Best 5 Study Abroad Consultants To Hire as a Student

Best 5 Study Abroad Consultants To Hire as a Student

As a foreigner, you are probably a beginner when it comes to studying abroad. Most importantly, as a student considering studying abroad, you need the advice of a study abroad expert. Seeking advice is very important.

This is where consultants come in. Her job is to accompany you in her successful admission to study abroad. It also teaches you how to earn a living while studying abroad. So, if you’re looking for these study abroad advisors, you’re not alone.

Below we list a number of study abroad advisors and provide details.

Shall we begin?

1. Golden Gate Study Abroad Advisory Service

Mainly, you can meet his GGSA through the website Find contact information on their website or click the icon at the top of the page to ask other students benefiting from the program to join.

According to their website, their team of professional staff can assist you with your study abroad goals while you focus on your studies.

They provide college admissions counseling, help international students find internships and jobs abroad, help international students with housing and travel grants, prepare resumes and personal statements and apply for scholarships. provide services such as attracting officials for job applications, etc. This educational advice agency is a good one to try.

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2. Global Opportunity Education Advisory Service

Visit to see all you need as an aspiring student to go abroad. Information on their website is for Indians, but don’t be discouraged. All you have to do is click the “Join” button at the top of their website to benefit from them.

There is a form that must be completed to contact you about consulting services. They assist students wishing to study abroad with educational advice, country information, financial estimates, visa services, and more. All you have to do is visit their website for contact information.

3. Imperial Educational Service

Although this counseling service is very much based in Nigeria, anyone in the world can benefit from educational counseling services. According to their website, their primary role is to act as an intermediary between students and the overseas institution of their choice. Please visit for their details and contact information. Their website has a contact us button that you can click to talk about how they can help you.According to them, they work with over 250 universities in up to 38 countries to help clients ) to get an education abroad.

4. Study Abroad Advisor

Based in the UK, this is another study abroad counseling agency that we recommend to prospective study abroad students. You can contact them directly.There are several contact options on the website.Please visit the website to find out more about our educational counseling services.

You can hire them for study abroad advisory services regardless of their country of origin as students. According to their website, they represent the largest 500 universities around the world. You can benefit a lot from it. B. Career counseling, preliminary meetings, study abroad country selection, application guidance, etc.

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5. IEC Abroad (International Educational Institution)

Navigating the website is very easy. On the right side of the front page, you’ll find instant call, chat, and contact us buttons that you can easily set up to get in touch and help you out.

Our team of UK-trained professionals will help you realize your study abroad dreams. It effectively guides you through the process to follow when applying for a bachelor’s degree, PhD, master’s degree, etc. According to their website, they have helped up to 20,000 foreign students around the world get into English-speaking universities.

We hope that you will choose the consulting service of your choice. His five consultants above are all worthwhile.

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