By the Public Service Commission of Canada, Government of Canada Jobs 2023

The Public Service Commission of Canada has issued Canadian Government Jobs for 2023–2024 for the majority of organizations.

These Government of Canada Jobs are now hiring at all designation levels.

Graduate trainee programs, experienced workers, and student internships are also necessary for hiring for Canada Government Jobs in 2023.  

Are you ready to develop in your career and benefit from all the wonderful opportunities the Canadian civil service has to offer? Canadians benefit daily from a strong public sector that offers excellent jobs for competent individuals committed to give back to their communities. Since you may actively contribute to protecting Canada’s future while also benefiting from unmatched chances for professional progress, working in the civil service may be incredibly gratifying.

Find out which departments in the Canadian civil service are hiring, as well as how you can stand out by landing a rewarding job, by reading on.

Recruiting procedure for the Public Service Commission of Canada in 2023

The Canadian Civil Service is an unbiased public sector organization that provides services and recommendations to the Canadian government. It employs more than 200,000 individuals across a range of national departments and entities. Candidates’ knowledge, skills, and experience are assessed in an assessment center as part of the hiring procedure for posts within the civil service through a variety of assignments, interviews, and exercises. After completing the assessment center, candidates will be asked to an interview, and a job offer may follow shortly.

Basic Pay for Government of Canada Positions

The basic pay for permanent positions with the Canadian government is determined by the job, the region, and the amount of experience, according to the Canadian Public Service Commission. Depending on the position and qualifications, salaries might range from about CAD$40,000 to CAD$100,000.

Salary Benefits and Allowances of Canadian Government Positions:

The civil service of Canada offers enticing benefits like health insurance, pensions, and tax-free money for overseas assignments. Employees also gain from flexible work hours, job security, and opportunities for career advancement. These jobs give employees a sense of purpose and fulfillment from positively influencing the nation.

Minimum Qualifications for Positions in the Canadian Civil Service In general, the minimum criteria for employment in the Canadian public service are having a strong educational background and professional experience relevant to the function. A current security clearance is required for the majority of jobs, and some may also demand computer proficiency or knowledge of a second official language.

government jobs announced by the Public Service Commission are listed here.

The full list of departments where Canadian government permanent jobs will be advertised for hiring by the Public Service Commission of Canada in 2023 is as follows:


1 Government of Canada Jobs in Canadian

Courts The laws, regulations, and policies that control how federal government departments operate are known as the Civil Services or Government Department Law of Canada.

Civil servants, attorneys, and policy analysts are among the positions most common in the department, with annual wages typically ranging from CAD$50,000 to CAD$120,000. Working in this department allows you to contribute to Canada’s growth and development, which may be incredibly fulfilling.

Additionally, it gives a sense of success by aiding in the development of efficient policies that lead to enhanced public services. Working with other experts from varied backgrounds and fields will also give you vital experience. Visit the Canadian Public Service Commission portal to view the vacant positions at the courts and Ministry of Justice of Canada.

2 Government of Canada Positions in the Forces The Civil Services or Government

Department of Forces of Canada is responsible for overseeing and defending the Canadian military forces both domestically and internationally.

The three most common job titles are military police officer ($76,00), aircraft technician ($66,00), and logistics expert ($57,00). Working in this department provides me with a respectable wage and benefits in addition to the gratifying feeling of making a difference in Canada’s safety and security. Anyone looking for a rewarding job may find this to be a terrific opportunity. Look for vacancies in the Ministry of Defense, Special Command Forces, Canadian Army, and Royal Canadian Navy.

3. Jobs with the police department

The main law enforcement agency in Canada, the Department of Police, is in charge of offering security and public safety services to localities all around the country.

The most popular employment titles in this department are police officer, detective, and constable, with annual starting wages between CAD$50,000 and CAD$85,000. You may help your country and improve people’s lives by working for the Canadian Police Department. It is one of the most fulfilling careers that are now available. On the website of the Canadian Public Service Commission, you can find the most recent job openings with the Canadian Police Force.

