.

After creating an account, select International Experience Canada to access the Come to Canada survey. This step must be successfully completed in order for the request to be approved. If you want to make sure all is well taken care of, you are welcome to chat with RCIC to help you submit your application as robust as possible.

Fill out the Coming to Canada questionnaire

A Canadian government website that requires you to come to Canada and complete a survey. This form asks basic questions such as:

  • Country of Citizenship
  • Year
  • language ability
  • family member
  • training
  • Student status (if applicable)
  • work experience
  • income or property
  • Details of each vacancy

Receive recommendations for the best programs and procedures based on your answers to these questions. When you submit the form, you will receive a unique reference number (like this).
JM1234567890). After submission, the profile will be added to the selected IEC pool. If your profile meets the requirements, the Government of Canada will issue an invitation to apply. Receive an invitation to apply (ITA)

The Government of Canada will notify you through your account if you are selected to apply for the IEC. You will then be given instructions on what to do next. Then accept the invitation within 10 days. After accepting the offer, you will need to apply for a work permit.

apply for a work permit

To obtain a work permit, you must:

  • Provide evidence of the information submitted in the IEC profile
  • Please describe your education, work history and background
  • Please provide additional supporting documentation if necessary

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Here’s the documentation:

  • police certificate
  • health check
  • Curriculum Vitae / Curriculum Vitae
  • passport
  • digital photography
  • family information
  • eTA or Visitor Visa
  • proof of financial support
  • Health insurance
  • Pay the fee and submit your profile

Once you have all the necessary documents, pay the fee. IEC Working Holiday visa fees are as follows:

  • IEC participation CAD156
  • Canadian Open Work Permit CAD100

After your application is submitted, the Government of Canada will contact you to verify that your information is accurate and that you have the right to work and immigrate to Canada.

perform biometric authentication

Unfortunately, this procedure cannot be completed online. You only need to provide your biometric data every 10 years. So if you have recently visited Canada, you can skip this step.

However, if you need to submit your biometrics, certain instructions can help simplify the process a lot.

  • Paying the biometrics fee when you first submit your application speeds up the process significantly.
  • You will receive a letter from the Canadian government asking for your biometric data. After that, you have a grace period of 30 days.
  • You must submit your biometric data directly to the visa office.

Wait for the IEC work permit application to be accessed

Working holiday visa processing takes about 56 days. This process is the last time you can cancel your application and request a refund, but it can take some time. Incomplete applications may be rejected, lengthening the process. After reviewing your application, the Government of Canada will contact you. If approved, the government will issue an entry permit. If not, they will write you a letter and provide a note explaining why.


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