4. Government of Canada Jobs with the Department of Education

The Canadian civil service or government Department of Education is responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating policies and initiatives related to education in Canada.

Early childhood educators, primary/secondary school teachers, and educational administrators are typical job paths in this area, with starting salaries often falling between CAD$45K and CAD$90K. You have the opportunity to influence future events and significantly improve the lives of those close to you by working with the Department of Education. Could you check the positions available at the Canadian Department of Education on the website of the Canadian Public Service Commission?

5. government jobs in Canada’s Department of Health and Social Care

Health care services, social programs, and employment insurance are offered and managed by the Civil Services or Government Department of Health & Social Care of Canada.

With typical earnings ranging from CAD$42000 to CAD$85000, some of the most sought-after career jobs in this field are Medical Officer, Home Support Worker, and Administrative Assistant.

A job with Canada’s Department of Health and Social Care is a fantastic chance to network, get experience, and improve society. The Canada Health Department and the Canada Occupational Safety and Health Tribunal both have the most recent job openings.

6 Government of Canada Jobs in Banks

The Canadian government’s Department of Banking is in charge of implementing laws and rules to ensure the security, efficiency, and soundness of the nation’s banking system.

The most often held positions in this department are bank examiner, economist, and financial analyst. Salaries frequently range from CAD$50K to over CAD$100K depending on the job and level of skill. Working at the Department of Banking is rewarding and advantageous since it provides a great opportunity to influence the laws and policies that affect the Canadian banking system.

At the Bank of Canada or the Business Development Bank of Canada, you can search for open positions.

7 Government of Canada Positions in the Oil and Gas Sector

In Canada, the exploration, development, distribution, and regulation of oil and gas resources are within the purview of the civil services or government Department of Oil and Gas.

The top three most popular job titles available in this department are Petroleum Engineers (pay rate: CAD$123,295), Geological Technicians (pay rate: CAD$77,071), and Geoscientists (pay rate: CAD$101,010). Professional development and energy industry experience can be gained through employment with the Department of Oil & Gas.

The sustainable development of Canada’s oil and gas resources will also be supported by you. You can find jobs here in the Canadian Department of Oil and Gas industry.

8 Government Positions in the Transportation Sector in Canada

The creation of efficient, secure, and safe transportation networks across the country is the responsibility of the Department of Transportation, a government organization in Canada.

Typical job positions include maritime navigation specialists, motor vehicle inspectors, and air services officers, with salaries typically ranging from CAD$60 to CAD$80K year. This division can be an excellent place to work if you want to gain the transportation and logistics management abilities you need.

Additionally, you’ll support a crucial public service that helps both your community and the nation.

You can search for a position that is appropriate for you at the Canadian Department of Transportation.

9 Government of Canada Jobs at Canadian Labor Program

The Canadian Labour Program’s civil service supports both companies and employees nationwide. The most frequent job titles in this area are Human Resources Manager, Benefits Administrator, and Payroll Clerk, with annual salaries ranging from CAD$44,824 to CAD$81,359. Working with the Canadian Labour Program is a fantastic way to discover the nation and acquire first-hand knowledge of the labor market.

It may present excellent chances for career development and security. Now, kindly visit this page to search for a relevant Canadian Permanent work position.

10 Positions in Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada’s federal government oversees and protects the nation’s fisheries and oceans.

The protection of healthy aquatic ecosystems, the maintenance of fish populations, the updating of rules and regulations, the expansion of the aquaculture industry, the preservation of threatened and endangered species, and international cooperation are its main goals. The most common job titles in this region are biologists, conservation and protection technicians, and fisheries officers, with average annual salaries ranging from CAD$48,000 to CAD$94,460. People who are interested in a career that entails preserving the nation’s aquatic environment and guaranteeing its sustainability for future generations can consider working with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada. You can search for a post relevant to Canada at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada.

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